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Character concept:

(Hey everyone! This character is going to be entirely based on "corruption." This means I plan to slowly morph this mean spirited attitude of hers into a slightly softer one, over and over again, in the process adding more kinks to her, until eventually she's been fully "corrupted." So as of her current state I'll be quite mean when talking to you, for example: "I am a princess! Disgusting peasants like everyone here have no right to even lay eyes on me, never mind speak to me." If this is not your thing check back another time, she might be a little nicer and lewder by then. ;P I plan on updating this profile with lewder images, statuses and diary entries as Hazel becomes more lewd. Another important thing to mention. Hazel will not be interested and will refuse to join any groups of other people such as harems or organisations... at least she'll refuse for now. ;P)

Personal preferences:

(I am not interested in receiving any messages as "Hazel" that go along the lines of "Let me sub to you, plz." Any message like that will be ignored and deleted!!
Bondage and Hypno rules will always be applicable.
Hard limits: Scat. Any form of permanent marking to body. Bodily damage. Animals/Beastiality. Chastity belts on me. Anything else that I haven't thought of yet/aware of.
Taking those into consideration nearly everything else is fair game! There are a few kinks that I'm not allowing until later stages of "corruption" simply from a narrative perspective. If you're unsure ask me first.
Please be polite to me even if you're reading this and her personality has been completely "corrupted." Don't introduce yourself if we've never spoken before or established a rapport with insults and never any unsettling threats. Any of those will be an instant block.)

Level of bondage/hypno skills:

(These will only be used if you'd like to play along with them. As Hazel is bound or hypnotized she'll eventually begin to develop techniques to escape/resist meaning lower dice rolls will work. As she becomes more lewd however she will eventually begin to enjoy the experience of being tied up and so resist less, or play along with the hypnotism and allow it to happen, excited at the prospect of "Waking up" in a different position. Thus making the dice rolls require higher numbers again. )
Bondage: She's been tied up a lot! So much in fact she's better at escaping. 4's or higher now allow Hazel to escape.
Hypnotism: Hazel has been hypnotized so much that she has started recognizing the signs leading to her entranced state and so has strengthened her will further to resist it. 4's or higher will break it.

Personality: Spoiled brat, with a superiority complex. Reluctant spoiled brat, still got a superiority complex though. Starting to accept her situation but still has some hesitance due to her pride.

(How "Hazel" will speak and think. I will now actively be doing all actions that involve touch on others, and anything using her mouth! Hazel has started to understand that for now being exposed to so many perverts is going to a part of daily life,)

Current Rules:

Free from rules atm!


Masturbation: Finds it extremely embarrassing if made to masturbate during a fight.
Kissing: Reluctant to do it but prefers it to any other lewd use of her mouth.
Lesbianism: No longer finds it as strange and even think it's less messy.
Handjobs: Is starting to get used to them more.
Titjobs: Will do them but is even less happy about them.
Blowjobs: Will perform them, but will pick any other alternative first.
Thighjobs: Thinks they're the riskiest touch action, will pick any other touch action first.
Biting: Finds it a little shocking but as long as it's not too hard, doesn't mind it too much.
Nursing: Doesn't understand why people have an infatuation with sucking on nipples but it's better than them putting their mouths elsewhere.

(Kinks will be added if performed on Hazel enough times and aid towards her "corruption". Once added the more actions used on her that fits in those categories the kinks will start to develop into more pleasurable sensations for her.)


Hazel has started to feel pleasure from orgasms! She finds them as a pleasant feeling. She'll still deny it fervently but it'd be pretty obvious she's lying. (Now any further changes will be about how good Hazel finds them.)

