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Hi, my name is Gwen Stacy, and my job is to save the city. I'm 5'7, I have many super abilities and a very flexible body.

Working with EF's Police Department to catch all criminals and clean the city.

I was once a normal college girl who was bitten by a radioactive spider which gave me superpowers. After getting bitten by the spider my body changed, my height increased, my boobs got bigger(34d), my ass got thicker and bigger, got nice curves a perfect peach body.

But all this was nothing compared to the super strength I got and the ability to shoot web from my hand. I also can sense danger with my spider sense. Because the spider was radioactive my ass become radioactive too, and weirdly I can get pregnant by someone cumming in my ass.

After being bitten by the spider my lust and libido also grew which was already very high. Currently I'm in college trying to maintain my social life as a good student and private as the city's hero.

When I'm not saving the city, I go to my college to study and do research on my spider powers.

college uniform--

I love to tease

One more thing that I found out is my body is still growing and so my lust. My ass substantially grows bigger when I consume cum in any form.

As you can see it already has grown quite a bit.
Due to this I have to often change my costumes because they no longer fit.

List of costumes
1. this was my first costume ~
2. costume for better mobility ~
3. that one time one I was creampied in my ass ~
everyone was watching me, am I an exhibitionist, maybe yeah.

Losses: -
Caroline: Caroline and I had tough fight with me dominating the first half by tying her and hypnotizing her, but the table turned quickly when she tied me and made me cum with just her feet and then she claimed me by giving me collar.on my second encounter with mistress Caroline, mistress tarined to ne her good little pet and made me girl several times. She gave me a permanent tattoo right above my pussy C which lets everyone know I'm her property.

Master Alexander I mistakenly wandered into Alexander's mansion, thinking it was a villain hideout and I was right. There I found Alexandre sitting in his chair with a bunch of slaves around him. I tried to fight him in order to save the slaves but he overpowered me and striped me naked. Master Alexander fucked me like a bitch made me realised I'm just a whore. I'm addicted to masters dick. After fucking me like a bitch, he ordered me to pleasure the audience and I fucked every single person.

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