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Hey I am new on this side.
I just came across it and tried it for fun.
So maybe we will have some toghter soon ;)

About me:
Im a 20 year old student, who likes to be the dominant partner in bed
well after i had some great matches with some great people, i realy got into it when i get a bit tortured or dominated if i loose ;)
so if you should realy win, dont hold back ;9 i like it dirty
I am 192cm and my weight is 78kg. I am the captain of a basketball team, so i would say im in a good shape.

My kinks
- edging
- teasing
- dirty/trash talk
- bdsm (depends on mood)
- competetiv games
- bets / rules
- IRl tasks/actions (depending on mood)
- to much more to list here 😜)

Well since i wanted to update my profil a bit: here we go....

I am getting into sub for the last few days, by playing with very cute people and had a great time with them ;)

I also tested hentai and femdom game styl and have to say that the games there realy turn me on ;)
I will also be up for bets in the future :)

active bets/rules:

Since Karina showed me i am still her pet and defeated me again, she gave me the rule that whenever i get plugged, i will be hypnoticed and become a good boy nad have to bark like a dog (8/10).

After Rachel made me her slave she decided that i have to stroke 20 times for every visible nippel till i win 5 times (3/5).

Chess Player defeated me even tho she had a rule to follow for our game. Now i have to skip every time my cock hets sucked for the next 5 games (0/5).

I loat to Erika. I thought i could handle, her....but i am too pathetic. I couldnt win and in the end i wasnt able to cum inside her.....i was too pathetic and now i am her pet.

I think i am dreaming......I found the most amazing person here! It didnt take me long to fall for her and whitout loosing a bet or anything i asked her to be my owner.....and she did accept me 😍.
From there on, i am her puppy, trained and conditioned every day.
I wanna please her every second as much as she makes me enjoi beeing her puppy.
Every second i spend with her feels like i am in heaven 🥰. Her touch makes me arousade and her teasing drives me crazzy 🤪🥰.
I can only think of her all day long!

I finaly submitted myself to her compeltly❤️.
I am caged and locked the key with a combination only she knows.
I am hers comeplty ❤️!


She tied me up multiple times and fucked me to her hearts content. When i finaly got free, she sucked me all the time, so due to our oral gamerule, i had to skip almost the entire game.
In the end she made explode over her ass and used me to her pleasure.

After a nother game I lost to her, she made me a slave in her new 'clan' and from now on I try to convince my defeated partners to join this clan as well 😜

I played with Kathryn and lost like a newby. At first i was very confident to defeat her, but after we had a good fight she pegged me more and more and i lost more and more of my concentration. When i didnt expet it, she started to ride my dick without mercy and i came inside her. Soon after i managed to make her squirm for me. I gained new hope to win this game, but it didnt took to long bevor she hypnoticed my weak mind to whorship her ass and i couldnt do anything but obey her. So she started toying with me bevor draining my balls inside her.
After i came my brains out, she gave me the punishment i deserve (look above at bets).

After a long time i met again with Erika. After teasing each other for a while, things got naughty real quick. And not long after..realy dirty. Luckily for her she didnt spend much time in bondage after rolling out almost imidiatly. Finaly i got her by suprise with a little doggy style. But after some time to gain my energie back, she decided its time for me to pay. After my attempts to tie and hypnotice her and her tries to make me cum failed, she decided its time to use my backdoor again. And well......she got me there. Even though it was a great game and she decided its good to keep me at her service.

Well....seems liek the bad luck is hunting me down. I was paired with Amber Foxx. And guesed it....she won. i did not expect that to happen to be honest. I waqs confident to win against her, but her handjobskills and soft thights made me spurt my load in no time.
As her rule for me i had to skip twice after every time i or my partner uses my cock to fuck pussy or ass for 10 games (5/10). But she agreed on a rematch to get free, yet i missed this oportunity again and now i am her fucktoy.

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