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I'm mostly a Sub and like to be told what to do/how to play with myself. I like IRL play as you could probably tell, IRL is not a must though. I'm not quite sure where the line to RP starts, so that is something I might be interested in. I dont like to be dommed too harshly, so no hard pain or sharp degrading. I'm also not really interested in denial, but we could talk about it.

If you are a soft dom I would love to play you, or rather have you play with me.

I have begun to try out being less of a sub, maybe even domming a bit. I'm still getting to know that side of me, so dont expect too much in that regard, but I'm always happy to try. With the right communication it should be fun regardless. You should know I'm not too competitive and like playing the actions that make the most sense in the moment, winning is secondary to me. I just want to have some spicy fun.

So if you would like me to try and dom you, or we struggle for who's on top, or if you want a simple sub, I'm open and interested in all different types of play.

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