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Hetero / Switch

Name: Harrison
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Age: 24
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Pronouns: He/Him
Character Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Given to me by Alice Rose : Until the end of my eventual rematch with Katarina I am to roll a d6 and edge and/or skip my turn if I roll a 1 every time she calls me Harrisub or Pegginsworth. I’m also to only refer to her as Mistress Katarina throughout the match. (Rematch must be done before 21/03/2024 otherwise the rule is gone)

Given to me by Connie : every time I get the option to give oral or worship my opponent I must take it (5/ 5)

Given to me by Laura : whenever I am pegged and given a cum test I must give in to my desires and cum (5/5 wins)

Given to me by Jane Doe : I must give oral whenever presented with the chance (5/5 wins)

Bio: Harrison is from an upper class family in the home counties of England, he grew up wanting for nothing and this is reflected in him as an adult. In short: he is a spoiled little shit. Harrison grew up with the best of everything and believed he was the best at everything, his families wealth allowed him to dedicate much of his time pursuing martial arts training and from here he considered himself to be among the best in his classes.

Harrison left home at 18 to study at Oxford University and it was his time here that he found out he had a somewhat kinky side. Harrison discovered partying, drinking, smoking and perhaps most importantly: sex. It didn't take long for Harrison to realise that his love of combat and sex could be combined and so he entered the world of sex-fighting, a place where he could escape the mundane life of a wealthy upper class Oxford boy, and find excitement and danger in his life.

Personality: Harrison is spoiled brat of a man that has lived his whole life in comfort, and so he has developed a complexity where he constantly wants to be pushing his own boundaries of comfort and safety. He is a bratty switch that is cocky and arrogant and loves nothing more than to dominate his opponents and rub it in their face. However, he is also susceptible to being dominated himself, and if an opponent can handle his brash attitude and put him in his place, he can become an incredibly obedient submissive.

Notable matches:

Ashley Valentine : This was our fourth match between us with me being 2-1 up against her so far. I came into this one cocky and overconfident as per usual but the feisty American redhead swore she was gonna get one back at me! This was a back and forth match between the two arch rivals from across the pond with Ashley getting the first orgasm via jerking me off, with me getting the second via some expert pounding. With the match all tied up we continued to trade blows until I couldn't take it anymore and blew my loud in her pretty mouth.
The two of us, however, couldn't seem to get enough of one another and the post match fucking was perhaps more intense than the match, with both of us getting our asses fucked and Ashley made me admit that she was indeed my 'favourite arch rival' and my 'American princess' so that I could finally be allowed to cum yet again.
Another match with my favourite rival, the two of us went at each other hard, coming at each other with everything we had. Ashley managed to hypnotise me early on and had her way with me, using those soft and plump lips repeatedly until finally she got me to burst, covering her freckled face with thick ropes of cum! I wasted no time, however, getting free and putting her facedown whilst I pounded her from behind, making her suck on my finger whilst she squirted everywhere from the relentless pounding! With the match all tied up now it was gonna be a close one, but I managed to complete the cumback by taking control and dominating her with relentless pounding from behind and making her admit I was the best opponent she had faced whilst she chose to cum after getting so turned on by my soft dom style towards her! She was bred by my winner seed for the prize round and we both agreed after the match that our chemistry was off the charts, deciding now to couple up! Now we're not only arch rivals but we're not also boyfriend and girlfriend! An interesting development between us for sure... expect more passion and more shit talking in our future matches.

It wasn't long before she demanded a rematch and this one sure was... entertaining. She got control early on and managed to get me into a pretty submissive space, spanking and pegging me until I admitted she was my American princess and no one compared to her! And here was me thinking she was gonna take it easy on me now we were together... she got the first orgasm of the match by jerking and vibing my cock but didn't stop there. She immediately got back to pegging me and made me feel so submissive that I totally stopped fighting back and let her completely have her own way with me. She told me the match was over before she'd even gotten the last orgasm and I totally crumbled, doing exactly as she said until she made me choose to cum from an intense pegging and some expert dirty talking. I admitted that she owned my cock and that she was the best girl I'd ever faced. This was a tough one to take, especially from my own girl!

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out between Ashley and I, the world of sex fighting is a hard place to remain in a relationship, wandering eyes and all that…

Now that the two of us are exes I suspect even more passion, more tension and more drama in our matches, keep your eyes peeled for any public matches involving the two of us!

