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Wonna have some fun with me, use me for your amusement as you wish

Hetero / Sub

I come here from Milovana looking for some fun
Would like to try some new stuff, Milovana is fun but i think it would be more interesting with someone.

Like to be teased and edged until I lose my mind, love bondage and cbt because pleasure and pain go together perfectly, but if you are not into it we can still do other fun stuff 😉.

Favorite kinks: CBT, egding, orgasm control, cum blocking, post orgasm torture, multiple orgasms, breath play, milking....

I'm not into anal, cei, extreme stuff that can leave permanent marks, but something like this I'd try.

Don't have any toys but can make a ball crusher, have some rope and hair ties so I can be creative ;), even if that includes some hot and cold creams.

If I have time I prefer longer session bcs they are more intense and interesting, but if I don't have time I'll gladly go for a short one😁

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