Linlin Mira (Transgender) (Level 8) mail warning

(Ts) (READ PROFILE FIRST) (Public fights=turn on) (Can't read? Instant block)

In game...

Self imposed Title: Buttslut nympho brat
Title imposed by others: Contagious Horny

Mostly looking for transgender/female opponents, but don't mind an occassional guy (please have Anal (Male) enabled though). I switch my status between bi and les depending on what mood I'm on, so check that.
Only play on Classic/Hentai/LWR (with equal preference for all three), don't even think about offering Interactive/JOI/Femdom. Prefer competitive minded games, where the outcome is not known

However, the stuff here in profile is just guidelines what I'm into if I am in matchmaking. But if you want to arrange something different, I miiiight be open. I do be here to explore. If you have RP ideas, I might quite be interested to join them. Some other folk can attest that I can try and drive myself into a role.

Also, send challenges for LWR title. Take up most challengers, just (from experience with hentai title), at some points there might be backing up of some hours before we can match up

I have an alt for experimenting. Send me a message if you want to meet her, or give her more personas to experiment with

Open for challenges if I find you interesting. A bit hard to know how many hours per day I have on it thanks to sporadic work schedule, so just poke message and see if we can work it out. Generally though, 14-19h UTC 'should' be available with some rare exceptions, at minimum.

If you don't tell me in advance we're doing rules like hypno and bondage, then we're not doing them

Hard NOs: Watersports/scat, alcohol/drugs/being under influence (hypnosis and aphrodisiacs (and other substances strictly for arousal) is perfectly fine though), chastity.

Soft NOs: Hot wax. Just something uncomfortable about it; Vore. Temporary engulfing I might be fine with, but nothing too deep.
Cumming inside with intention to impregnate/breed is fine, but please RP it only as if you "intend to do it, and don't write as if you suceeded. It's always I that decides whether impregnation actually works, leaning more on NO too. It has to be something really special to make me change my mind on that.

Starting Clothing and appearance:

Black T-Shirt with d20 and "Roll for initiative", bright red skirt that goes up to her knees, dark red lingerie under (panties with enough room for package inside). Black and red Puma sneakers to finish out the look.
Looking beneath the panties, one can find a roughly 7-7.5" girlcock and decent-sized balls (in hentai, if opponent is fine I would prefer being a full-packaged futa, but if you're not comfortable, that's fine)
Other details: 5'4", 36D boobs (right tit has "Lojack's Lover" painted around the nipple), lithe build, rest matches pfp


1) If a specific adjective is used to refer to her (will leave this a secret to find out :P ), any subbyness leaves her for undetermined time, going full domme.
2) If opponents keep saying the same thing over and over, she might start repeating it back unvoluntarily, mimicing their voice pretty closely, as if she was a parrot. If she's being excited, she might repeat `Good girl~' in her own parrot-version of voice.
3) (Hentai only) For threesome actions, she usually summons a futa bunny familiar, which is a lot like Jaqueline (or herself, if she's spectating) (she did give permission ;) )

Other important info:

(If I use wrong pronouns, blame my mother tongue for not having neutral gender. Even though I know I shouldn't be doing that in english, it's hard to beat habits you had for whole life. Please do correct me when I get that wrong, can't fix habits without people trying to fix em. Other language quirks that don't transfer nicely between mother tongue and English might also slip in))
((And if you're wondering, yes, all pronouns work when referring to me, although she/they preferred))

The character intro (Classic/LWR):

An unassuming fellow who decided to join sexfighting as a way to earn additional money (not helped by the fact she spends most of her savings on magic and hypnosis books, fully believing into them no matter). While she is not new to more intimate wrestling, she always cages up when the gong rings the beginning of fight. Having had enough practice, the gloves have come off and she's ready to go at it from the moment bell rings.

Hentai intro/tweaks:

However, on one of her frequent visits through town's pawnshops, she found a VR headset just for 20 bucks. Not letting that bargain go sideways, she bought it and once she was back home, immediately set it up and explored it - only to find a single untitled game on it, with no capability to install more. The game however, seems to be some sort of freeform hentai experience, carrying her over to a variety of different places, where always someone else is in wait, ready to pounce on her. Little does she realize that she's physically transported and augmented while in The Game, and that it's having an actual influence on her life back on Earth.
The Game seems to instill her with magical and hypnosis powers, making those books an actually viable thing to buy. However, it works on a sorta-Vancian system, with each 'spell' only working once per session.