Ashley Valentine

Laura: This was my second match up against Laura after she had beat me in our first. I was hungry for revenge and we both talked plenty of shit in the buildup to this one, it was bound to be a fun matchup. The match was a close one with both sides eager to get the first orgasm. It would be Laura who would strike first and force me to cum whilst she sucked my dick in a 69 position. I retaliated quickly however, and soon had her cumming and squirting from a brutal ass fucking. After that I thought I had the match in the bag as the tide seemed to shift in my favour. I was wrong. Laura lured me into a false sense of security and I was my own worst enemy when I fucked her missionary and blew my load inside of her. I was ass fucked for my troubles by her strap on and humbled yet again by my rival.

In our third match with each other, myself and Laura faced off once again, she was confident she was going to beat me yet again, I knew my ego couldn't handle another defeat at her hands, and my ass could not take another fucking. This was a hot and steamy match up, with some really stellar roleplaying between us. I was able to get the first orgasm as I fucked her from behind but she retaliated immediately and got on top of me! She rode me until I gave her a nice creampie which leaked all over me and in typical Laura fashion she had me clean it up. Laura then had some bad lucky rolling to escape bondage and I was able to get the upper hand with a constant barrage of ass fucking! Finally I seemed to be getting payback and it was becoming evermore apparent that Laura was loving the rough ass fucking she was getting! Eventually she was able to escape and almost managed to pull off a comeback with a very nervous cum test as she massaged my frenulum, but I was able to resist her pump and get the final orgasm and the win by putting her on her side and fucking until she couldn't resist giving me that orgasm! I took my prize and gave her a rough ass fucking as revenge for all the times she fucked my ass! Finally I got one back on Laura and our rivalry continues.

Getting my revenge on Laura

Well, Laura didn’t take her defeat well and called for an immediate rematch. I don’t blame her, she clearly can’t get enough of me. Anyway, this was my first public match and it attracted a large crowd, though I suspect they turned out to watch a fan favourite get ass fucked (again). I started strong and managed to have Laura bound and then hypnoed until she was a quivering mess, begging to be fucked in the ass! I was able to get the first orgasm of the match by fucking her from behind and from then on out it was a pretty dominant display, even Laura was asking for more hard pounding and the crowd was loving it! Everything was going to plan… I even resisted her and Cassie teaming up to give me a double ass job. But disaster struck as Laura managed to get an orgasm back against me by bouncing her ass on my cock that was just about ready to blow! She didn’t give me a moments rest as she was almost immediately back on me with a reach around jerk off! And despite it being a low cum test she was able to win! I’d be lying if I wasn’t mad but Laura was able to pull off an amazing cum back and had me exactly where she wanted for the prize round, with me on all fours and her strap on pressed against my loser ass… that was until I said the magic words ‘Akira’ and was able to free use her due to being in a public match! I ass fucked Laura until she was begging for me to give her an orgasm, and of course I allowed the winner to cum, seeing as she begged so nicely. An outcome I think both of us were happy with.

Match 5 between me and Laura and I was out to avenge my last embarrassing defeat after her shock cum-back! Well, this one was certainly a match for the anal lovers! Laura pretty quickly got me hypnotised and pegged my ass whilst I begged for me due to my hypnosis (sure, that was the reason...) the crowd were absolutely loving seeing me get my ass fucked. Eventually I was able to escape and actually managed to inflict the first orgasm of the match against her by double stuffing her ass! After this I seemed to regain my confidence but this was shot right back down as Laura held me down and pegged me until I came! The torture didn't stop there as she was relentless, completely dominating the rest of the match and even getting Alicia May to help peg me whilst she watched and cheered on! I was put out of my misery as she jerked and vibed my cock and I came everywhere! My loser ass was fucked in front of the crowd yet again and she eventually put me in the piledriver position and pegged me until I came all over my face! A total domination from Laura.

Laura showing me how brutal she is when she wins!

Many matches had been had between me and Laura and this match was my chance to finally get even with her to make it 6-6 between us. We put a lot on the line, betting that the loser would have to change their name, do a write up with gif and become free use for the winner. A lot on the line! The match lived up to expectation, the two of us going at each other with equal ferocity, neither one wanting to be humiliated, after some time fucking each other in the shower together, I managed to get the first orgasm by picking her up and bouncing her on my cock! She responded quickly however, by giving me an expert level blowjob, keeping eye contact with me whilst I blew my load in her face! The end of the match was tense, I narrowly escaped two cum tests but managed to secure the victory by fucking her slut ass in front of the crowd! Making her cum from the anal pounding, I celebrated my victory by claiming her loser ass some more in front of the crowd and giving her a facial before she changed her name to 'Laura- Harrison's Anal Slut.' Victory sure is sweet!

