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Character concept:

(Hey everyone! The idea behind this character is entirely based on the "corruption" of a proud, prude and rather hostile princess to all those below her social class into total depravity and a much more amiable personality, awakening she finds stranded in a world other than her own with only the clothes she had on her sword, a spell cast upon her while she slept and a diary left to her by the one who cast the spell.
The princess has come quite far since arrival, and while she still will won't admit it she's knows the perverts around here have some kind of agenda that involves doing lewd things with her sometimes the feelings she gets when partaking in these games with them feel good. She'll still put on a front and act like a begrudging member of high society in regards to all things lewd, but may slip up and release a moan or blush depending on the situation. As part of the idea for now I will not be initiating any action that involves being on the receiving end of penetration of the lower orifices and if asked how she is liking she will always respond negatively. If this is not your thing check back another time, she might be a little nicer, honest and lewder by then. ;P I plan on updating this profile with lewder images and statuses as Hazel becomes more lewd. Another important thing to mention. Hazel will not be interested and will refuse to join any groups of other people such as harems or organisations... at least she'll refuse for now. ;P)

Personal preferences regarding messages:

(I am not interested in receiving any messages where the intent behind your message is essentially "I want you to dom me. Please let me sub to you." Any message like that will be ignored and deleted!!
Please be polite to me even if her personality has been completely "corrupted." Don't introduce yourself if we've never spoken before or established a rapport with insults and never any unsettling threats. Any of those will be an instant block.)

Level of bondage/hypno skills:

(These will only be used if you'd like to play along with them. As Hazel is bound or hypnotized she'll eventually begin to develop techniques to escape/resist meaning lower dice rolls will work. As she becomes more lewd however she will eventually begin to enjoy the experience of being tied up and so resist less, or play along with the hypnotism and allow it to happen, excited at the prospect of "Waking up" in a different position. Thus making the dice rolls require higher numbers again. 3 is the lowest number required and it will only climb back up to 6 upon more experience.)
Bondage: The princess has began to try and take advantage of being tied up to try and relax as best as she can to recover her composure 4's or higher will allow her to escape. (This only works in Classic mode now, in hentai mode I'll just pick "Try to escape" and occasionally the rest action unless hypnotized where I'll skip instead, or pick whatever you prefer depending on hypno rules established during game.)
Hypnotism: Hazel has been hypnotized so many times now that her strength of will has become nearly indomitable 3's or higher will break any trances.

Personality: Spoiled brat, with a superiority complex. Reluctant spoiled brat, still got a superiority complex though. Starting to accept her situation but still has some hesitance due to her pride.

(How "Hazel" will speak and think. I will now actively be doing all actions that involve touch on others, and anything using her mouth! Hazel has started to understand that for now being exposed to so many perverts is going to a part of daily life,)

Current Rules:



(Below are two kinklists! The first being the "Current" kinks of the princess, the second underneath being the "Fully Lewd" kinklist which includes all the kinks I hope the princess one day gets a chance to enjoy and love! ^^ Hope you find them useful when trying to pervert the princess further!)
Current kinks of the princess

Explaining the "Current" list:

In the "Current" list most of the maybes represent the princess' feelings of hesitation towards the kink. The few that are "true" maybes I'll expand on further, under the "Fully Lewd" list. Kinks listed as indifference are kinks the princess will use if she feels it will give her an advantage or she has become accustomed to it to the point she is willing to initiate it. Kinks listed as likes are kinks that either were indifferent but she has grown to enjoy them somewhat, or they are actions she feels really give her an advantage in defeating her opponent. Favourites outside of the roles category, will eventually be kinks she has grown to love and enjoy immensely.)

Kinks of the Princess fully lewd
(So in the current list you may notice a few kinks I have listed as a hard limit, that are then listed as either a maybe, like, or favorite in the lewd list. This is because at the moment I do not think these kinks currently fit the princess's character as she is now or will break the story I am trying to make after reading some of the descriptions provided by the list. ^^; I.E Kidnapping, how am I supposed to tell the story of the princess discovering and eventually embracing her lewd side if she's been kidnapped? As for the "true" maybes these are kinks that I'd have to really like you enough to try and RP them, or I have some limitations to them. The ones I have limitations for are kidnapping, as long as it's not supposed to be indefinite, also needs to be with someone I like enough. Incest, very light only. Raceplay, this is more referring to my character as an elf rather than addressing skin color. Vore, in the case of being enveloped by a slime or something okay getting eaten no. Foot play, I'm happy to use my feet if it pleases you, but I am just not turned on by it otherwise.
Edit: Made an addendum to "Furry" making it blue, seeing as the site rules list the level of furry I am comfortable with anyway. ^^)


Hazel has started to feel pleasure from orgasms! She finds them as a pleasant feeling. She'll still deny it fervently but it'd be pretty obvious she's lying. (Now any further changes will be about how good Hazel finds them.)


Hazel was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, as the sole heir to the throne of the elven kingdom of Ofslion. Throughout her life she has known no hardship and was spoiled rotten due to such circumstances. Eventually she began to look down upon everyone below her social standing with disdain and eventually disgust, they weren't worthy of her time or the grace of her presence. One day. While she was practicing her swordsmanship a portal opened and she was pulled through it by an unknown invisible force as if by magic and everything went black. When Hazel next opened her eyes she was greeted by a rather strange sight... A woman with horns, wings and a tail, was grinning at her. The following conversation went something like this.
Trisha: Hey there! I'm Trisha! I'm a succubus! I knew a new girl was arriving soon I just knew it! Nice to meet someone as debauched as me and Jezzy!
Hazel: Disgusting creature! Who are you to address me the princess of Ofslion?! Know your place! You dare call me debauched?!
Trisha: ... Yep! Hehe! Definitely you! You're just as depraved as most of us round here, it just seems like you buried those dirty desires of yours deep. ;P Well they'll be dug up eventually.
Hazel: Wha-? How dare you insinuate a member of the royal family is a closeted pervert! I will have your head for this!
Trisha: No you won't. I'm leaving now. ^^ Nice meeting you, cutie! Ooh! Before I forget as a little welcoming present there's a diary on the ground there and I placed a spell on you! As your mental state changes the spell will reflect it upon your appearance. Byeee! ;*
Hazel: Hey! Wait a second I'm not done talki-GRRR! Get back here!

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