Jasper's Thick Bitch Jasmine (Level 10) mail warning

I came here I was a thin girl they fucked me so much that they made me a thick girl like in PFP

Bi / Switch

Here's how the system works. We play a match, and depending on how it goes you gain or loose points. At the end of the match you spend the points to change me as you see fit, or you can bank them for the next player!

I am BiancaTS Cumdump!

No RP quick match!

1.I have to choose any action that involves using my booty
2.If there is a tap out option I should choose it (3 matches)
3.If it's in bondage I have to roll a 6 (2 matches)
4.I need to cum in every anal cum test (5 matches)

Points Chart

Beat me in a game: +3 Points
Make me cum: +1 Point
Beat me without you cuming: +10 Points
Impregnate me: +10 Points

I make you cum: -1 Point
I win the game: -3 points

Want More? Bet your profile picture and I'll wager 3x points!

Change my Fertility +/-5: 10 Points
Change my Height +/- 3in: 5 Points
Change my Lip Size +/- 1: 5 Points
Change my Breast Size +/- 1: 5 points
Change my Hip Size +/- 1: 3 Points
Chang my Butt size +/- 1: 3 Points
Change my Ethnicity: 20 Points
Add a piercing: 10 Points
Change my Appearance (new pfp): 15 Points.(24h)
Change my Name: 20 Points(24h)
Change my Gender: 20 Points
Make your own rule: 25 Points(not permanent)
Make your own rule:50 Points(permanent)
Remove Rule:25 Points
Make me your bitch:500 Points (You can change anything you want on my profile. When you're defeated, everything you change comes back to normal.)

Character Sheet.

Name: Jasmine
Ethnicity: African American
Height: 6'5"
Lips: 9/9
Breast Size: 10/10
Hip Size: 20/20
Butt Size: 20/20
Fertility: 100/100 (My % Chance of getting pregnant for every creampie)
Current Pregnancy: None
Number of Children: 0

My Hair

My Piercing
Little Miss She tied me up and made a hole in my breast and did this


Notable Matches

Abbie X
She was new here. I underestimated her and she destroyed me. Now I'm her anal bitch

I challenged him. I won the first match I thought it would be easy but he beat me 5 times in a row I couldn't even orgasm him once. Now i am BiancaTS Cumdump.

She orgasmed me without fully undressing. I succumbed to her strapon and he ruined me.I'm sad that she only fucked my ass once because I'm her anal bitch

I challenged her. It proved to be a very wrong decision. I'm her bitch now. She can use me whenever she wants.

I underestimated Rachel, thinking it would be an easy bite. She broke me by quickly sliding 3 and then 4 fingers on my cunt. I couldn't take it anymore and surrendered as she wanted… I will never underestimate her again!

I challenged her. I thought it would be too easy. She tied me up twice and orgasmed me with a vibrator and put me up for sale. She made me a whore.

I challenged InKa. She spanked me. I couldn't stop her. She made me unable to move. But she wasn't done with me. She kept punching me in the stomach. I was just begging her when she sat on my face. She grabbed my feet and emptied me in my face. Now I'm her bitch

I challenged her. I thought I was going to beat her. She destroyed me with the strapon even though I cum her twice. I thought she was done with me but she made my pussy useless with the vibrator. Now I'm her bitch.

Morgan Doe
We played two games with Morgan. She dominated me. After two games I still couldn't see her pussy. She orgasmed me 4 times. I couldn't even orgasm her once. She's my mistress now

I met cc. I was a beginner here. I thought it was easy. And that's it, she easily orgasmed me 2 times and kept tying me up and fucking me.

I challenged Nika. It was the wrong decision. First I had her orgasm but she made me regret it. She strangled me with her filth. Now I'm her slave

Lindsey challenged me. I beat her easily in the first match. She destroyed me in the remaining two games and didn't use her big cock while doing it. I was so happy because I was afraid of her big cock. After the match was over, she started to fuck my ass. I was just begging her to stop. Now I'm her bitch.

I ran into Nina. She was squeezing me so hard I couldn't respond. She orgasmed me twice and she tied me up and destroyed me. Now I'm her slave.

I challenged Arielle. She tied me up and fingered my pussy for almost the whole game. I couldn't take off her panties. She destroyed my pussy with her fingers. Now I'm her slave

I challenged Hanna. At first I dominate her. She said it's my turn baby and I succumbed to her 14 inches cock. I never cum her in 3 games. I'm now her bitch.

I played a match with Hiro. I thought it would be easy but she kept me tied the whole game. I couldn't do anything to her. She cum me twice quickly.she made me a whore

I ran into Ranni. I thought it would be so easy but she orgasmed me twice quickly. She made me her little cat. Now I'm her pet

She fucked me so well that I couldn't stand it and gave up. now i am her little cat

she orgasmed me twice quickly i couldn't resist her now i'm her cat

she was new here. i underestimated her and had an orgasm once but she didn't give up she orgasmed me twice quickly she fucked me so hard now i'm her bitch

I thought I had Marcia in trouble, but she took control of our battle, tying me spread eagle to the bed, and forcing orgasm after orgasm out of me. Utterly defeated, I sucked my juices off her fingers on command, crawling at her heels with my own strapon in my mouth.

Bella challenged me. I thought it would be an easy match but I was wrong. Bella fucked so well that I had to surrender in 2 matches. Now I'm her slave

She orgasmed me very hard in all 3 games. After my first orgasm, I could not continue the match. she continued to fuck me hard after the match and made me transgender.

She beat me 6 times in a row. I've never been fucked this hard in my life. I am her slave.She started fucking my ass again, again and again

Big Momma
She challenged me before the match. I dominated her in the match. Once she had an orgasm, she couldn't continue the match. I made her my bitch.At the end of the match, I squirted in her face. She's a really good licker.

I beat her in the first match. She challenged me again. This time she was so strong I had to submit to her. She fucks better than men

I started the match well, but she made me cum quickly twice. I cum 3 times in total and she dominated me.

Savannah challenged me. Dominated me. I'm her fuck toy. At the end of the match she fucked me with her friend and gave me two rules.

Little Miss
I challenged her. It was her first match. I thought it would be easy but she tied me up and finished me off with the vibrator. She made fun of me. She put a piercing in my breast. We played a classic match with her, but I felt like an interactive game.

I was curious about her cake and asked. I had to eat the cake and didn't know what it was. I found myself obeying her.

We had a match to see who was the better Jasmine. she made me orgasm so many times. I begged her to stop but she made me bitch. At the end of the match, she put a collar around my neck and cum all over my face. I agree she's a better jasmine.

He fucked me brutally. I am now his permanent bitch.

He fucked me hard. I am his slave.

wc Is bi
autorenew Is a switch
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