Samantha Winters (Level 8) mail warning

Having fun and enjoying the game <3

Bi / Switch

Heya, My name is Sam and I’m from the UK.

Been away for a while but the craving to dominate people has brought me back.

I'm 5'5" and yes that's me in the picture (lots of gym work and good lighting!).

Watched a fair bit of evolved fights and glad to find a game that’s like it :)

Hoping to make some friends and have fun.

I like being treated rough and I’m trying to get better at role play.

I also like being degraded and humiliated so feel free to call me names!

If you win then I’m your prize and I’ll rp as your worthless whore.

I also find it humiliating to be made to make the ahegao face in the game and real life! So thanks to the bastards who make me cum using that move!!

Any tips and advice are appreciated.


Notable wins

I was challenged to a wrestling match by Lana after taking part in her punishment. We were evenly matched but luck was on my side as she failed continuously to escape my holds. Somehow we both survived cumming twice and had less than 10 health each before she tried her slutty best to finish me onto to find my fingers deep in her pussy and my hand round her neck. She begged me to fuck her like a worthless whore so once she finally submitted I used audience members to fill all her holes while I took my strap on deep into her ass as she proudly yelled how much she loved it. I’m excited to see what our next fight brings and if she will manage to get her revenge.

Major losses:

After a long hard match BiancaTS beat me by making me cum twice in quick succession. As a result she covered me in cum as I sat on my knees before her. I am now her cumdump to use as she wishes.

I lost twice to Teasing Tim and he turned me into his useless anal slut! After making me cum from anal only even as I begged him to stop he blasted his superior load all over my ahegao face and then hung me up to dry by my bra!

The lesbian wrestling ring was not my friend as I took on Belle to see who was a worthless whore. The match started off well when I managed to make her tap to me three times and cum hard on my fingers, but I had used too much energy. In the second half of the match Belle took control and put me in submission after submission making me scream for her as she made me cum. Now out of energy and hurting all over she was easily able to pin me down and smother me with her dripping pussy until I was knocked out. When I came round she had me on all fours and took a strap deep into my ass until I came and squirted hard thanking her for the ass fucking. Not happy with how much back talk I'd given her she let the audience finish me off, abusing all my holes and my body as she went to go clean up.

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