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Character that changes with each game. Please read the profile before matching/DMing. NO IRL

Bi / Sub

Always been intrigued by the profiles that are evolving/growing over the time, in one or the other direction, so finally bit the bullet and made one myself. If you wonder who this is, is me, who else :D

Quick intro (and background for the games): Dina is (currently) a chubby naive girl that just joined Fucktoy Gym - an 18+ 24/7 gym that promises to make everyone into sexual god(dess). And the way it works is simple - each time you come, you're assigned a partner at random to workout with, as having someone with is always more fun, and there are absolutely no rules on clothes or conduct, so there's no surprise that any given time several pairs are fucking or wrestling naked, often with magic involved.

Prefer Hentai, but can do Classic or LWR too if requested, certainly enjoy all three.
I'm okay with quick, dirty talk games, as well as longer RP (2-4 sentences at most), but please don't be completely silent - neither of us is a bot. Fairly open on kinks, although competition, sizing up and proving dominance one way or other are certainly favorites. Only big limit is chastity. The gym also doesn't allow enslavement, permanent collaring and marking or any other things that would mark a person to another. Even if rivalries and feisty, aggressive or degrading, humiliating behaviour is welcome and okay (unless told out of character otherwise), end of the day a person is their own person.

Rules I always play with (three turn limit for bondage/hypno) and other important (influenceable) details. Profile picture (pfp) will adapt as these change:
Bondage on me in Hentai: Chubby and weak body means it's hard to struggle out. Roll a dice, I always don't resist on 1-4, take bottom action on 5-6, can't start struggling until three turns are over or you're forced to release me.
Bondage on me in Classic: Roll a d8, only an 8, waiting out the limit or an orgasm frees me..
Bondage on you: Can't give.
Hypno on me: Really naive at this point. Roll a d8, only an 8, waiting out the limit or an orgasm frees me.
Hypno on you: Can't give.
Last winner's rule: Given by Hazel - Pick the rest action while you try to remember my "lessons" if you're being ridden
Weight: 195 lbs (yes, I'm a chubby girl, don't laugh)
Cock size (when erect): 4.75" long, 1.25" thick (and inexperienced)
Athleticism and Flexibility: 1/10 (clumsy as heck, almost)
Muscles: 0/10 (and can't even work on them efficiently currently)
Magic capabilities: None (only heard of it till I came here)

If you win:
Always - change the last winner's rule. Understand that it will likely drop after a game, especially while I'm so weak, so don't get attached to it.
Offlimits for rule: Any transformation. Has to be behaviour/personality based.
Then choose one as you're the one leading rest of workout (choose two if I managed to put you to 40 or less life points - does not apply if Short Game is used):
* Lose 5 lbs (up to 120)
* Grow my cock a little bit (0.25 somewhere, by my decision) (maybe it's magical aura of building, maybe it's steamy sex or lube we use, maybe my latent capabilities, maybe all of it)
* Gain half point in Athleticism and Flexibility
* Gain half point to one kink, with exceptions for stuff I don't have enabled at all and Anal/Bondage/Hypno (as they're achievement based). At full point, get to switch "Give" for that kink.

Kinks to be unlocked that got half point: Foot Fetish

If I win: I get to decide what of the above I get, only once though no matter what.

Write "I can help" so I know you read this and agree to it all.

Other tracked stats that help me "evolve" or how they get improved:

Bondage: Need to work on my physical stats to improve resistance and to be able to put it back on you. Will keep this hidden and adjust when fitting.
Hypnosis: Need to simply endure it. Each 10 applications (failed or successful) of hypnosis slightly improve resistance. Can start giving after 40 applications. Current count: 4/40
Anal (give): Unlocked automatically both when I had ten matches and my cock is at least 5" long.
Muscles: Need a 4 in Athleticism and to have dropped to at least 170 to get ability to gain muscles in the winning table.
Magic: Undecided yet. Certainly not an early prospect.
Becoming a switch: Gain at least 7 "give" kinks, one of which is either bondage or hypno (there are 21 kinks in total (at the beginning) where I can get "give")

History of who I fought and what was changed:

Mark - 23-08-30, Hentai, Win by default (told he had enough time and that we're okay to RP more only to then tell me he had to sleep) - got five pounds, well, pounded out of me.
Failed Wrestler Sam - 23-08-30, Hentai, Loss (0-18) - cock got a bit bigger and I'm also really getting used to sucking cocks, especially as his workout ended with gloryhole session (+0.5 Cock Worship, rule that I skip a turn if forced to suck cock)
Mark - 23-08-31, Hentai, Win (30-0) - gave me a really hard throat workout, exploiting that hunger in me set by Sam greatly (Cock Worship unlocked)
GreenFloof Kyouki - 23-08-31, Hentai, Win by default (either they literally melted in sauna shower, or fell asleep. Likely both) - my cock did feel like it reached a bit more than usual
Jodie, Jillian's Girlfriend 💞 - 23-08-31, Hentai, Loss (0-9) - small pleasures appreciation night, as we overworked ourselves until nearly passing out from both physical and sexual exhaustion. Feel very full from all the "food" now though, but hungry for more. It did help to get a bit less klutzy though. I didn't know feet could be used like that though. (+0.5 A&F and Foot Fetish, whenever a cock cums (mine or opponent), skip a turn to "eat it up")
Cumslut™️ Tiffany - 23-09-04, Hentai, Loss (0-4) - expanding on that cumslut training. Got a pill that should help with growing cock long-term (+0.25 in both ways. Rule TBD)
Elven Princess Hazel - 23-09-16, Hentai, Loss (0-49) - squat training. Apparently have some sort of crazy instinct to breeding, as I filled her up three times, first two goes a combined triple orgasm as I came, she came from that, and then I came again as she squirmed and squeezed hard from her own orgasm; then the other go happening as she barely sat down on me. Still, I can hold myself a bit better, sometimes actually even stabilizing instead of clumsily smacking everywhere (+0.5 A&F). I will make sure to study other people from now on as it helped with Hazel.

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