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About me...

Before we get to my character and lore, a few words about the real me. I am a game maintainer for Bad end Battle mode, helping Alex with it. Where I can.
I am 24 years old, somewhat nerdy but also somewhat athletic. Black short hair, brown eyes, tanned, reading glasses, quite different than the character I am playing as. One could say Iona is an idealised version of myself, both in personality and appearance. Lately, I am more into character depth and it's immersion into overarching lore of "EF City" than just simple ERP.
With that said, Iona as a character is there to help me live out some fantasies and kinks that are hard to come by in real life.


Iona possesses a captivating appearance, characterized by her short, snow-white hair and intense violet eyes that seem to shimmer with an otherworldly radiance. Her skin is pale, adding to her mysterious allure. Notably, she also bears horns, a feature she can discreetly conceal at will, hinting at a hidden source of power within her. Despite her outward appearance, Iona exudes undeniable confidence and strength as she navigates the complexities of EF City, hinting at a deeper story behind her seemingly ordinary façade.

The return...

After an extended absence, Iona resurfaced in the heart of EF City, her past shrouded in mystery, divulged only to a select few. Perhaps her disappearance was a deliberate retreat, a calculated manoeuvre to recede into the shadows and regain the enigmatic allure that once surrounded her. Regardless of the motive behind her absence, she has resurfaced, once again wandering the sprawling streets of the city.

Important people...

Alex - Iona's one and only true owner. The collar around Iona's neck was placed there by him, and only he can remove it. Iona wears it proudly and it is one of her most prized possessions.
1 - 14 - 1 - [REDACTED] (Some doodled hearts can be discerned behind the black redaction ink.)

Important Items

Alex's Collar - A black leather collar, thick and unyielding. There is a small pendant hanging from it.
Angelic Briefs - A pair of briefs, once belonging to an angelic being. Taken as a trophy. (Or a memento of good times.)
Silver Flask - Seemingly inconspicuous silver flask, always somewhere in Iona's pockets. It is important to Iona, implying it's much more than a mere flask.

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In a bout of angry desperation, you kick and bite against the tentacles, hopelessly trying to free yourself. Fight Against the Tentacles You found nothing of value in the chest. The Chest is Empty She expects you to kneel and pleasure her, so she won't be expecting you to do precisely that like an obedient pet that wants to taste her new Mistress~ Lick her out(lose 10 life points) Missionary You found nothing of value in the chest. The Chest is Empty Your sword lies broken on the ground, your armour is barely holding together. Massive orc warriors are closing in on you. In a moment, you decided, you will beg for mercy. You were beaten into submission, your warrior pride shattered by savage Orcish strength. A million thoughts are going through your head. Will they end you where you stand? Will they take you with them and use you like they use other defenceless human females? The latter option suddenly sounds rather enticing... You Decide to Surrender to Orcs You found a crystal bottle filled with a swirling liquid of radiant colours. Simply holding it makes you calmer and more focused. What would happen if you drank it? You Found a Potion of Clarity! As the Heroine fell down on her knees, you revelled in the fact you finally broke her will. Her eyes fluttered while tentacles enveloped her. She knew the fight was over; she didn’t resist; she lost. As you smiled, the tentacles dragged her into the breeding chamber, where she would serve as a tentacle breeding hole for the rest of her days. Turned Into a Tentacle Breeding Hole You found a strange-looking magic wand, and it seems it's...   ...vibrating? How odd. You Found a Magic Wand! The Mindflayer summons a mass of writhing tentacles which surround the Heroine. Almost instantly, they pin her down and start penetrating her pussy. The tentacles slither inside of her, sending shivers of pleasure through her. Pinned down and Fucked

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