Noah (Unlucky Knight) (Level 9) mail warning

On A Knightly Quest To Defeat As Many Mythical Beings As I Can

Currently Searching For An RP Princess DM me if you are interested

Notable Knightly Accomplishments Resume:

Defeated a succubus and stopped her from draining the energy of citizens of a nearby village.

Helped a mermaid like sea creature find her long last treasure in the sea.

Aided in awakening a sleeping girl deep within a complex labyrinth riddled with trials and enemies.

Defeated a ghost that was spooking the townsfolk half to death.

Stopped a demon lady from causing chaos and destruction to the noble castle.

Being just a human knight I’ve been tasked in defeating as many different species as I can on here below are some I’ve conquered already

Succubi - gained ability to summon vines/tentacles

Ghosts - gained ability to turn intangible

Demons - gained ability to summon hellfire from the underworld

Snow Elf Minriel - Gained a drop of mothers ichor

Nexus - gifted a ring that allows me to summon undead creatures such as skeletons

With each mythical being I conquer I gain a new ring that allows me to use one of their abilities when snapping that corresponding finger.

Minriel After venturing out on another journey I ran into a snow elf along the way…I wished to learn much about her as I hadn’t seen an elf around her before as I heard her sad tale I wished to help her find freedom in her life as we explored and learned about one another we became closer and invited each other to our homes hoping one day we can meet again.

Maxime Accepted my challenge and if I were to win she would come assist me in my castle…She was far greater than I could have ever expected and I almost was defeated…but through sheer will I managed to succeed in making her mine. Now I’ll be sure to give her proper lessons of princess etiquette and how to serve and assist a true knight

Ashley A beautiful young maiden accepted my offer and we experienced a heated sexfight after defeating many opponents I was confident I could win…but something was different about her her confidence,beauty, and spirit all captivated me and eventually I ended up beneath her with her as the victory she is now an honored guess at my castle and I will do my best to please her however I can

After venturing into the labyrinth and awakening the sleeping Demon girl she showed her gratitude and kindness to me by blessing me with a mystic eye like ability allowing me to petrify anything simply by looking at it…but now that I’m thinking about it I did this whole quest and I never asked her name…maybe I should if we ever meet again

During my training and my adventures on self improving myself as a worthy knight I’ve noticed I have terrible luck. Many negative things seem to occur to me at random with no control over any of it….I’m starting to wonder if I’ve been cursed after by one of the many mythical beings.

As a knight, it is my sworn duty to protect my comrades and dear princess from such creatures that would wish to harm them.
Wandering here, I’ve learned that these creatures due battle in rather…provocative ways, but nevertheless, I must learn to adapt, even if I’m still in training. Although I may not be the best at these sexfights, I’ve been told I have a ton of determination, so don’t expect me to give up until my last breath.

Very competitive but I don't mind being dommed or domming someone else. I'm like water I adapt to the situation as long as you're having fun so am I.
I usually only play classic or hentai mode since my favorite types of rp is the back and forth power struggle but who knows I might give the others a shot one day.

Kinks and Toys I use are all at the bottom if you wanna take a look other than that bring it on so I can add you to my collection of creatures defeated(or vice versa) :p

[Rules Bestowed Upon Me After Being Defeated]

Every time my energy is below 4, I have to roll a dice. If I get a 3 or below I have to skip my turn. If I get a 4 or above I can continue as normal. This is in effect until you win 5 games 0/5

Whenever I am facing a footjob cumtest I have to roll a dice. If I roll a '1' then I must autocum. In place until I win 5 games. 2/5

[Memorable Games I’ve Played]

I entered her strange shrine not sure what I was expecting but I left loved and cared for by the nice kitsune Nagusa who ran the establishment. I’ve returned on several accounts and each time is better than the last I hope it can last forever…

A ghost had been wandering around draining people for their cum luckily I was able to apprehend this ghost and give her a name hopefully she’s more tame now but I don’t think she can help herself

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