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Having fun and (sometimes) kicking ass!

Bi / Switch

Hi! Thanks for looking at my profile.

Basics first. I'm Wren, 25 from the UK (Cambridge area). 6'2" and yes I know I am tall. Working as a manager in a call centre (super exciting!).

Still fairly new to all this! Love the idea of fighting to see who is the most dominant and then fucking the loser hard.

Looking to explore myself and see what new likes I can find.

I am a switch but I would expect a competitive match, so please don't message me if you are a guy looking for a dommy mommy, I won't be able to give you what you want.

I do love banter, so give me as much "trash talk" as you like and I'll give it back to you!

Happy to chat and stuff too!

Wrestling matches

Fun Wins

Had my first wrestling match against Franz who talked a really good game. However, when we got to the mat it was clear he was far too intimidated by me. I was easily able to lock him into hold after hold while he kept tapping out and moaning each time my thighs squeezed his face. In the end I was far too much for him and he came for me without making me cum even once. Hopefully in our next match his performance can match his talk.

I was challenged by Blank Slate to a match as he thought I looked like a ready made bimbo for him to blank. However it did not go as he planned. Tied down and vibed he came hard for me and moaned in pleasure. Not wanting to give up so easily he challenged me to a rematch where he really put me through my paces. After a long hard fuck he eventually came for me as I rode him amazon style and he couldn't take it anymore. He looked so lovely tied up being pegged, but he still didn't learn his lesson. For a final match I even put my arse on the line, saying if he won he could fuck me however he wanted. This time it wasn't even close. Already having succumbed to me twice he fell easily to my pussy giving me two lovely creampies as he moaned for me. Now drained, I tied him down again and made him feel every inch of my strap as I fucked him hard listening to him thank me and call me mistress. It's now 3-0 to me and I think he is starting to realise he just can't handle me!

Poor Blank Slate never learns. He challenged me again and while he did manage to get one orgasm out of me he was barely holding on and I milked him like the good toy he is. I decided this time to leave him tied in rope in my office on his knees with a vibrator tied to his lovely cock. Now I can spend the day working while listening to his lovely moans as he cums over and over and over… 4-0

This time a beautiful and confident lady called Tina came to challenge me. With her gorgeous body I knew I had to take her on and agreed to her condition that the loser would be the pet of the winner. The fight did not start out well for me as I got lost in her eyes and came hard on her talented tongue. However, I managed to reassert myself and took control of the match. As I filled each one of her slutty holes with a dildo she moaned in pleasure for me and came hard like the lovely little slut she is. Now she is my wonderful little pet and I look forward to having her serve me with that wicked mouth of hers.

A gorgeous German queen challenged me to a match with a twist. Extra dice to see who would tap out first and become the slutty loser. Katha put up a really strong fight in the ring but ended up tapping out and submitting to me when she couldn't take the pain of being double teamed and spanked anymore. Now defeated, this beautiful woman begged me to fuck her senseless so I happily agreed and finished her by folding her up and making her squirt all over her own pretty face.
12/6/23 - The German queen came back for revenge. She proved to be a much tougher fight this time and she almost broke me. Her delicious pussy almost making me so horny I pushed myself over the edge. In the end though her love of anal proved to be her downfall as she took hard pounding after pounding while thanking me for it. My pussy proved the stronger in the end and as we scissored she collapsed in lust, cumming all over us both. Seeing her helpless I locked her in chastity and changed her name to Katha the German Anal Princess, much to her joy.
Update 24/7/23
The German bitch came back and found me in a weak and subby state. She challenged me to a match, and though I thought I could win she was far too strong. She easily fingered and fucked me hard while I did come close to breaking her, it just was not enough. Screaming from being made to cum hard for her she dragged me on top of a cage, held me down and fucked my ass until I yelled I was her British whore. She kept fucking my ass until my mind went numb and then left me in the cage with the dildo, a crying broken mess. I will get my revenge!!

Painful losses

I decided to challenge Bondageman to a match to tie him up and make him my little toy. I wanted to have him as my personal sex toy to play with as I wanted to. He looked like an overconfident easy fight. I was wrong. I was so very wrong. In our match he quickly undressed me and turned my arse bright red before wrapping me up in tight bondage and taunting me as I struggled pathetically under him. His long hard cock pounded my mouth until I was gagging and covered in spit, at which point he began fucking my poor dripping pussy. Unable to escape I came twice quickly and didn't make him cum once! Now his toy he fucked me into total submission and turned me into a cum filled mess. My mind only able to think about his powerful cock pounding me and making me cum again and again and again and again....
He has given me the option of trying to escape his bondage but this time I have to put my arse on the line against him...
update I managed to fight for my freedom and this time, even though my arse was fucked with what felt like endless painal, I was able to hold on and finished him with my tits. I left him tied up in his own ropes and pegged until he came again.

I had a fun match with Britt in the ring. It started out nice and easy, with some back and forth banter. Then the action started. It was a close contest, with us stripping down and exploring each others bodies. I managed to get the first cum after stuffing her pussy with my dildo and licking her out, but she came back quickly fucking me with her dildo until I came under her. More action followed as we used fingers, mouths and toys to pleasure each other until I tied her up in the ropes and made her cum hard. I thought it was over but she still had more to give and even though I tried to fuck her ass, her fingers were too good and she made me cum again and again on them while I moaned for her. Now I owe her a session to punish me like the loser I am.

Picture of me
Full body

It can be tough for me to find several hours free for matches so I’m really sorry if we can’t fight. I’ll do my best to get some time to beat you!

See you in the ring! xx

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