Ale (Level 8) mail warning

Tease me to insanity, make me squirm

In matchmaking for Femdom with Caprice...

21 y.o.
Looking for a gentle Dom who will control me

Mainly a sub but maybe also a bit switch

I really like if you tell me that i'm a good boy

I LIKE: EDGING orgasm control, tease and denial, bondage (especialy balls and cock bondage) and i don't mind to ruin my orgasm from time to time (not always tho).

I DONT'T LIKE extreme umiliation and verbal degradation, hard pain, cum eating and anal

If you want to make a bet before we play don't hesitate to make a proposal


MOST EDGES IN ONE SESSION (starting from 26/06/2021)
🥇 150 by Erza
🥈 131 by Lady N
🥉 54 by Momo Velia Deviluke

wc Is hetero
autorenew Is a sub
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public Public games
check Kinks: Female domination, Male domination, Anal (female), Chastity belts/cages, Pain, Cock and balls torture (CBT), Humiliation, Bondage, Foot fetish, Threesome/Audience participation, Latex, Medical, Alcohol
shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Nipple clamps, Cockring, Collar, Rope, Rubber band, Shoelace


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