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Young, dumb and full of fun!

Bi / Switch

Hey! Thanks for reading my profile!

I'm Jenna and I'm 19 from the UK. I'm 5'4" and a student at Liverpool university.

Looking to have some fun games with lots of smack talk and teasing.

Not really into doing long detailed roleplays but I will try to match what you are doing if I can ^_^

Domme or Sub? That depends on the day but I am certainly more sub leaning.

Always happy to chat and have some fun!

Notable Victories

The wonderful and gorgeous naDine challenged me to a fight thinking that her sexy German body would be able to defeat me. During our match I fingered, licked and fucked her until she begged me to keep going. Her tight German asshole took a hard pounding and she thanked me for it each time I stretched her out. In the end she came like the loser she is and acknowledged me as the better woman.

I was offered a chance to earn some money for uni by Francis who wanted me as his waitress in his club. After a worrying start it turns out his thug Joe is terrible at tying knots so I was able to escape his clutches. Thankfully I’ve been practicing mine and Francis was tied up before me. I punished him for his over confidence and in the end he ended up cumming as I trampled his lovely large cock. After he was done I left him tied to his desk with his staff ready to take their frustrations out on him while I walked out with a big bag of his cash!

A sexy young woman called Belle challenged me to a match saying she would have me calling her mistress and being her little collared pet. She came at me fiercely and made me cum while fucking my ass and vibing my clit, but I was able to turn it around and pin her down making her cum in return straight away. Even though my rope skills were clearly lacking, I bent her over my knee and spanked her while playing with her clit. Unfortunately for her, she had gotten herself so worked up fucking me that she tipped over the edge almost instantly. Now defeated I wrote on her chest that she was the anal slut, plugged her tight little ass and then fucked her pussy until she came again. A wonderful match and I can't wait to see what happens when she tries to get revenge!

Sex Fighter Trent challenged me to a match thinking he could easily break me into being his little pet. While he did manage to pin me down and stuff me with his cock until I came for him, he underestimated me and got too confident. My hands made short work of him, forcing him to shoot his load all over my body before I pinned him down and straddled his cock. Looking him in the eyes I gave him a gentle kiss and told him to cum. The poor boy was too far gone to refuse me and filled me up with his cum. Before he could recover I had a collar round his neck and a lovely new pet for a week of milking and using as I see fit!

Notable Defeats

I saw Ritzy in a few matches and thought he was super weak and pathetic. I insulted him in public chats and teased him for being a foot slut. Then, with my confidence high, I accepted a challenge to a match. He quickly stripped me down and fucked me hard. My ass being forced open to take his big cock as he fucked me in front of a mirror as I came like a bitch. Even though I managed to make him cum quickly after with my hand, I was too turned on to resist much more. He took my holes in order. Making me choke on his cock, then pounding my ass hard, before pinning me down and pounding my dripping pussy as I screamed in pleasure. After I was a quivering mess he carried on using me as a fuck toy until I took his full load all over myself. Laying helplessly there, covered in cum, all my holes fucked, I knew I would want his dick again...

Twice now I have tried to take on Daniel and failed badly. He easily pins me down and fucks my throat until I'm covered in spit and desperate for his cock. Even if I do manage to make him cum he just enjoys seeing me struggling to finish him and takes great pleasure in easily holding me down and fucking me. My pussy just cannot handle his cock and I cum so quickly for him. Laying there cumming hard and watching him stand over me, covering my tits in his cum feels so amazing. I'm such a filthy slut for him.

Blank Slate destroyed me and turned Laura and myself into butt slut sisters.
Anal loss

Embarrassing/humiliating things that have happened

After a match with Laura I found myself easily pinned down, tied up and fucked into a mindless mess. Upon waking up I've found myself as a free use slut until 9th July 2023.

Cruel rules forced on me by mean people

None yet

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