Cumslut™️ Tiffany (Level 7) mail warning

Bi / Switch

EF's Original Cumslut™️ is back after a long Hiatus (or did she ever really leave?)!

My name's Tiff, and I'm a certified cumslut™️! Do you need to cum baby? Hehe why not request a cumslut!? 🤭 I LOVE making people cum - Guys, girls, anyone in between, or anything beyond! Whatever your fantasy is, I'd love the chance to make it happen!

Oh? What makes me a Cumslut™️?? Totally a fair question! You see, anyone can be a slut or a whore, and there is nothing wrong with that! But a Cumslut™️ follows a few key rules...

Cumslut™️ Pillars
1) Good Girls Don't Cum: A cumslut's™️ pleasure is ALWAYS second to her partners! Cumsluts™️ edge to keep their pussy nice and wet and keep their bodies super horny. But they may only cum after losing a game, and then only with permission from their partner! Last Orgasm: 21 February
2) Cumsluts™️ Are For Everyone: Cumsluts™️ may NOT use the "Join someone in matchmaking" feature to choose a partner. They can either accept an invitation through DM, or matchmake blindly. Everyone deserves to play with a cumslut™️!
3) Down For Anything: Always open for bets, alternate rules, or minigames when playing. So long as they don't impact the Cumslut's™️ ability to meet other obligations and don't result in permanent changes.
4) Slut, not a Slave: No matter how much the cumslut™️ may want to submit, they never lose focus on making their partner cum! Cum is more important than obedience. Cum outweighs any punishment. Cum validates their existence.
5) Good Girls Make More Good Girls: All the rules above may be ignored if necessary to convince another slut to become a Cumslut™️. The ONLY thing more important than making your partner cum, is making them a new cumslut! 🤭

I look just like my PFP silly! But if you want me to get dressed up special for you, just tell me or send me an image and I'd be happy to put on a show for you.

1) Punishment - whenever I am called a Cumslut™️, I must stick my tongue out and drool over my tits and twist my nipples.

2) John won a coveted Dom session over me for future use.

Lasting Effects
1) Collared by Alexander.
Lasts for the duration of our business arrangement. He is assisting me in expanding the Cumslut™️ Network.

Cumslut™️ Network
Need a Cumslut™️ but I'm not available? Try another one today!


PROUD Allies of Club ~X~

Default Rules
(All active by default, but optional. If you don't want to use any or all of these, or use a different set entirely, just tell me!)
1) Standard Community Hypno/Bondage rules: 5+ to resist, 3 skips max (refreshable), can be stacked with each other.
2) Lasting Effects - The winner of the game may remove any lasting effects inflicted by the loser. The winner should assign the loser a task to complete to remove any lasting effects they inflicted. If no appropriate task is assigned, the loser may remove any lasting effects.

Good Little Fucktoys
A list of the best play partners a cumslut™️ could ask for! If you cum IRL for me, you get featured here!
1) Lucy Blake
Fucktoy Lucy
This needy little slut was drunk on me before she even touched a shot glass. We barely got naked before she was fucking her ass and riding a vibrator for me. She came twice for me, like a perfect little fucktoy! 🥰

2) Steve
Steve Screamer
Definitely one of the LOUDEST matches I've ever had! Steve and I made each other scream over and over! He came out as the winner, but I got his cum IRL... so I'll let you decide who got the prize. 😜

3) Slash
Needy Slash
Thought she wanted my bratty mouth wrapped around her cock, but I could tell what she really needed a a thick strap in her ass! She came for me before the game was even decided!

4) Alex edged over and over with me through the game, covering my tits and filling my pussy with his cum, before giving me control of his orgasm at the end! Delicious! 🥰

5) Daniel was eager for a game with a slutty bunny, but soon found out Bunnies Crave cum! Hehe Now his next 9 orgasms have to be to my PFP. Lucky boy! 🤭🥰

6) CasualGuy was an intense fuck!! but he ended up filling my pussy over and over again, finally cumming all over my perfect ass!

7) Nathan had me calling him Daddy early on... but by the end he was cumming over and over for Mommy in game and IRL!! NotDone

8) Marc thought he was in control, but I knew his weakness! It's always sooo cute when a big muscley man can't resist my dainty little feet! 🤭

9) Tanvir put up a close fight! We were both edged to the brink of orgasm and couldn't stop when the game ended! He flooded my throat with cum, then exploded irl as I counted him down! 😋

10) Steven hadn't cum in 2 months when I met him! And I immediately made it my goal to make him cum HARD!! I fucked him him with my throat and milked him with my pussy till he burst inside me!! It was fucking incredible!

11) Jewel was a real gem! 🤭 But a wannabe dom is no match for a seasoned cumslut™️! I NEARLY had a flawless game and she came IRL for me twice!! Goth nymphos really are the best! 🥰

12) Jason was a sweet sweet BBC! He fucked Mommy sooo well and then came in her tight pussy when she told him too! Mommy loves her big black boy!

13) Nate took 1 look at my pussy and melted for me... he didn't spend 1 turn of the game free from hypno and had the best orgasm ever at the end!... on Mommy's fat strap on...

14) Andrew was sooo pent up and horny after someone (who shall remain unnamed for legal reasons) teased his poor cock relentlessly! Sending him sexy pics and gifts through DM till he just couldn't take it!! But I took good care of him!! We both edged over 20 times together and he came twice for me!! Such a good pleasure pet! Hehe

15) I met Daddy Patrick over NNN and spent the entire month getting him to break... and I FAILED... we edged each other senseless all month and he forced me to cum until I was nothing but his personal fuckdoll. As soon as December hit though.... his cum was MINE! Daddy loves cumming for Dolly over and over! Especially for my big tits! Hehe

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