Zia (Level 5) mail warning

Just a lil kitty girl. Left EF for a while but back again.

Lucky enough to be Empress Gabby's cyoot kitty, and proud owner of my own precious kitty Livvy.

Happily hypno-collared by Leather Goddess Freya. (Okay maybe I'm the only one who calls her Leather Goddess, but I have my reasons okay >.<).

Seductress broke me, making me be a sub for her. Mistress Emily's obedient little kitty pet.

I had a bet game with gorgeous Miss Nina but I couldn’t resist her, especially her lovely feet, bondage moves or her evil smirks, and I succumbed and happily became her sub kitty. She’s such a sweet, cute and lovely tease.

Bondage Bets:

Currently 1-2 against Lucy.

In our first game, she couldn’t resist my hypnosis and fell under my spell, so I made her surrender and become my sexy little damsel. She was ball gagged with her drenched lacy panties pulled over her face, legs frogtied, nipple clamped, hands cuffed behind her back and teased by an ever so tight crotch rope. She was allowed to free herself after 20 minutes of being like this. So helpless~. She enjoyed it so much she had multiple “earth shattering” orgasms.

In the second game, Mistress Lucy got her revenge. I was seduced very early and quickly became mesmerized by her tits, soon surrendering completely. I was gagged with my dripping panties, plugged with a butt plug lubed by my own juices, had a vibrator strapped to my thigh so it was barely touching my pussy, and I was shackled face down to her bed with my arms stretched uncomfortably far and shackled to my bed for 20 minutes... I came so hard.

The third time was barely a contest, I surrendered and worshipped her so quickly. I was collared and leashed to the top of my bed, my ankles bound spread to the button, and my hands bound together in front and then to my navel, making me stuck. A vibrator was taped to my hand so I was teased relentlessly as I squirmed to escape. It took me a while and I was squealing.

Currently 1-1 with Ellika:

In the first game, it was close but I won. She ended up blindfolded and gagged, legs bound tightly with tape and wrists cuffed behind her, vibrator teasing her pussy, and she wasn't allowed to try get free until she came. I hear it took her a while until she came against the edge of her desk.

In the second game she got her revenge, as I succumbed to her and worshipped her as she tied me up tightly. I was plugged, frogtied with my hands taped up, gagged with my sweaty stockings taped in, my wet panties taped over my face, had a vibrator teasing my pussy, and nipple clamps squeezed on that were taped to the floor. It took me hours to get free.

You can find my BDSM Test Results here.

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You smirk and step on her, pinning her down easily. Step on her You come across an old Library, seemingly lost to time and nature. You decide to explore it... but is it as abandoned as you thought? Explore: Old Library You tie her up and gag her with tape, making her helpless in front of you. She struggles but she can't escape! Bind her with tape You persuade a Succubus to intercept the adventurer in the library and seduce them. She really got into the role. Encounter: Librarian Succubus You pull out a hypnotic gem and dangle it over your thigh, giggling as they become completely bewitched by your legs. They easily fall to their knees at your command. Bewitching Legs You pose playfully, making sure they get a nice long look at your gorgeous, stockings clad legs and your soft feet. Stockings Tease You tie her up and use your vibrator on her as she begins to struggle, distracting her from her efforts to escape and bringing her lots of pleasure. Bound and vibed You stumble upon an old hidden temple full of treasure, seemingly abandoned. It's safe to take look around for a little bit... Right? Plunder: Hidden Temple As soon as she opens the chest, the mimic attacks with its tentacles and binds her tightly, lifting her into the air. Trap: Mimic Bondage