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Bi / Switch

Soo im Ryuna

I am your cuddly kitsune if you want me to or your panting pet whatever you would like

as a kitsune you might know that i am half a shapeshifting fox and half a goddess but i can surely be all purring and rubbing my head against your chest eating you out like my breakfast whenever i get the chance

also i love getting restrained or collared

some rp stuff for people i know cause theyve been wondering

My abbilitys are :

the first tail is the one with the mind manipulation but if i do that my own thoughts also get mixed with the ones of the person so that person knows what i will be about to do but cant control my mind

the second tail can create objects like i want to like i can create an restraint out of nothing

the third tail is the one that can heal everything

the fourth tail is able to create clones of myself but my magic capabilities get split up over the clones making me weaker in total the more clones are there

the fifth tail is an protective tail it protects me from every attack and can even protect you if im actively touching you if i stop being in body contact with you i cant protect you anymore

the sixth tail can temporary make my magic energy go infinite but only for 10 minutes if thats passed i will have no magic anymore for an 30 minutes and i can only do this once a day

the seventh tail is a masterpiece of me that one can teleport me to every place i know and ever visited and i can only travel like this alone

the eightth tail can teleport others to an point i want but gets them back once i have no magic anymore

the ninth tail (that got sealed and i have to kiss someone i love so the goddess of love can temporary help me break the seal) is the normally last one that enables my final form where i am godlike but the downsides of my tails will be there too at once if i use multiple tails at once

my special tail is the one that can copy every abbility from someone i touch but i can only use them for a hour till the tail doesnt work anymore cause its exhausting to cast so strong magic that doesnt belong to me (i gained that tail by my birth and then i was exiled cause the others were feared of me that i would copy the bad abbilitys so i had to go to the human world were i found this beautiful house where i could meet some other lewd more monsters

some rules for my abbilitys:

i can only use 1 tail at a time except when i am going full god mode then i can use as many as i want at the same time
i cant hold back with copied abbilitys
i cant use copied abbilitys when my blue eye gets covered (blindfold ,eye patch or something else)

if i start flirting dont listen to me i am a master in it and dont know how or why so it could be that even a mistress falls for me

some information for the ones that dont know what a kitsune is:

i am done like the japanese myths so i wont seduce you and then eat your insides or something the japanese say that we are a loving but very seducing creature and a kitsune has the abbility of shape shifting like i can turn into you or something else i like but mostly they chose a sexy woman to get a man to make them kids that become kitsunes too . and they have if they have 9 tails the powers similar to gods and get treated like gods from the japanese i have 10 cause the game doesnt give me another choice that means i am even stronger than that so if you dare to fight me watch out you probably have lost before the fight has even started

i am always ready for a little rp fight so come challenge me whenever you want

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