Elizabeth (Level 6) mail warning

You will get wrecked! Competitive!

Bi / Switch

Seeking strong cocks to dominate!
You won't handle me!

Unless of course...you could find my weakness. But you can't. So...get ready to LOOSE!!


When in bondage or hypno, I have to roll a 6 to escape! Stacks! 0/30 wins

I can no longer deny a bet. 0/9 wins

When I get an anal cumtest, I'm such a slut that I have to cum! 0/21 wins

Whenever I am fucked in the ass, I am overwhelmed with pleasure, and I have to skip a turn. Stacks. 3/4 wins.
[SECRET RULE] 0/3 wins against Victor

Notable losses:

Victor defeated me like I was his FUCKTOY from the very beginning, manhandling me with his BBC! He is now my rightful owner!!
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Marc defeated me like a little toy!
Not only once, but twice he fucked me into submission!
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Nobis totally dominated my ass, pounding into as he damn well pleased and bred my pussy, turning me into his property and fucktoy!
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wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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