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Being a good breeding kitten~

Bi / Switch

Hi there!

I am quite small at only 5'4 but I am ferocious! I like ero fights cause I can make people bow to me! I find the thrill of winning far outweighs the risk of loosing hehe! Here to have some fun and see what cool people I dominate... I mean befriend!

I challenge Star to another match, I however didn't expect to find him in heat, right from the get go he had me in his control, making me moan out as he railed my pussy over and over, I was a helpless little slut beneath him and it didn't take long for him to make me scream out and cum on his cock~ Then he made sure to fill my pussy up with cum to help me become the breeding kitten I was meant to be~ I tried to hold on, to resist the best I could but soon he broke into my womb with that amazing cock and fully broke me down~ I love his cock and he makes me go into heat~ I am his special breeding kitten and I live to take his cum~

When someone takes their cock out for the first time I must get on my knees and kiss it~

I dont do IRL, also please no pure subs

My puppy~


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I had a match against this rookie, he seemed fun and was really eager~ When the match started I stripped naked to taunt him and he was quick to stare at my tits~ However I saw his cock growing in reaction and it looked huge! I had to check for myself to see if it was really that big... and holy hell was it huge! I soon put him under my control using my tits and began to try take all of his cock into my mouth, it was far too big but I have never let it stop me before!~ When he remember he was meant to be fighting back he shoved my head all the way down, forcing me to deepthroat him... but that just let me adjust to his size quicker~ His downfall as he came just moments later down my throat like a good boy!~ Apparently no one had ever managed it for him before so I was going to keep it up to reward him! After a moment longer he was hard again, I dragged him into the shower and then slowly took his entire length into my pussy! he was huge and made me struggle but it was worth it! Then he used his tongue on me... Ladies watch out, that tongue is... Wow! I almost came on the spot, I had to get more so I dragged him back to the bed, spread my legs to invite him again and... Well I came in record time for his tongue~ Apparently that made him needy because he began to fuck my pussy so fucking hard I almost lost it again~ But I had to remind him why he was a rookie~ Using my pussy the best I could he prematurely came, missing my pussy unfortunately but with that he surrendered to being my puppy, i rewarded him with letting him cum from my tits and now he licks my pussy when I ask like a good boy~ I can't get enough of that tongue and when I train his cock, I might make an unstoppable beast~

I took on Mike jones, I had beat him before and then he beat me so we needed a tie breaker! I was confident and went in with all I had, bouncing no his cock, using my mouth, even using my tits to get what I wanted, however once he began to fuck my pussy with all he had as well I was soon turned into a moaning slut on his cock, cumming my brains out and becoming one of daddy's good girls~

Sara made me cum from her fingers so easy~ I wanted to make her mine but she soon had me bound and cumming again for her though as I realised my place was under her~ Until I had her in a rematch, making her cum for me over and over, making sure she knew I was not to be controlled~

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