Her clothes/appearance still stay the same in The Game. Win or loss, she stays there for an hour for her reward/punishment before magically poofing out, not realizing that the stimulation she felt was real.

Fighting style:

Sex-wise: "Fuck or get fucked", more often leaning into latter, being almost like a succubus, seducing people to fuck her or otherwise use, draining out orgasms.
Physical wise, usually matches how hard her opponent goes at her. If they stay gentle, so will she, but if they started putting her in holds or abusing her, she'll return it double. Having read one too many heroic novels, she believes in noble fights, and tries not to strike out first unless she sees no other opening (read: actions be all against current flow).

*Though one day, Linlin had a very strange encounter, beyond usual for even the most crazy scenario in Hentai. *

Part 1 ( Ctrl+F to "Huh, learn something new everyday" )
Part 2

Optional rules (not in use in title fights):

1) Hypno and Bondage (Classical and Hentai) (Want to rework these. Will be testing something much simpler soon.)
Current testing idea: Instead of making rolls to break, just roll a single dice to determine how long it will last, effect lasting "roll - 1" turns. Two variants thought:
- /dice3 to roll, unlimited attacks (so 0-2 turns of effect)
- /dice4 or even /dice5 to roll, 2-3 attacks for match (so 0-3/4 turns of effect)
- Both are skips generally, but certain exceptions can be made. Specifically, for Bondage - any actions not needing limbs or moving other than rolling a body slightly (namely, 'take a breather' and such) are still allowed and okay. For Hypnosis, any submissive moves (like "Let them fuck your boobs") are all okay. (As it's hard to track, gonna take it with honor system)
--To break out, need to roll 4+
--3 failed checks in a row autobreak
--If attack is repeated while already under effect - add +1 to break checks and reset counter (i.e. if player A had 1 fail for hypno and player B did another hypno attack, autobreak would reset to 3 autofails needed, now at 5+)
--3 attacks of each type per player for a whole match - make em count
--Bondage just skip turns (stuck/recovering from pain) ; hypnosis is giving suggestions to opponent (picking what they do) (but if uncomfortable, can treat it as being dazed and just skip too)
--If both are in effect, roll hypno first, skip turn if failed. Bondage counter freezes while hypno is not broken

2) Full Blown Fight ((EXPERIMENTING WITH IT)) ((NOT recommended with LWR))
--I noticed that it's actually quite nice to fight in RP mode competitively, as full energy means you can just keep going into action constantly, without having to do more passive play in between
--RP Mode On
--1 redraw per turn (as they no longer cost energy)
--If game throws you an action for temporary surrender (e.g. "Surrender Eyes" or "Tap Out"), MUST take it (if they can get offered at all, that is. Need to check in with bots)

3) Betting
By default, winner picks a rule, loser has veto if it's too extreme for them, but we can wager something up front (although then please suggest what I could wager from my side)
HARD NO FOR BETS:: Anything IRL; Linlin's kinks/sexuality/genitals cannot change

Lost Bets:

Evelyn - decisively beat up Linlin, not even a glimmer of hope. Have a new pfp thanks to her for a day
Lojack - why didn't Linlin met her sooner? They had so much fun together in two matches, splitting it a piece, that they decided to write how they're each other's lover. Specifically for Linlin, her right tit has "Lojack's Lover" around her nipple.
Clarissa - was not far, but one tap too many (and a lesson/reminder to both that tap out cumtests do a bit more damage), and Linlin had to be a good suck-up. So much so that she seems to keep using that mouth of hers on and on and on if she can (4/5 games)
Kendra Jordan - Linlin's matches with her are never dull. They might be 1-1 in the ring, but when she invited her to classic bedloving, her bonds couldn't match up to Kendra's tits (Kendra failed way more bondage rolls, but Lin failed a 4% test). Linlin gonna now have a new look thanks to that, for a few days (2022-05-18)
Tanya - She might seem a touch petite and cutie at a glance, but my my did Linlin get a ride of a century with her. Linlin tried her best at first, but the moment Tanya pressed her pussy on Linlin's face, she knew she had no chance, having to satisfy with getting squirted on at same time as cumming herself, and then immediately being tossed on ground and fucked hard with a big strappy, taking it in like a little buttslut that Linlin sometimes is. 11/10, would let this happen again

