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Looking for long term owner 💗 IRL

女同性恋 / Sub

Hey, nice that you stop by here 💗 Feel free to ask me anything you want. I’ll do my best to respond!

How I look 🙋🏼‍♀️
I'm 5'7", have an athletic build, blonde curls that reach my chin, and a lovely 6 inch cock. However, most of the time it is only 1.7 inches long because my clitty is usually neatly tucked away in its cage 🤫 To keep my figure I try to go to the gym about 5 times a week 💕

What I like 💦
I love hypnosis and brainwashing, (forced) dressing up (heels 👠, lingerie, stockings 👙 etc.), breaking me, edging, milking, ruined and forced orgasms, orgasm control, post orgasm torture, cum play, facials, anal, chastity, spanking, mommy/daddy play, (sometimes sending pics 📸) and much more!!
But the biggest turn on for me is just being a good obedient girl 😊
Hit me up with your kinks/ideas 😉 I am always exited to try out something new.


100% Rope bunny
100% Masochist
100% Submissive
100% Slave
96% Degradee
94% Experimentalist
90% Primal (Prey)
89% Exhibitionist
64% Brat

Send me your favorite hypno session and I will be happy to listen to it 🎵And yes, I listen to Bambi too ☺️

If you are looking for a new sub then hit me up. I am looking for a new long term owner😉⛓️

Love to all who have read this far 💗 And don't forget to give me a star ✴️

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