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Woop woop it's the sound of the Beats.

Law enforcement, what is it good for? Our city of course. Names Poc, I'm your friendly local gendarmerie officer representing the law of our city, ready to deal a strong hand and strap to the criminal.

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(a little eye candy treat for all you perv onlookers.)

Some may ask how this shall be done, Is it via baton and cuffs? Well yes because they are a necessity paired with the use of strapons and sex. Working by means of throwing a suspects legs over the shoulders and planting their hole firmly on my strap with no escape as it becomes a tender mess of fucked nerves tingling your body with orgasmic shivers that mess up your mind, be it pussy/ass, and or throat I will fuck and tease you till submission to the law is the only thought in your mind.
So just be keeping in mind for a clearly important warning,(or don't it'll just be more fun for me) I'll have it said here only once, this copper is armed (I got a baton and tear gas BIATCH) and dangerous(you'll be stepped on till authority is your kink) and I will fuck you up in more ways then one. (your needy hole be it of the sensitive ass of a man or the tender pussy of a woman will be fucked by a strap till the muscles of your legs clench involuntary out of desire for more when wrapped around my waist because I dared to pull out.)

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Case review notes for all concurrent and finished cases.
Abril: changer, wannabe tough girl who believed she could take on the long arm of the law, she was sorely mistaken when her girl dick spent it's time Cumming from her hole getting fucked as the needy bottom she knows herself to be.

Eggo :there lies an egg restaurant, it serves few people but it's warrants are many folders deep. Yet none are acted on, all are left to expire into the void as dead weight paper stacks. Why? Because I prefer the egg not going to prison, consider this an important vital dynamic of the antagonist and side character having a pals with benefits angle to then. It's hard enough in life to get what you want so why should it be easily wasted? I've got that egg above me by the leash and I'm keeping it that way.

Harrison :from the rain covered lands of the stiff upper lip comes the hooligan known as Harrison, an unusual breed of the brit stock who enjoys English football, cheering on the reds of Liverpool. Like any proper enthusiastic hooligan he shares much in the mannerisms of brat looking for attention~delivered by the hand of consequence brought bare by a dominant woman and enforced by the strap of a peg.

Alexxa :the brat to measure all others by, a sass mouth SLUT who'll rail you hard just so that you'll be pounding her analslut loving ass into a teary eyed, leg quivering and pussy squriting mess. She's as good as mushy clay in your hands when subby but don't let up or she'll lash out in needy frustration.

Bianca :You ever get fucked so utterly that it's only justifiable that a rule is put on ya? Well that happened to me so here's how it goes. "I must undress when given the option to. This will remain as such for 10 matches straight."

Nero: My fellow bitches we got him. Sweet lordy was this an intense encounter that's getting put in the poc branded autobiography coming out in 2058 in a Tesco near you. Good times were had in messy unprofessional ways. He may have cum absolutely down bad all over my feet as a sweet fucking finale and have his nude ass walked into a holding cell to be detained till his court date.

here lie neat things tucked away.

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Here's a Vid to watch, it change's haphazardly so binge while you can.

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