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Back to Playing~ Feel free to ask for games/invites. (note: I am picky with who I play with)

Meow! I'm Vel. I was bored in office working a 9-5 and was diving deep into the Internets. I guess one click led to another and here I am! I was just in the shadows for around half a year, and this is my first character!

I don't really know how to write this so... I guess I'll start with a little about myself? I'm Chinese and I've been in my job for around a couple years now. I don't think I'm very outgoing, though I do enjoy seeking some excitement once in awhile (who doesn't, right? lol )! I'm emotionally sensitive against anything like violent non-consent. I also do not play with people I've just met... So please get to know me better (in-game lobby, or DMs) before asking me out?

I used to be hetro... but after being shown a whole new world by Green Velcro ... guess I am bi now~♥ Hygiene is really important for me, so cleanly shaved or at least trimmed, please. I have read about sex-fighting though I cannot say I've seen one in-person. How is it like?

Kinks...? I do love it when someone uses me (tastefully) roughly. I am a huge fan of public games... I enjoy it when people see me get ravaged, or when I'm winning! It just adds so much more spice ! Everybody thinks I'm naturally (extremely) submissive, which I usually am and usually prefer someone to take the lead.. But that doesn't mean I'll just roll over and give you a free win! Though sometimes I do enjoy just being a brat - I think it makes the victory/loss that much sweeter~ Drop me a DM to chat? I usually prefer to get to know each other better first ♥

10 June 2023: Green Velcro, my Eevee, my wifey, my one and only, and I have officiated our marriage to the beat of our hearts, the fluffiness of white dwagons & brown bears, and the sound of buzzing Lovense toys.

30 June 2023: Went into semi-retirement with wifey.

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Our Song: Love Will Keep Us Alive - Eagles


[20 May '23] I challenged Raina to a Guardian of the Hill title match! It was my first title match ever and I was extremely nervous. I even got my nipples clamped for the first time ever. But along the way, I think I might have accidently stumbled on Raina's weakness and I felt that I had a fighting chance to win!

  • Raina: I roll onto my back and moan as you touch my nipples with the cold ice, hardening instantly you're an incredible lover, you know just how to.. make me melt... my nipples tingle as you warm them back up with you tongue, and I lick my lips with incredible desire for you

  • Me: Nyaaaa~! I let out a purr as you find my kitty.. The entrance blooming like a flower, wet with nectar as you pierce it with your fingers to help yourself to my juices

  • Raina: mmmm vel ~ please ~ don't stop , but let me reposition you too ~ I roll over you, hovering my nipple at your mouth still, and remove one of your clamps, and start to lick at the now very sensitive nipple

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[24 Apr '23] Get ready for claws-out sexfight in '"The Takeaway Kitty"' When two feisty ladies, Mariallene and Vel, take their teasing from the DMs to the ring, their toying quickly escalates into a full-blown catfight. With intense fingering and loving kisses, these two pussies will stop at nothing to come out on top.

Rated _S for Sexy. Viewer discretion is advised. _

This wasn't even a match.. this was honestly a movie 😍 - John M
Wonderous wonder of a show! - Amathyst
Watch this match. Maria and Vel are putting on a Master class. - Dom in Training


  • Mari: I cup your cheek and give you a slow sensual kiss, but remind myself why I'm here, at least for now Mmmmmm your lips are so tasty Vel.... Wonder if the rest of you is soft and pliable as well

  • Me: I can only look up at the ceiling lights, and see stars as my eyes roll back. I hear the soft humming, feel the delicious vibrations and your loving penetration invade my pussy... Actually... Pretty much welcomed at this point, and I part my legs apart, opening up my entrance for you

  • Mari:Oh..... Vel..... take it.... I plunge myself inside you with one shift motion

  • Me: Purrrrr... *I look up at you from down here, my hands on the insides of your thighs, pushing them apart more, opening your ripe fruit for the taking *

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[11 Jun '23] Wifey: Look out! Run away! It's the bounty hunter coming to play. Watch out for his acronym~ it will hurt your brain! SDFBKLBMBH has come to play!"

I spent 33 hours with my Wifey Eevee watching the full Season 1 of the Mandalorian. From counting 37 droids losing their lives (oh the massacre! :( ), to the terrible marksmanship of the White Helmets, we laughed so much and I never had so much fun before. This was one of the most fun I've had and I absolutely love my Eevee for creating this special moment for us both.


🍔🍟 Vel's Guide to the EF Fast Food© scene aka the people who leave midway without any reason: fango

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