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Looking for very competitive game ,power exchange/ trash talk , Ready to rumble ?

Hi ,

I play classic only or interactive if I have to.

I prefer competitive game and play for win, where fighters fight for domination and trash talk , I don’t like to lose . should be the same for you because I won’t roll over easily . Be aware.

Mainly sub If you are weak or a loser i would be arrogant and bratty and I am going to crush you. If you are able to win, dominate me and show me where is my place, once my confidence is broken , I ll be obedient and submissive.

If you want to spicy it up don’t hesitate to text me about bet ( single game , winning streak....)


Toti has underestimated me and he regrets it.He shouldn’t have bet ). 2 losses in a row , I have been his goddess for a week .

Bondageman has wanted to play for denied orgasm . The game was really contested ; He made me cum first , and I had a lot difficulties to make him cum ., but I finally got it twice. So 24 h denied for him .

I defeated Amor , the bet was for a best of three wins , but I needed just 2 games to drained his balls. Since he worships me as his goddess and he is my new toy . He also has to keep the pic I have picked for 2 weeks 07/02/2021. . Good boy . I going to see if I release him in a «  freedom game ». I crushed amor again , I keep it as my little pet until the end of February , I ll going to be focus to turn him as my anal slave. This month his ass and his avatar are mine.

Artemis challenged me , he came to me over confident , submit me will be easy. Finally I drained him so hard that he wasn t able to handle me . Since I turned him as my servant.then I gave him a dom session to teach him how to be my obedient pet. He knows his place now.
The following day he wanted to get his revenge........failed again . So I used him a week . such a good boy.

Rafa came to me to challenge me for his first bet ever , I had a lot a fun to play with him and drive him crazy , when I had enough I put him to his place , since he worship me and he is my toy , my slave. Since I own him and his avatar until the 26th .

I defeated Bradley James and made him cum while i rubbed his prostate, since he is my slave and I own his avatar for the week 23/02


Had a great game against Johnny , a lot of back and forth and trash talking , but he fucked me all night long and he made me cum TwIce. As punishment I have to use the pic chosen by him as avatar until the 31/01/2021.

I lost against john , i had to worn a golden and pink collar engraved with "John's cum slut, please fuck senseless and return when found", I was his personal slave .

" Daddy Luan pounded me into submission and, after he assaulted my pussy until I squirted two times in his massive black dick, he gaped my ass so much, until I just faithed from being fucked by his massive BBC. He owns my ass now, I can't resist that big dick anymore. "

We had a new match but I couldn't resist Daddy's assault again, after cumming so good just from his dick gaping my ass, I just fainted again, but Daddy was so generous that he kept using my ass while I was out. He even took this nice new photo of me, naked and messy, my ass just pouring his massive load. Thank you, Daddy, for using your dumb slut.

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shopping_cart Toys: Gag, Vibrator, Anal plug, Dildo, Nipple clamps, Shoelace, Crop, Paddle


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