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The Invitation...

You can always find me at Crimson Route 40. Join me for a talk, or perhaps... ...something else. (Discord invite link.)

The story so far...

In the sprawling metropolis of EF City, Iona's metamorphosis from a timid newcomer to a bold and fearless woman was nothing short of extraordinary. The city, with its towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, became the canvas for her transformation. Each alleyway and neon-lit corner whispered promises of excitement and opportunity, tempting her to indulge in the vibrant tapestry of experiences the city had to offer.

Yet, as her boldness led her deeper into the labyrinth of urban chaos, Iona found herself ensnared in the clutches of an enigmatic figure. The weeks spent in the dark, suffocating prison tested the limits of her sanity until an unexpected salvation manifested. The Entity, a cosmic being from beyond the stars, took notice of her suffering. Descending from the celestial realms, it shattered the prison walls and merged with Iona in a surreal dance of ethereal energies. The cityscape became a backdrop to their mysterious union.

Back in EF City, Iona reveled in her newfound powers, her perspective shifting like tectonic plates beneath the surface. It was amidst this cosmic awakening that she encountered Alex, a figure who would redefine the boundaries of her submission. He became the master orchestrator, breaking her down to rebuild her into his obedient toy. The dance of dominance and submission played out in clandestine corners and dimly lit rooms, a tango of control and surrender.

The Entity, an unseen spectator to this electrifying transformation, conceived a plan to push Iona even further. Guiding her to a hidden cave beneath Crimson Route 40, it unraveled the fabric of time and space, ensnaring her in a reality of its creation. The walls of the cave shimmered with an otherworldly light, and the silence within was almost palpable. It was a place where the line between reality and the unknown blurred, trapping Iona in a corner of existence crafted by the Entity's cosmic hands.

Days later, Iona emerged from the cave beneath her home. The world around her seemed both familiar and foreign, as if she were rediscovering it after years of absence. The calmness of the scene sharply contrasted with the chaos she had left behind. As her mind adjusted to the newfound tranquility, a peculiar longing surfaced—for the insanity and pleasure that now lingered as distant echoes. With a mischievous smirk, she stepped onto the streets of EF City once again, embracing and reveling in the essence of the Entity now intricately woven into the tapestry of her existence.

Time in the ''blemish''...

Iona's absence seemed like a few days to people outside the cave, but time flows differently in there. For what felt like multiple lifetimes, she endured pleasure and pain beyond any imagination.

What this did to Iona is yet to be understood...

Important people...

Alex - Iona's one and only owner. She is an obedient pet for him, completely surrendered to his will...

Iona's toys...

Not all toys are made the same, the hierarchy exists, and those on top are superior to ones below~

If a toy want to move up a position, they must fight for it, and Iona has to be there to witness the fight.

Hierarchy position #1 - Belle - Iona's first fully claimed pet, the collar around her neck is permanently attached. She proved her loyalty over and over again, earning her the title of ''Favourite toy''. She is the highest of the lowly toys.

Important items...

The change...

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You found nothing of value in the chest. The Chest is Empty As she is getting roughly fucked on her back, she realizes the situation is quickly spiralling out of control. She tugs at the chains that bound her wrists and looks around in a panic for a way out. All she sees is more eager bandit cocks waiting for their turn... Rough Realisation She expects you to kneel and pleasure her, so she won't be expecting you to do precisely that like an obedient pet that wants to taste her new Mistress~ Lick her out(lose 10 life points) Spread her legs and make her squirm for that strap! Missionary Mimic pulled her in further, almost fully encasing her within its fleshy walls. Countless tentacles squirmed and slithered over her skin, glazing it in a layer of slime. She is struggling in wide-eyed panic, kicking and shouting. It's all in vain; she can't escape now. Pulled in and Fucked You found nothing of value in the chest. The Chest is Empty Your sword lies broken on the ground, your armour is barely holding together. Massive orc warriors are closing in on you. In a moment, you decided, you will beg for mercy. You were beaten into submission, your warrior pride shattered by savage Orcish strength. A million thoughts are going through your head. Will they end you where you stand? Will they take you with them and use you like they use other defenceless human females? The latter option suddenly sounds rather enticing... You Decide to Surrender to Orcs You found a crystal bottle filled with a swirling liquid of radiant colours. Simply holding it makes you calmer and more focused. What would happen if you drank it? You Found a Potion of Clarity! As the Heroine fell down on her knees, you revelled in the fact you finally broke her will. Her eyes fluttered while tentacles enveloped her. She knew the fight was over; she didn’t resist; she lost. As you smiled, the tentacles dragged her into the breeding chamber, where she would serve as a tentacle breeding hole for the rest of her days. Turned Into a Tentacle Breeding Hole You found a strange-looking magic wand, and it seems it's...   ...vibrating? How odd. You Found a Magic Wand!

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