Makima Julie's pet (マキマ) 🇫🇷 (Level 9) mail warning

Julie i love you ❤️. I speak a little english but i am french 🥖🧀🍷

Bi / Dom

I'm back, truly back, and I'm going to improve my profile. After a period of absence.

I am Makima, a wild girl welcome to my profile it is not finished

Notable victory :

Ehio : He won and then agreed to give me another chance hehe. Serious mistake i awakened the demon in me and i dominated and drained it. Now he is my slave ready to lick my Queen feet 👑👅👣

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Notable defeats :

Julie : Julie my Queen, my Goddess, my mistress, train me well to become a better pet for her, sometime because she is lovely to me i forget how good and cruel she can be and so she remind me why i'm below her feet and she is the Queen. 😍❤️

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I have dare to challenge my queen again thinking i was strong enouth, she fucked me well but this time she was different ? more cold.. After many orgams she gifted me with two gift one she used her magic to bite my neck and made me a vampire like her then a womb magic tatoo who bind me to her for eternity with her name on. This spell is powerfull is she call me ''My loyal pet'' i have to submit and loose will to fight if someone else call me that way : Rules for match : ''I pass one turn thinking its an order from my queen, available one time a match'' 👑🥶😵‍💫🍷

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Neshi :

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After several defeats, Reki became my master

Zachary : Zachary asked my mistress Julie to confront me. Unfortunately i was not in good shape he quickly got the better of me. He made me his pet for the evening. After having filed me several times we can say that i served him well. 😅😮‍💨

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Bryan : I tried to dominate him with my feet, it didn't work. Then he humiliated me and fucked me again and again until he broke me mentally. I couldn't resist him now i'm a slave to these feet...(character delete) 👋💀

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tyrese : After noticing his huge cock he showed it to me and hypnotized me with it. After hypnotizing me he fucked me destroying my ass too. Brain and ass destroyed i starded to worship this bbc. He was too strong and truned me into a white whore. 😵‍💫👅🍆

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My hobbies :

Manga 🇯🇵 :

I have loved manga and Japan since i was 6 year old. I started with One piece on TV, it's my favorite. Okay now here is my list of manga that i like One piece,Berserk,Chainsaw man,Jujustsu Kaisen,Naruto,One punch man,Shingeki no Kyojin,Demon slayer,Parasyte,Death note,Tokyo ghoul,My hero academia,Bleach,Hell's paradise,Hunter x hunter and many other.

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Video games 🎮 :

I started when i was 6 also with the Gamecube

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wc Is bi
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