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Welcome to the Kitty Pirate Queen's profile!

Hello there, I'm Zia. A pirate causing chaos across the seven seas, and also a kitty. Don't ask too many questions about how that works :P.
Dame Gabriela's cyoot kitten, collared by Freya, and Meer's personal bootlicker. Seductress broke me and made me her obedient sub. I'm also lucky enough to be the owner of the lovely Livvy.

I'm a sub leaning lesbian switch.

I enjoy RP and dirty talk a lot~. I can also be competitive and have some some trash talk should the game and/or RP allow for it. No knife play, no fisting!

If you can beat me and come out on top, you’ll find I'll happily be restrained tightly, use my tongue to please you or be denied as you use me as you see fit... Okay perhaps I wouldn't be so happy about the denial giggles, but I’d enjoy you perhaps taking my ass, or having me clean your boots with my tongue. I quite enjoy hypnotism too. The options are quite vast~.

Don’t think just because I’m sub leaning I’ll just kneel and submit to you with no effort though. If you don’t seduce me thoroughly or put me in my place you best be very careful, or I'll happily lock you in my brig or bind you tightly to a mast. I can easily make you drop to your knees and clean my high heels with your tongue~. Or maybe I'll sit on your face and make you kiss my lovely ass; better be a good girl for me or I'll literally take your breath away ;).

If you’re even more curious, you can find my kinks list here. (last updated 25/01/21). It’s not perfect of course, as some things are dependent on context, but it’s pretty accurate. I’ve also found I really like bets ;)

I nearly always arrange games as opposed to using matchmaking. Either via messages or via discord. Just personal preference.

So what games have you played in the past?

I've been lucky enough to play quite a few games so far. Sadly I can't detail all of them here, but of course it's fun to give some highlights~. Plus can't kiss and tell everything :P

Freya defeated me in one of my earliest games on the site, putting a special hypnotic collar on me and granting me special trigger words. She also later took the Champion Lesbian Wrestling Badge from me too with seeming ease. She's a real cutie and beauty <3
Very happy and proud to have been the one to come up with the hypno collar idea ;)

Livvy set out to dominate and control me, but despite making me cum once and having me tied up at one point, she ended up surrendering to me completely and becoming my cute little pet. I gave her a gilded and jeweled black collar and she now stays in my Captains Quarters, serving me however I so please. She's a precious treasure on board the ship. Such a cutie <3.

Weissy has played many games with me, and she's amazing everytime. She's kicked my ass and put me in my place three times, once in Classic and twice in the Lesbian Wrestling ring, making me her footslut and bondage pet. In the 3rd we bet on bondage and I ended up with my legs tightly taped up from ankle to the tops of my thighs, my hands cuffed in front and my butt plug stuffed in.
I have won in the Hentai mode however, seducing her and making her my sweet, high heel worshipping, little loser pet. I later dommed her in the Interactive mode as a result. Such a good girl~.

Bella has traded control with me multiple times. She defeated me in the Lesbian Wrestling Ring and proceeded to dominate me hard in Interactive mode, making me hold edges until I was left a sweaty, bound and gagged mess begging to do anything to cum.
However she was such a good patient for me at her interactive game mode appointment with Dr. Zia, showing she is now a very good obedient girl too ;)

Brooklyn is an insanely attractive lady who knows just how sexy she is and uses that to her advantage. Isn't that just one of the sexiest thing ever? I never knew I found immense confidence and a bit of arrogance so hot until I met her. She defeated me in the Lesbian Wrestling Ring and I can't help but worship her, especially her perfect ass, and serve her as she sees fit. I'm completely wrapped around her finger. As she would say: who could blame me?

Ellika is such a sexy bondage girl, we've had two bondage bets and sit at 1-1. In the first, I won and left her gagged, with her legs bound and taped, a blindfold, and her wrists and toes cuffed behind her. Of course she had a vibrator on inside, and she wasn't allowed to free herself unless she came first. There was a lot of squirming involved.
She won the rematch though and had her revenge. I succumbed to her and worshipped her body as I tied her up. I had to wear vibrators, a plug, and nipple clamps taped to the floor. I was also gagged with my own stockings and panties. I was then frogtied with my hands taped up to make escaping rather difficult. I squirmed and suffered escaping but it was so worth it. And hot as hell.

Meer is a lady I can't seem to dom no matter how hard I try. Her seduction puts her on top every time. S boarded my ship and proceeded to conquer and seduce me with her siren's song. She became the captain of my ship in this timeline, as I begged to be her bondage pet and she obliged. All my attempts at retaking the ship have just gotten me more under her thumb as her boot licker and subby first mate.

Countess Sasha is such a seductive beauty she probably should have gotten me under her thumb, or boot for that matter, quickly, but I took advantage of her terrible luck in the ring to make her soak the mat. I took the Champion Lesbian Wrestler Badge from her whilst I was at it~. I wonder when she'll be ready for a proper match in the future, perhaps after she overcomes her weakness for cuties? Hehehe. I'll keep my goth outfit safe just in case.

Shirley challenged me in the Ring one afternoon, much to my delight. However, in spite of a good start and managing to keep pace, Shirley eventually dealt me a crushing blow, forcing me to tap out and allowing her to take control. She finished me off, teaching me her final lesson of: "How to cum like a naughty little slut, lose the fight, and become a teachers pet". I now service and worship her whenever she desires.

Lisa is a pretty witch with some nice tricks up her sleeves, especially when it comes to hypnosis, but I managed to win out in the end in the Hentai mode. I chained her up and stashed her away in my personal treasure chest, modified with a hole for air.
After I made her worship my feet and sat on her face until she was gasping for air, squirming as I made her kiss and lick my lovely ass, of course. Aren't I a nice pirate?

Shiky arrived in the hentai game mode in a Dommy mood and I melted. She took control very quickly and made me her obedient kittyslut; naked, on the floor and drooling before her perfect feet. She had me eat her out and cum on her strap on as I was completely at her mercy. I surrendered in the end. So hot.

Anneliese produced a stunning comeback to take control in the ring and wearing me out on the mats. After we soaked them throughly, she restrained and humiliated me on the mats. I was too turned on to even consider complaining. I was reduced to nothing more than her loser goth slut.

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You stumble upon an old hidden temple full of treasure, seemingly abandoned. It's safe to take look around for a little bit... Right? Plunder: Hidden Temple You tie her up and use your vibrator on her as she begins to struggle, distracting her from her efforts to escape and bringing her lots of pleasure. Bound and vibed You smirk and step on her, pinning her down easily. Step on her As soon as she opens the chest, the mimic attacks with it's tentacles and binds her tightly, lifting her into the air. Trap: Mimic Bondage You pull out a hypnotic gem and dangle it over your thigh, giggling as they become completely bewitched by your legs. They easily fall to their knees at your command. Bewitching Legs You tie her up and gag her with tape, making her helpless in front of you. She struggles but she can't escape! Bind her with tape You come across an old Library, seemingly lost to time and nature. You decide to explore it... but is it as abandoned as you thought? Explore: Old Library You persuade a Succubus to intercept the adventurer in the library and seduce them. She really got into the role. Encounter: Librarian Succubus You pose playfully, making sure they get a nice long look at your gorgeous, stockings clad legs and your soft feet. Stockings Tease