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DM's and Session RP's only.


Multi-character story arc in progress, message for details

Kinks and RP Ideas:

My limits on receiving: Scat, humiliation, cuckolding, caging, torture, denial of any kind.

Softer limits that I may allow under the right conditions: Hardcore, blood, mocking, (Bondage and hypnosis only under match conditions)

Prime kinks: Being a gentle dom, strong foreplay leading to heavy action, sensual moments. The rest of my kinks, got to put in effort and find out ;)

Since I'm having a problem with this: I'm not going to be your pet, toy, slave, servant, or anything of the sort. Move along if that's what you are looking for.

I'm a maybe switch, I lean towards dom and equal sensual activity. Getting me to surrender and sub has to be earned. Trying to get it forcefully will be met with unbreakable resistance. Though I am known to take deals if the terms are to my liking.

I'll also match how heavy or light on the RP you go. I only give my best to those I've gotten to know and feel have earned it. With the right RP ideas and parameters, I am open to just about anything. In public chat, so long as I'm on this character I'm open for different kinds of RP.

Story RP's will catch my attention the most. For those interested let me know, I'm always on the lookout to RP stories, either mine or yours. In my story down below I'm happy to add in participation. It can be anywhere from Modern Era to Ancient Era, small appearance to significant impact. Even in chapters already written.

What people want to receive, I will take note and give it to them. I take a lot of pleasure in giving people what they like. I love to make the experience enjoyable for others.


Peter loves the peace and quiet achieved through solitude and nature. He never stays there as he does yearn for company, and he finds the thrill of an adventure hard to resist. So Peter comes here for such adventures and company alike. Warm and welcoming, he does his best to get along with everyone. Performing under different roles is the kind of adventure Peter always enjoys. Making him openminded and willing to play the part in many things.

Don't let this exterior fool you, however. Deep down Peter has many things he keeps hidden about himself. He is well guarded about himself and his past. It takes effort to get Peter to reveal his secrets. Peter never reveals the extent of his capabilities. When he does open up, he has a long story to tell, and even stories within the story. If you don't know much about him, don't act like you can handle him, you'll be proven wrong.

Peter is often in the company of many strange beings, yet seems almost too comfortable with that. He also does enjoy time away from all magic, he easily blends into the "normal" world. Peter has a backpack full of useful items, don't mess with it though. Peter has two permanent marks on him. One is on his chest right below his heart. Its a small round puncture looking scar, how that happened is described in the story. The other mark is a hickey on his neck, the maker if that mark is gone. It now serves as a reminder of what he has lost.

Special Relations:

Want to be in this section? Talk to me about it.

Maria: Talk about a bumpy road, Peter and Maria have had a rocky relationship in the past. At one point Peter was even getting distant with Maria. Time changes people however, and people do want to be better. This is the case for both Peter and Maria, they changed and got better. Maria found in Peter someone she can turn to, Peter found in Maria someone he can relate to. Peter has taken Maria into his family, Maria is a chaotic mess, but she is Peter's chaotic mess now. Watch out, they have matching scythes: Aella and Adhira.
Maria and Peter's Theme

Anala: Kindred spirits, with one's weakness being the other's strength. Peter finds comfort in Anala, and Anala finds strength in Peter. Anala was the first officially taken in by Peter, they were a family that would soon see others joining it. Anala looks to Peter for his realism, wisdom, and logic. Peter looks to Anala for her heart, kindness, and love. This father and daughter duo makes a powerful pairing. To comfort those in need, and deal with those who are trouble.
Anala and Peter's Theme

Ignacio: Peter and Ignacio annoy the crap out of each other, their personalities and methods so far off. That never stopped them though, they have been in the foxhole together, that is a bond that can't be denied. Peter acknowledges the internal struggle Ignacio hides, and Ignacio respects the strength within Peter. It was due to this respect that Ignacio accepted the offer to be taken under Peter's wing. He stood by the side of Anala and Peter, joining the family. Whatever they do, it is all in good spirit. Peter and Ignacio have that mutual understanding that their respect and care for each other runs deep. You never want to stand on the opposing end against these two when they work together.
Ignacio and Peter's Theme

Dianne(dion): Something that started out with a hello and a friendly chat, going to a whole different level. Peter and Dianne started out with pleasantries, then everything went crazy from there. They had ups and downs, they get past the downs, they ride the ups. Some bizarre events, some trying times, pulled them close together. Now Peter and Dianne are open to each other, comfortable with being themselves around each other. They're kind of crazy mixes well, for them, caution to everyone else however.
Dianne and Peter's Theme

Zachary: The mentor and the pupil, Zachary always looked up to Peter for being strong and unshaken by even the most dangerous of beings. In a crazy turn of events, Peter came in and offered to train Zachary for the upcoming challenge. With that, a bond formed, it wasn't just a teacher and student. Peter took Zachary under his wing beyond the training, always looking out for him. While Zachary is on his own path, searching for what he wants in the world, Peter keeps a watchful eye on him, even nudges Zachary into directions he should take. Outside of that, these two are goofy nerds together.
Zachary and Peter's Theme

Natal: Nobody has known Peter and Natal as long as they have each other. They know secret's about each other nobody else does. Not to say they get along well, almost the opposite, they just can't deny that they need each other. Doesn't stop them from pressing each other's buttons all the time. In the end, they shrug off whatever they do to each other, it's normal for them. To the observant eye, there is more going on with Peter and Natal, something they are both hiding. When these two work together, you are either in for a good time, or you should run.
Natal and Peter's Theme

Emma: On the same day Peter and Emma met, Emma proclaimed she wanted to marry Peter. She took a deal with Natal to take her Trial, to obtain something that would convince Peter to do anything. Emma succeeded in the Trial, she obtained the Orichalcum. The wedding between Peter and Emma was made, all of this still on the same day. They wear matching rings made from that Orichalcum, as well as a crown for Emma. They had some rough times in their relationship, but they are now together again. They are working together to keep that fire between them burning.
Emma and Peter's Theme

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