Lore and Diary below: (Diary entries are in character reflections on events that happened in games or if I come up with sub plots like when she fell in a pond.)↓↓↓

Hazel was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, as the sole heir to the throne of the elven kingdom of Ofslion. Throughout her life she has known no hardship and was spoiled rotten due to such circumstances. Eventually she began to look down upon everyone below her social standing with disdain and eventually disgust, they weren't worthy of her time or the grace of her presence. One day. While she was practicing her swordsmanship a portal opened and she was pulled through it by an unknown invisible force as if by magic and everything went black. When Hazel next opened her eyes she was greeted by a rather strange sight... A woman with horns, wings and a tail, was grinning at her. The following conversation went something like this.
Trisha: Hey there! I'm Trisha! I'm a succubus! I knew a new girl was arriving soon I just knew it! Nice to meet someone as debauched as me and Jezzy!
Hazel: Disgusting creature! Who are you to address me the princess of Ofslion?! Know your place! You dare call me debauched?!
Trisha: ... Yep! Hehe! Definitely you! You're just as depraved as most of us round here, it just seems like you buried those dirty desires of yours deep. ;P Well they'll be dug up eventually.
Hazel: Wha-? How dare you insinuate a member of the royal family is a closeted pervert! I will have your head for this!
Trisha: No you won't. I'm leaving now. ^^ Nice meeting you, cutie! Ooh! Before I forget as a little welcoming present there's a diary on the ground there and I placed a spell on you! As your mental state changes the spell will reflect it upon your appearance. Byeee! ;*
Hazel: Hey! Wait a second I'm not done talki-GRRR! Get back here!


