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A little bit about myself


I'm more of a Dom leaning switch but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy letting out my submissive side to the right person if they can bring it out of me. I enjoy a nice RP game just as much as good quick game of trying to out fuck one another, both with our bodies and words. (Please no silent games)
The most important thing for me is making sure both my partner and myself can have a fun time together in any way that our creative thoughts can come up with in the moment.
Some hobbies of mine are listening to music, Going to the gym and working out, watching some anime, gaming, and watching sports.
You'll generally see me lurking about in public rooms messing around with and teasing people, so if you see me around feel free to Dm me, I don't bite unless you want me to. 😉
(not really into receiving Anal, but I know some people are into dishing it out so in light of trying to be a better partner I will turn it on for matches just let me know if you'd like me to.)


6'2 (191cm), 186lbs, In good shape, Black hair, Light blue Central heterochromia eyes (Chose my PFP because they have a similar appearance to myself, but it isn't me)

She's not acid nor alkaline
Caught between black and white
Not quite either day or night
She's perfectly misaligned
I'm caught up in her design
And how it connects to mine
I see in a different light
The objects of my desire
I miss the way you say my name
The way you bend, the way you break
Your makeup running down your face
The way you fuck, the way you taste

A precious gift from a precious friend

Fun Games and lost bets

Laura : Having seen her around and taking advantage of her defeat in a previous match, which led to us exchanging in a bit of trash talk, I challenged the renowned Slut to match and things started wet and steamy. Having watched her back away into the shower I followed her in and pressed her right against the glass and went to break exactly what the match was for, Her slutty ass. That idea was short lived as she shifted and my cock rammed right into her velvety pussy. Taken aback from the tightness she easily knocked me over and lowered herself onto me, and expertly started milking me inside with each bounce and clap of her ass against my legs. I struggled to catch back up inside the shower until right around the end, having used my fingers to target her ass for long enough to make her jump off my cock and scurry out of the shower and back into the bedroom, I followed her until I was met with her Pussy once again, as she started twerking her ass around on my cock I could feel myself getting closer and closer to my limit but I barely managed to hold on and using that resistance to my advantage, I kept pressing into her tearing her weak Pussy apart with my hard cock, locking my arms around her to prevent any more running away I made her cum pathetically all over my cock sending her off with a good spank on the ass that was just one orgasm away from being mine, but that did nothing but make me overconfident. She quickly recovered as she saw me standing arrogantly over her she put on a look of desperation, and wrapped her soft hands around my already leaky cock which was nearing it's limit and shortly the score was even, but I was still confident that things would go my way, after all I've already overcome her advances once to build up a lead. So I tried pinning her onto the bed, using a vibe to build her up to orgasm one last time. However she slipped away from my grasp, and I was met with her mouth... That damn mouth... And after a couple of bobs I started to feel my confidence shattering, It was going to come down to who could outlast the other. Who really wanted to win this more. Having recovered and left hard and twitchy by her mouth, with a loud Pop, she freed my cock from her lips and wrapped her soft 34C breasts around it and I felt defeat coming so I pushed her off and onto her back and start to work on her pearls as best as I could, but she resisted, even taunted me making me forget about my defenses as I focused everything on pleasing her with my tongue, even bringing my hands which were holding her at bay into the Mix trying desperately to make her spray... I failed... She knocked me off balance and took my whole cock all the way into her throat, and the pleasure was too much, I felt my edge and tried to ride it, as I pulled her head off, but she was ready for it, ready for me to surrender to the pleasure, and she wrapped her hands around my cock once again she stroked me a couple of times and I was cumming all over her face, defeated she put a band around my arm to remind me of my loss before stepping over me flexing to the crowd as she was glorified in her victory.

Savannah : My Mistress, My Goddess, My Owner. Overconfidence was my first mistake when challenging Savannah, and she quickly proved that in our match, as she took control of both my body and my mind with every little thing that she did bringing me further and further into my submission, she even brought in Laura and together they bound me up and teased me by having a quick little session in front of my very eyes, stuck helpless wanting so desperately to join them and make them both my own I fought to free myself, until they both came over and started to work on me with their mouths and it all came to a crash as I broke out of my binds... I pinned Savannah down and fucked her with everything I had, even wrapping my belt around her neck to keep her locked in place, but it wasn't enough to satisfy her, so she started to grind her hips back into me, and I felt myself cracking and slipping, so I tried to back away, but before I could break away she stretched out her legs, and with the soles of her feet she milked me not only of my cum, but of any ounce of fight I had left in my body... Still riding off that pure ecstasy I ran out and into the shower, hoping to find a chance to regain my thoughts and slip free of her grasp, but she followed me in and just never gave me a moment to escape her, until finally I was forced to run out of the very place I tried to escape, and once I made it to the bedroom, I was knocked over and with the very feet that milked me being placed on my face, my eyes shifting as she was rubbing herself at how easily she owned me, I accepted my place, and started to worship them, not letting a single spot go untouched by my tongue, and I just couldn't stop myself from stroking my cock as she called Laura back over and together they dropped down to their knees, and with a singular lick of their tongues... I knew it was all over... I couldn't even bring her to orgasm even once before everything was completely said and done... After having beaten me Savannah wanted to completely rub it in by bringing me so close to my edge once again with the only way I could release myself again was to beg her for it... So I did... I began to beg Savannah for my release, and happily accepted myself as her slave, with my body now belong to her whenever she wants it.

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