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I'm here to earn 🌟 and chew bubblegum - message me your naughty RP ideas!💡

Hey there

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile :) My name stands for Ego Sum Qui Sum, meaning "I am who I am" - hoping that it adds a bit of anonymous mystery to my profile as well as showing that I'm happy to have the kinks I have! Feel free to call me Ego or E for short :)

I'm an articulate lad, late 20s, 6ft, dark hair and eyes, sporty physique (I play a lot of football and basketball) and you can generally find me in the Classic mode - I'm a true switch and mostly go with the flow of a good game (whilst still wanting to win of course 😉 ). However I love experimenting so if you want to try one of the other modes with me, or if you would prefer a public game, just let me know! (I do periodically explore my subby side in Interactive / Femdom / RP modes and I can be a good boy too ^^)

I also have a real hypno kink - I love the idea of being seduced by sexy, sultry, confident women but that doesn't mean I'll be immediately giving in to any use of hypno actions! I'll put up my fair share of resistance to all but the best attempts to put me into trance! (Although if there are any dommes on this site who want to push me into sub-space until I'm a mindless brainwashed mess, please slide into my DMs @.@)

Up for all sorts of scenarios and kinks and am always on the lookout for both high-detail RP matches where I can paint a filthy picture with my words (for an hour or three) as well as quick n' dirty fucks laden with trash talking. Just let me know what you might be interested in trying out at the start of the game or chat to me beforehand!

And if you like our games, drop me a star - it's tough to earn them as a guy so I promise to have deserved every one!

Quick list of things I'm not into:
- Humiliation / Feminisation
- Scat / pee / food play
- Illegal stuff (incest, underage, etc.)
- Feet
- Chastity
- Hardcore BDSM (fisting, CBT etc.)
- Silent matches

Other random things I like (either giving or receiving):
- Gentle domming
- Teasing
- Power exchange
- Repeated / forced orgasms
- Light bondage
- Banter / terrible puns

I also enjoy:
- Magic / fantasy / sci fi RPs (slimes, aliens, tentacles, succubi, lamias, plant girls etc.)
- Using my mouth (as dom or sub)
- Getting to know people better 😀


21/02/21: After losing our first game and being drained twice by her oral skills, I was eager to get a rematch against Cumslut Tiffany. After an amazing back and forth match (one I thought I had no chance of winning after being tied up and hypnotised into submissiveness early on), I finally broke through her defences and made her submit to my cock with an earth-shattering anal orgasm! For being such a good cumslut, I allowed her to build up her edge count a bit more (by this point well over 100!) before granting her a well-deserved release as she flooded my dick with her juices AND came hard IRL 7 times for me, breaking her streak and sending her giddy with pleasure! 💦

26/02/21: I chanced upon Princess Anastasia one night in her castle and it was clear that she saw some potential in me when she invited me into her bedchamber. After taking her time to tease me with her body, I found that I was unable to resist her charms - which must explain how I spent the best part of half an hour trapped between her thighs and worshipping her pussy! She made me cum with her elegant hands (whilst still keeping me between her legs) and then she truly had her way with me, using my mouth and cock to satisfy her every desire. By the time I had cum a second and third time, I was just delighted to have spent the evening serving such a beautiful Princess! 👑

24/03/21: Caroline messaged me out of the blue wanting to try something a little different and I'm glad she did! We turned on RP mode and together made up an amazing scene where she wanted to rise up the corporate ladder but found me in her way - she bet that she could make the office "good girl" cum first in a 3-way as a means of securing promotion, but little did she know that "Brynn" and I were in cahoots the whole time! 😮 We double-teamed Caroline all evening, making her our own personal slave. She ended up being spit-roasted by the pair of us and I shot a huge load of cum all over her ass and back, making sure she knew her place. Looking forward to a part 2...

05/04/21: A good RP idea will always get me hot under the collar and Serena had just that - after confronting me over bullying her son at school, she tried to use her feminine wiles to get me to back off but she soon found them turned against her in quite the fashion! After it became apparent that her ass was quite "sensitive", I showed no mercy in ramming my cock into her over and over again until she couldn't stop squirting for me! She came so hard that she lost her mind, worshipping my dick just so she could squirt again from my hand spanking her - now she's a dumb bimbo MILF slut who has to keep her plug in at all times until I come back to fill her again 😉

11/04/21: Sunny rescued me from Matchmaking purgatory with a request for a naughty RP - I couldn't resist slipping my phone number to the flirty waitress at the restaurant and we arranged to meet up after hours. As she fixed us up some cocktails, sparks began to fly and I soon found something else I couldn't resist...🍑 She took me into the back room and seduced me with her curves until I couldn't think of anything other than her ass grinding into my face as she teased my cock. That soon changed when she saw the size of my dick and it was her turn to drool helplessly as I fucked her all night long - long enough that the next shift arrived to join in the fun too! Aelya, Debtor Taylor, and Juan all came together with us and our fun is perhaps best left for you to read yourself....

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