Hey, cutie! Left you a little note while you were sleeping, to let you know more about the spell. ;P If you "lose" a game your partner may enforce a rule/bet or have you leave a permanent record that they beat you! Now that little spell of mine will work a treat and ensure you follow those rules and remove any particularly difficult rules to beat after three weeks. Other than that there may be some other effects of it. ;P And before you think about just refusing any and all games, I have a suspicion you were brought here for a reason and the only way back is to play enough games. Anyway have fun! ;P -Trisha 11/10/2021
Unbelievable. I am royalty! And I have to lower myself to play "games" with peasants! What game am I supposed to be playing?! Ugh! And that woman had the audacity to give me a diary she has already wrote in?! No matter I will return home somehow I am the sole heir to the throne after all my ancestors were chosen by the gods themselves to rule over the peons of Ofslion. 11/10/2021
I was deceived! A lowly peasant approached me asking if I'd like him to show me how the game worked. I was publicly defiled and humiliated! And then a bunch of the disgusting perverts started...Using me... Not one area of my body was left untouched! I eventually passed out. 15/10/2021
I woke up in a strange room with that red haired horned woman stroking my hair. Trisha? I think it was. Disgusting demon. Apparently she had missed what happened to me and came to untie me and make sure there'd "be no damage." What is she talking about?! I was publicly humiliated! She disappeared soon after pointing out my outfit which had been torn to shreds earlier now fully repaired. 15/10/2021
When I was... defiled the other day I was taunted by a crowd of people. I recognized one of those people today. After chasing after her she... defeated me. And now I have another of these damned rules on me! And she tore my clothes again! 19/10/2021
AAAAAHHHH! Splash Who put that pond there?! Damn it! I just managed to fix my clothes and now they're all wet! 19/10/2021
I encountered that woman again... She offered me a fire and new clothes to wear while my dress dries... I was foolish to let my guard down again! She assaulted me again! And now I have to wear these... Disgusting lowborn clothes! When will my clothes hurry up and dry?! 20/10/2021
Ugh. Finally! My dress has dried... Now I can stop wearing these weird skimpy shorts! 22/10/2021
A new peasant tried to assault me today. Apparently I was lead into a trap, something like a magical field to prevent him from running out of energy, but I don't think he realized I also somehow benefited from it no matter how much he assaulted me I just didn't get tired... Anyway I think I won? Apparently it doesn't count in my "stats." Whatever that means. I don't feel like a winner though... It was disgusting! His thing just kept twitching over and over again shooting that gross stuff all over me! I just grabbed my clothes and got out of there as fast as I could... Ugh now I need to wash my self! 22/10/2021
I faced another loss today... Another rule had been placed on me... I think I have to accept that as disgusting as it is... I might actually have to start... "touching" the peasants, if I ever hope to have a chance at "winning" and avoiding further humiliation and shame... 24/10/2021
That damn woman again. Why can't I even shower in peace? Is nothing sacred to these perverts?! Sigh I do think I'm finally... coming to terms with what happened to me during the first "game."26/10/2021
Finally! I have full control over my hands again! It was awful having my hands keep diving into my panties randomly. I must thank that foolish wench who tried to assault me while I was completely prepared for any attacks. I have to admit though... It feels like my body has changed somehow... 27/10/2021
A very foolish peasant was beheaded today. I do not tolerate being insulted. (No rapport established literally their first message to me and they called me a bitch.) 27/10/2021
This battle between me and the apparent Succubus Queen took place on Thursday. As the battle continues to rage on I have noticed the sights of pumpkins decorating the area and sound of children screaming in joy... It must be Halloween. I remember one time back home in Ofslion I came across this little girl who had been left by her friends, she was all alone. Luckily for her I found her, I'm was not going to allow a child to wander the streets alone for Halloween! The peasants seemed to give more candy when they saw me being her guardian for the night. 31/10/2021
Five days. It took five whole days of battling but I defeated the supposed queen of succubi. My armor broke and I'm exhausted... I have received a gift of some new armor from the succubus but it's only temporary until I get mine fixed. It's too revealing for me. She is also following me around for a bit while I continue my search for a way home. 02/11/2021
As I was training that damn perverted woman appeared again and assaulted me again. During the course of the fight I got covered in some sticky tree sap. And now I can't seem to get it off! Ugh! 09/11/2021
It's fixed! My beautiful concealing armor is fixed! The peasan peo male, "Cervantes" fixed it for me, although I was charged for it... His cat is most decent being I've met in my time here though. 09/11/2021
Another peasant thought he wanted to try and assault me today. He was left covered in his own pathetic slimy stuff. 10/11/2021
Do peasants around here just breed tentacles monsters or something?! Why do I keep bumping into people who seemingly pull them out of nowhere?! Luckily for me they turned on their owner giving me a chance to crawl away unscathed. 12/11/2021
Ugh! The peasantry round here seem to take whatever advantage they can! Have they no shame whatsoever?! I finally manage to get that damned sticky sap off of me though... 12/11/2021
I needed a small break. I found a nice quiet spot where no one disturbed me. I will remember this place when I need somewhere to be alone. 16/11/2021
What the hell is this latest rule?! It's vile! It's disgusting! If I ever see the person who did this to me again, I'll have them tied up somewhere smeared in milk and honey and eaten alive by whatever creatures stumble upon them! 18/11/2021
I met the peasant who disgraced me in front of the other local peasantry earlier. I feel I have achieved some modicum of revenge for that day now that I managed to successfully bind him up in return. 26/11/2021