Claiming the loser ass!

Isabelle : Our first match was an excellent back and forth between the veteran sexfighter, Isabelle and I, the cocky rookie. Isabelle did a great job of luring me into a false sense of security with her seductive charm, allowing me to believe I had the upper hand throughout most of the match. She had me to tied and was having her way with me, getting me closer and closer to orgasm until I was escape and tie her up, whilst tied up I managed to score the first orgasm of the match with some hard anal pounding until she was quivering from her orgasm! Isabelle wasted no time and before long she was on top of me, and riding my cock reverse cowgirl style like the pro she is until I came inside her, making a mess everywhere! From here on out it was a hot and steamy back and forth to see who would get the final orgasm and declare themselves winners, both of us resisted cum tests until I struck the winning move by laying her down on her side and fucking her ass whilst I choked her from behind until she couldn't contain herself, cumming hard for the young British stud! Due to time constraints we couldn't do a proper prize round, so I left her with a public facial just to show the crowd that the rookie was in charge today!

Our second match went a lot like the first, lots of seduction and passion between the two sexfighters, it seemed the two of them had been looking forward to this rematch after their first encounter! It was obvious that Isabelle was out to make a statement as she took every chance she could to assert her dominance over me with her strap-on, pegging me brutally whenever she could! Isabelle continued her display of dominance by tying me up and using that pretty mouth of hers to score the first orgasm of the match with a very dominant blowjob finish. The match seemed like a foregone conclusion as I couldn't escape my binds and Isabelle only continued to get more dominant, teasing and mocking me that she was going to win this one 2-0. Lucky for me I managed to finally escape my situation and dived straight for her pussy, again, using that expert tongue of mine to satisfy her as she pulled on my hair and let out loud moans as I ripped an orgasm from her. With the match all tied up now I thought I had completed my cumback by binding her once more but she was able to escape! She wasted no time in putting me on my back and wrapping her one hand on my cock and the other massaging my balls, whispering dirty things into my ear it was practically over already, I couldn't resist! I came everywhere from the intense jerkoff and she won the rematch!
Isabelle showing me who's in charge
The prize round was certainly a spectacle as well, Isabelle wanted me as her sex slave with the sole purpose of serving my new goddess. She donned her strap-on once more and humiliated me for being so cocky and arrogant, making me sit on her cock and give myself an orgasm whilst she looked me in the eyes and made me admit she was my goddess! She finished me off by milking another load from my cock in the amazon position whilst she taunted me for losing to her!

Police Investigator Alicia : After a long build up between the two of us, Alicia could not handle seeing me fuck so many asses in public matches and so decided I needed my reign of terror but to an end. This match was a fairly easy win for Alicia, tying me up for the majority of it and having her way with me she even enlisted the help of Jodie to help fuck me on numerous occasions! First having her peg me softly in the ass and secondly having her sit on my face whilst Alicia rode my cock and THEN the two of them hit me with a double asscheek jerk off! Despite me making a late attempt at a cumback it was far too late, the match ended by Alicia jerking me cock for the whole crowd to see! I was made to lick her asshole and worship her whilst promising to never fuck anyones ass again (I lied).

Pleasing the winner

Jenna : Now THIS troublemaker was in serious need of a good fucking. After numerous public attempts to steal me away from my girlfriend Ashley , me and Jenna decided we needed to cut the tension somehow with a good old fashioned sexfight. The two of us went at it in a hot and steamy match, desperate to make the other cum first, Jenna being particularly fond of using that expert mouth of hers to make me cum whilst taunting me about how she has the better pussy than Ash! Clearly I took this personally as I managed to get the win by pinning her down and giving it to her old fashioned missionary style, making her cum all over my cock... but that didn't end the rivalry between her and Ashley. The two of them would eventually duke it out in a private match with only me and James as spectators... the wrestling match was a total wash with Ashley showing Jenna who the superior fighter was, forcing her to cum twice before Jenna could even get one out of Ashley, it was a total domination and I was very much into it! The prize round involved Ashley fucking Jenna from the back whilst taunting her whilst Jenna sucked on my cock, cock hungry Jenna of course needed more and wanted to involve James! Myself and James dp'd Jenna with me in her pussy and him in her ass as the two of us filled her with our cum and left her on the mats! I still have a feeling this saga isn't over...


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