~ Violet ~ (Stufe 7) mail warning

Looking for souls <3 a little rusty, give me a good fight

Bi / Switch

I only play with Fantasy/anime characters! They can be regular human, but still with some sort of story that i can get into, thanks😘

(Vampire pack is active. Includes blood play. Pain and Monster kinks needs to be active so turn one of or ask to remove the pack if you dislike it)

Boo!👻 It's Violet here 👋

I like shiny rocks! And rare minerals! And to show everyone i am the best witch in town 😎

If i defeat you, i get to keep your soul as a gemstone, so i can always bring you with me in my bag!

Ohhh don't worry, you won't be alone~

Ah? You were worried about your soul? Whyyyy it won't hurt i promise! It just means it's with me at all times😁 yes, you can get it back if you win, ugh!

My Soulbound Gemstone's bag :

Lizzie a lovely Yellow Diamond💛
Wade a smooth Obsidian offered willingly
Star a strong black and white Opal
Astolfo an obedient Pink Pearl
Gale a devious Moissanite Split in two
Stefannoo a Creedite offered willingly
Jamie an overconfident but cute Moonstone 🤍
Kim a good toy and cute Rutilated Quartz🤎
Italian Stallion a very BAD Garnet
Draco a surprisingly loquace Rhodozite
Felix a Chabazite who won, but gave me his soul!
Shirayuki a divine Kunzite who struck a contract
Adrian a Smoky Quartz offered willingly
Victoria a butt triggered Butter Jade
Akira a fellow collector Padparadscha
Chloe! a bratty but attentive Goshenite
Ren a lucky but obedient Corundum
Siya a subby and wet~ Moldavite
Steev a peculiar Bismuth which is not a gem
Hector an Aventurine with a mistery to solve
Ahiga a girly Tenebrescent Zircon fun to toy with
Luca an overconfident and weak willed Amber
Christian a red and obedient Nambulite
Aether a gullible Aegirine with good deals
Ela a bratty and weak Ruby with cute moans
Raven a sexy Zircon with impossible dreams
Adam a fraud of a witch, but cute Ghost quartz
Leon a silly and horny Neptunite

Anonymous Souls :

A Pietersite
A Pallasite Peridot

My adorable Gem Maid Kaitlyn is a wonderrific Sapphire who gets a bit bratty, but that only makes toying with her more and more amusing~
I gave her a collar with a sapphire chain and a beautiful victorian maid dress adorned with gemstones and jewels.

(WARNING: Violet is purely a fictional character, she is not a good person and PLEASE do not expect to get any kind of romance going with her. If you try, she might pretend to be interested only for her benefits. You have been warned)

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check Fetische: Weibliche Dominanz, Männliche Dominanz, Hardcore-BDSM, Anal, Feminisierung (geben (Aktiv)), Keuschheitsgürtel/Käfige (geben (Aktiv)), Schmerzen, Schwanz- und Eierfolter (CBT) (geben (Aktiv)), Knechtschaft, Kitzeln, Arsch lecken, Spermaspiele, Hypnose, Schwanzanbetung (geben (Aktiv)), Pussy Worship, Orgasm Control, Medizinisch, Monster (geben (Aktiv))
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