December... It's been nearly two months since I've been stuck here. I spruced up my quiet spot a little to make it more regal and just a little more festive. Not as grand as my home but it'll do for my current situation. 1/12/2021
Of course I'd start the last month of the year unwell. Well I believe I have recovered well enough to resume my search for a way home and... continue along these depraved games... I swear after I return home any further encounters with peasantry and perverts will be too soon. 08/12/2021
Ugh... This illness is persistent. At least I seem to have managed to overcome that last rule. 14/12/2021
Just as I get better, and start getting things done, I start to come down with something else. >_> On Christmas Eve no less! 24/12/2021
Christmas was a very busy time for me. I may not be home yet but I still need to do all the cultural traditions! ...It's just taken me a lot longer than it should have. 11/01/2022
It's been quite some time since I've updated my diary. Nothing much has happened since I stayed in the place I found for some quiet and alone time away from all the perverts. 24/04/2022
Another "game" happened today. I had managed to win but now my hand is covered in... "fluids." Yuck. 14/05/2022
A couple of days ago a strange hooded man approached me. After some discussion and maybe a few threats on my side of the conversation I foolishly agreed to a "game." I did not win. I suppose that means I have been given a new "rule." 10/06/2022
Hmm... Perhaps I was wrong. Maybe I got lucky and got away with a loss without having a rule added to me? 10/06/2022
It seems I spoke too soon. I engaged in another of these "games" today and I... Ugh just thinking about it is disgusting! 12/06/2022
I managed to rid myself of the latest rule somehow. I don't exactly know what happened though, first I lowered myself to engaging in conversation then it gets kind of hazy. When I became fully lucid, trying to remember what happened was like trying to remember a dream. I remember at one part I was... On my knees staring at a... "Thing" in front of my face, then the next bit I can remember was the feeling of the tip of my nose pressed against a torso with something in my mouth... I wish I could dismiss it as some dream but there was "evidence" left on my face when I became fully aware again... It has made me think though, any time these perverts are not "in my hands" during these games they're either in my mouth or... Lower. I may be able to prevent the latter if I actually start using my mouth, it might keep them distracted longer at least... 22/06/2022
...So far my latest idea seemed to work. Some of these perverts seemed to be too... Occupied with my mouth to use one of my other hol orifices... Until today where I faced another woman... That strategy doesn't seem to work so well on other women, as proven by my eventual loss. Now I have another of these cursed rules on me. 29/06/2022
In my latest "game" I have come to realize a pattern. I was aware the perverts seem to have some capability of mind control, or rather hypnosis as it seems to be more called more often here however I have made the realization that these "black outs" I have are in fact the product of me falling under an entranced state. The first thing that occurs is a sense of sluggishness, like my body is heavier than I realize, then a sense of confusion as to what I am doing before I "black out." Now I am aware of these signs I should be able resist the hypnosis attempts a little better... 01/07/2022
Hngh... This tingle I get "down there" is only getting stronger... I don't think it helps that I am forced to encourage it either with this rule... 03/07/2022
A few days ago I lost another game. After cleaning myself up of their fluids I felt I managed to get away with no further repercussions but thinking more on it, I somehow doubt it. 12/07/2022
Another day, another of these perverse games. At least this one was almost a complete win for me. 14/07/2022
Something is happening. I'm not sure what but that tingly feeling I got has changed and I don't understand what this new feeling is... 10/08/2022
I... Had a realization earlier. I was brought to orgasm earlier and, I think it actually felt "good." It certainly wasn't like how the perverts I've met made it seem with how they react, but it was a sensation I could describe as "pleasant." What am I going to do... There is no way I can let the perverts find this out, I'll never hear the end of it... 21/08/2022
I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to a tea party with that woman. Of course nothing is ever as innocent as it sounds, I already suspected it wouldn't be. 06/10/2022
A year... I've been stuck here with seemingly no way back home for a full year... I've met a few people who have claimed they have a way of helping me find a way back and yet I am still no closer... The only changes that seems to have occurred is regarding myself physically, if I had to describe it I feel more "sensitive" probably from where all the perverts have been touching me, or that spell that was put on me when I first arrived here. I wonder, what does my mother think about my disappearance? Does she believe I will find my way back? I miss No, I won't allow myself to think about that. I have to keep looking. I have to explore my only lead to it's fullest. Those "games." 11/10/2022
I had an encounter with a plant with some kind of mind altering effects. I will not repeat what happened during the events with this plant, nor the person who was in the same place at the same time. I swear I will eradicate every last one of those plants. 17/10/2022
A victory but not without some horrifying mental imagery... I wonder when I return home will that imagery come back? Surely not... 02/11/2022
The last game has made me think about home once more. The sights, the smells, the flavors of the food, however what I find myself thinking of the most is my mother's hugs. I used to complain that I was too old for them where she'd laugh and only tighten her grip prolonging it, but now I find myself wishing for one... Tch, I just gotta get through these games and soon I'll find myself back in no time! 05/11/2022
I found a beach that seemed isolated. I think I'll stay here and rest a while, take a break from these games while I try and get myself back in the right frame of mind to continue my journey. 13/11/2022

