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Bi / Sub

Do you prefer me like this?

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Or like this?

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For the next 5 games anytime someone fucks my mouth I skip my turn. (5/5)
I am addicted to anal , and have to always pick that option <3 (until I beat Conor)

Painful Loses

Got absolutely destroyed by Hung Gym Stud. I was on an 8 win streak before I met him so I was feeling pretty confident. But my confidence melted as soon as he started fucking me. Next thing I know I'm cumming for the second time, not knowing what is happening. Worst thing about this is that I didn't manage to make him cum once. I feel like a failure, because real men deserve to be served and I failed that.

I challenged Leo to a wrestling match. I went in there full of confidence, being sure I can beat him. I was winning the whole game, even making him cum first! But then he put his 8 inch cock inside my pussy and my will to fight him went away. I was exhausted from the fight and he his huge cock inside me wasn't helping me recover my stamina. Just as I managed to recover my breath he made me cum. After that I knew I had no chance against him, so I just lied there taking his huge cock until he made me cum again. Next time I won't allow myself to be dominated by his huge cock.

Jason Wildboy sent message talking about how he'll "conquer and humiliate" me. Usually, guys like these are bottom betas, and I was in a mood to humiliate a guy, so I thought I wound my mark. I accepted the challenge and since the start he was super aggressive and dominant. He tied me and beat me several times, until I begged him to stop and promised him I'll submit. He finally let me go out of my bounds, and fearing he'll become aggressive again, I started sucking his big fat cock trying to show him that I have no will to fight in me left. He kept ordering me around telling me how to please him, and I was following his every word. He got me so horny, that I started begging him to fuck and breed me. He told me that I finally accepted my place, and feeling his cum inside me made me cum so hard. I was so happy. But I was pulled out of my bliss pretty fast as he proceeded to roughly fuck my ass. I didn't take long for me to start begging to cum from getting fucked in the ass by his huge cock. A man like this you just have to serve. I can't wait for him to take me and breed me again. <3!

Me and Adam had a pretty competitive match online, with him coming on top just barely and making me cum through anal sex. But offline he completely dominated me. My first orgasm came around half of the match and even that was a surprise for me. But he didn't stop there. I tried to resist but it was obvious he turned me into his snow bunny. I couldn't resist his commands no longer. My third orgasm was so powerful that I started pissing my bed since I no longer could control my body. I really hope he wants to fuck me again, because it was the best fuck I experienced in a very long time.
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wc Is bi
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