Won Bets:

The CumQweefTador - good lay to have, first match where Linlin proved just how flexible she can get, getting him to cum while in a bridge pose. That sight stuck in him for a long while, blowjobs making him remember her. Second match, he came so much that now he involuntarily does it again if subjected to that one specific thing (being ridden on, now that it's gone). But then he tried to prove himself yet again, in a best of three, only to lose twice decisively, now being marked with a pink lacy tape on his neck, that has "Linlin's Personal Cocksleeve" written till 2022/05/14
Nix's Little Pet - cutie. Kept constantly fucking her, yet through attrition she managed to prove him that titjobs are much better to lose in.
Itallian Stallion - put up ownership of Lin's tits v his balls. While he expected easy win, Linlin proved to him just how inviting of a honeypot she was, taking his dick fully both in her throat and ass (while messing with his balls), before finishing him off with a toejob. Now, pink tape with her name marks his balls. Second time was much closer, but thanks to distracting feet, Linlin barely squeaked out a win, so now whenever she wants a good dicking, she knows whom to call to fill her ass till he goes empty
Crystal - Linlin doesn't even know which of them got fucked more by who, but considering it all ended in one big futaparty, who cares. Crystal gladly took up "Fuck or get Fucked" motto after that, and was promised to be taught Linlin's magic if she can ever beat her in a rematch, losing the motto only then too.
Lojack - why didn't Linlin met her sooner? They had so much fun together in two matches, splitting it a piece, that they decided to write how they're each other's lover. Specifically for Lojack, her left tit has "Linlin's Lover" around her nipple. On the next rematch, she got out hugged and outcuddled, so now she really seeks up close contact for a few matches.
Rainy - bratty little rabbit. Kept messing with Linlin, which ended up in that rabbit getting DP'd (after being blessed with some rng). So that rabbit is now extremely snuggly and submissive after something's done, thanks to Linlin's careful touch.
Daniel - such a cute pretty boy. Linlin did love getting fucked by him extensively, but in the end, he was just a touch too sensitive. Gifted him a pink skirt, and then also asked him to keep his hair dyed pink for a day
Hope - This catboy has the official Linlin's "Fuck or Get Fucked" Seal of Approval. Scrappy, will try to make you beg if sufficiently urged on. Warning: Excessive tit force on his lovely cock will likely break his mind. Use with care. Extremely excessive tit force might lead to permanent damage of goods, making Linlin disappointed.
Natalie - Mmmgh~ Both games with her were exquisite, and Linlin definitely would like a rematch sometime soon. But for now, Natalie has agreed to try a different pose for her pfp (upcoming, two days)

Score: 42-24 (max streak: 8) (current streak: 3)
(not counting games where it was more just love making or my partner showing subbyness midfight (asides from being forced by lost bets))
Claimed LWR title from Holy Knight Jericho Jordan being her 11th challenger, only to lose it immediately to Violet one match later, getting dogpiled by RNG
Twice the defaultee custodian for Hentai title when it got dropped and not claimed by anyone. Lost it first time to Adam Hex immediately after, second time is currently ongoing, actually managing to enforce a win on it (or five)

The person behind:

27y old pangender, new both to the site and RP of such sort in general. Like to experiment and explore, and am still shaping opinions about many things. Treat the indifferents in kinks more like "I had little to no experience to decide" more than "being okay on a good mood". Tend to be a bit cagey at first sometimes, especially in new things, but do loosen up once I feel safe.

My kinks

== Results from ==
100% Switch
98% Voyeur
70% Dominant
69% Experimentalist
63% Non-monogamist
59% Submissive
54% Masochist
52% Vanilla
51% Rigger

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