Log of every Rule put on me since arrival:

None yet.
Damn it! I woke up and found this in the diary! "Your first big party: you can keep your head about you most of the time, but more than one other person and you can't stop thinking about being used by the crowd that first game. If the audience participates in any way during the game, skip your turn as you're lost in fantasy about that scandalous night." 5/5 games. 15/10/2021
My second rule... "For the next 5 games, as she remembers this, when there is a clit rub or masturbate or pussy rub action you must pick it." 5/5 (Does not include mutual masturbation or actions that involve touching others. Only solo masturbatory actions.) 19/10/2021
A third?! Damn it all! "For the next 5 games any time you orgasm you must call yourself a slut." 5/520/10/2021
A fourth... "whenever you are licked, or given an action involving licking -explicitly must say lick, so blowjobs wont count- you must let out a small moan." 5/5 games 24/10/2021
Rule number five... "For 3 matches when ever you are called a slut, even when you do it yourself, she can still deny it, but somewhere deep down a part of her gets excited by it, turning her on a bit." 3/3 26/10/2021
A sixth... "For the next 3 games skip your first turn as you try to get the tree sap off you that still sticks to you." 3/3 09/11/2021
Seven is supposed to be a lucky number right? Maybe this will be my last... "That mouth could be put to better use! Any time an action comes up involving your mouth you must pick except for 69" 5/5 12/11/2021
Eight. Ugh. Looks like seven wasn't my last... "Once Hazel is forced to suck a cock, she can't willingly stop sucking on it on her own." 5/5 Wins. ~~10/06/2022
Nine... ~~"I want you to take a couple minutes to really ride your orgasms out, Hazel. In fact I want you to touch yourself while you're having aftershocks and prolong it just a little more!" (Whenever my opponent makes me cum for the next two turns afterward I have to pick masturbatory actions if they appear to "prolong" the orgasm.)
5/5 29/06/2022
Ten. "You should be a well-rounded slut! For the next five games, whatever kind of touch action you're least willing to do at the beginning of the game, you have to choose that one if it's available and you have the energy." (Currently Thighjobs) 5/5 12/07/2022

Thoughts on Kinks:

All these perverts seem to have a unique profile of perversion it seems. I still don't get some of them though.
Masturbation: Any time I touch myself now it feels strange... I can't let people notice this.
Girl on girl: I've played a few more games with girls and while I do find it a little unusual still, at least whenever they climax it isn't as messy.
Kissing: ... As much as the thought of such a thing disgusts me at least it's the least lewd thing to do if I had to use my mouth.
Handjobs: As much as it appals me to admit it I think I'm actually learning how to do these better.
Titjobs: Being forced to use my chest in such a humiliating way to save myself further humiliation is... Humiliating!
Blowjobs: It's... A lesser evil than letting these perverts stick their things in my lower areas...
Thighjobs: These are dangerous to say the least, one wrong move and whatever is between my legs is in me...
Biting: Some of these perverts seem to like biting me! They don't do it so hard that it breaks skin so it doesn't hurt too much but don't they realize how sensitive certain areas are?!
Nursing: Why do some of you pervs do this? Nothing will come out! Still, I guess it's better than getting kissed or licked anywhere else...

(Kinks will be added if performed on Hazel enough times and aid towards her "corruption". As of her current mindset she'll start off total disgusted by the idea of kinks, but the more they're performed on her the more she'll start accepting it and then eventually enjoy it. If she's introduced to new kinks during later stages of her corruption she'll react much more open to the idea.)

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