Sonia the bitch 🇮🇹 (Level 9) mail warning

Quick games are ok, a bit RP too, long english RP is bad

みな! Thank you for the stars! I love you everybody!

About me

From Italy, I can write in Italian, English Français, a bit Japanese.

20yo shy and submissive but sometime dominant with very young girls or very very weak boys. No problems to play with everyone, but I'm so shy that sometime I don't join in matchmaking because I don't write very good and fast in english RP.

Sometimes I change my settings to match only with male or female people, and to be only sub or only dom, but IRL I'm etero and sub.

I like if non-Italian people try to write some word in Italian. Sometime, I like A LOT.

I like risky games and gambling. I like the interactive games, and maybe sometime I'll talk with my BF about this game to play IRL what happens in the game. Maybe. Sometime.

Please tell me your kinks when we play classic, wrestling and so on. It's so boring to play knowing nothing about you...

If you want to play public, please send a PM to me. I'm not so confident with my English, but I'll do my best!

In IRL games, I have a safeword ("red" or "rosso"). You can ask a "to do word", if you say it before my safeword, I cannot use the safeword. Please, don't use it often.

I don't like denial (mine and yours), excessive pain, scat play.

My kink list here!

Italian Stallion challenged me but lost twice in a row: now he pays for his defeat, and has become my first pet! I am a mistress! How should I use it? I'm so excited!
(update 23 Dec 2020) I gave him a «liberation challenge» to get his freedom, but I WON the first of the 3 matches! (by 6 life points!!!)
(update 9 Jan 2021) I won again! Now, he'll be mine until I want! So cute...
O kawaii koto

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