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Looking for a Domme to serve as edge slut and/or pain slut

Hi! Thanks for checking my profile!

Thanks for checking my profile! i'm a 26y/o that just had it's first tastes of being an obedient sub.
You can link, chat or direct voice talk to me on Discord. This is my account. I consider to do a game while being both on voice chat, but that needs some trust and chemistry first :)

Last orgasm: June 24

Kinks and likes

Gentle femdom is the thing i like, just ask me to tease and edge the hell out of me. Edging and the tension of possible denial makes me very hot, because i love to obey to your wishes ❤️

I am obviously also into JOI, and recently i started to discover some CBT too. To please You by slapping my balls gets me quite worked up. I got a cockring with some small spikes that give a sweet frustrating 'itch' when i get really hard. Light to medium pain is the scale in which i can handle CBT and nipple play.

Suspense and RNG is also something i discovered here, and that's a great way to really get me worked up.

All the rest of the kinks are things to explore in the future.

Permanent classic game rule: During each of my cum tests, i must edge as many times as my current cum overdrive amount.


🥇 119 edges. Courtesy of Lady N
🥈 95 edges. Courtesy of Lady Luck
🥉 80 edges. Courtesy of Miss Verona

🥇 162 seconds ride of an edge. Courtesy of Eva
🥈 157 seconds ride of an edge. Courtesy of Miss Donna
🥉 145 seconds ride of an edge. Courtesy of Lilith

🥇 60 ball slaps. Courtesy of Lady Luck
🥈 50 ball slaps. Courtesy of Eva
🥉 45 ball slaps. Courtesy of Zarina

🏅 # cock head slaps. Courtesy of n/a

🥇 40 inner thigh slaps. Courtesy of Orgasimic torture
🥈 25 inner thigh slaps. Courtesy of Fuyi
🥉 4 inner thigh slaps. Courtesy of Lady N

🥇 34 ass slaps. Courtesy of Lady Luck
🥈 30 ass slaps. Courtesy of Courtesy of Eva
🥉 25 ass slaps. Courtesy of Orgasimic torture

🏅 No.# nipple slaps. Courtesy of n/a

🥇 50 minutes with nipple clamps on. Courtesy of Eva
🥈 45 minutes with nipple clamps on. Courtesy of Orgasimic torture
🥉 33 minutes with nipple clamps on. Courtesy of Gina

🥇 17 clothespins on balls. Courtesy of Lady N

🥇 7 days of complete denial. Courtesy of Huhu
🥈 6 days of complete denial. Courtesy of Maria
🥉 4 days of tease and denial. Courtesy of Lady Luck

🥇 3 ruined orgasms. Courtesy of Lady N
🥈 2 ruined orgasms. Courtesy of Little Lucia
🥈 2 ruined orgasms. Courtesy of Ariana
🥈 2 ruined orgasms. Courtesy of Eva

🏅 No.# of multiple full orgasms. Courtesy of n/a

🥇 Biggest load at orgasm. Courtesy of Gina

🥇 Biggest load at ruin. Courtesy of Fuyi

🏅 No.# seconds of POT. Courtesy of n/a

If you think you can add a new type of record or improve one, just message me or find me in MM

Top results from

98% Submissive
86% Masochist
82% Degradee
72% Rope bunny
69% Slave
62% Experimentalist
59% Brat

Updated January 2022

Toys and stuff

This is my 'spiky' cock and ball ring. It can be worn in various ways.
This is the adjustable cock ring i have.
The rest of the toys are nipple clamps, shoelaces, rubber bands, paddle, a waist belt and handcuffs.

Facts and figures

⚧️ Sex: Male
⌛ Age: 26 years
📏 Height: 1.92 meters
⚖️ Weight: 83 kg
🍆 Length: 11 cm
👱 Hair: Blonde
🗣️ Language: 🇬🇧 and 🇳🇱

Notable and beloved people

Mistress Emily had the patience to teach me really gently how to ruin an orgasm ♥

Mara was such an understanding Mistress in our session together. And she was great at freestyling (and draining my balls).

Cummie teased the hell out of me and left me denied for someone else to release me later, only to come back after some time to grant me a full orgasm personally ♥

Gina had a successful test with me, counting down (and up) to edge and build a huge load. Creative and excellent way to maintain suspense and keep me on edge ;) In a later session i failed in her amazing attempt to break all of the above records in one session.

Miss Verona has made me edge more than i ever did and held me in horrible pleasurable tease and denial for a week.

Lilith let me edge and ride until she let me burst.

Lady N did a polite session with 79 edges with a lucky dice roll for the reward. In a later session i tried to be her good little slave and she pushed me towards a record of 119 edges.

Miss Donna made me edge fast and ride longer than i ever did before. With the ultimate reward for a horny slave boy.

Fuyi was such a sweet and gentle Miss. Made me discover 'icy hot play' and took really good care of me.

Orgasimic torture is the second die hard record hunter. She is quite inventive and really pushed my limits on pain and makes me a better pet for her.

Eva was the third full on record hunter. She got her name in the records 6 times, with 4 gold 🥇

Lady Luck gave me a real good taste of a full random number generated (RNG) session. With all the dice and card based games i ended up at 95 edges and some record slaps on the ass and balls. Lovely session and even better Mistress ♥

Sarah was a nice and creative Miss that made good use of the cockring and that introduced me to hentai and Triss.

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shopping_cart Toys: Nipple clamps, Cockring, Leash, Shackles, Rubber band, Shoelace, Crop, Paddle


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