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Looking to own subs & tame doms in a competitive match!

former Wrestling Champ

Yes, that is me in my PFP. Like what you see?

Snapchat: notathegreat123

I’m Alex, 24/Male/Dom/Switch. I plan on making you squirm and cum for me with passion and lots of detail. Don’t make me get rough. Think you can handle that?

I love competitive matches with a lot of banter and trash talk. Not knowing who will give in is so much fun. I especially love putting brats in their place!

As a self-imposed rule, I will not try to cum irl until the second orgasm. So if I win, I edge.

My description:

I’m 5’11”, about 165 pounds, brown dirty blondish hair that’s shorter on the sides with a fade and longer on top and a bit curly when not combed over. Green eyes with one dimple, prominent cheekbones and jawline, and a toned frame in general from lifting weights and swimming. I have broad shoulders, a very defined back, thick forearms and legs, flat stomach, and trimmed down below.

My toys:
•Meggy (she came from just my fingers twice)

Most recently, I had a 9 game winning streak snapped by Ella, who drained my balls empty in a fun match.

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