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Feel free to send me a message whether i'm online or not ^_^

GUH~ Translation: Sorry for my bad english :) I'm not a native english speaker, but willing to try and learn ^_^ Also always up for any messages

Hi, welcome to my profile and thanks for coming! Amor is not my real name actually, but who cares..?

Just a simple guy who plays for fun. IRL, i'm an anime lover, manga geek [Pochi is the best "CULTURED" artist ^_^], and light novel reader. If some of you interested with those topics, i'm open for any message :) Maybe we can share some of our cultured taste or even trash taste~

Tend to be submissive, but can make you accept defeat while squirming for my cock~ Tried to be more dominant and tended to be gentle one, but couldn't called myself experienced...Maybe i just need to learn and moving...forward... Okay with almost anything except bathroom play, scat, and excessive short, nothing too wild ^^

My submissive side usually appear if i'm being defeated or being on the disadvantage. I will be brat and it's up to you whether you can tame me or not~ Okay with small humiliation (Can take the harsher one if i'm really deep in the mood ^^) and being forced into situation where i'm the losing one (In RP of course). Also down for Femdom and Interactive mode. I love irl play after all ^^

As a dom, after doing it several times, my play style evolves around giving tease and trying to evoke that imagination ^^. Can't say that i'm a pro though, especially with giving task which is maybe my weakest side but also keen to learn more. So, for everyone that played or will play with me as the dom, feel free to gives critic or something along that line. With this, i hope we can have a good session within limits for both of us :)

I love to have back and forth dirty talks when play. Not into long roleplay. Also willing to take a bet if it's nothing dangerous. Always willing to do a bet that's revolving bio and profile picture as long it is not including my personal life. I love adding sauce to my games ^_^

After waiting until my laziness fades away, this is a brief summary of my kinks! Feel free to ask me for a games if you're interested ^_^
== Results from ==
96% Submissive
79% Brat
72% Degradee
67% Switch
66% Rope bunny
60% Experimentalist
56% Vanilla
55% Primal (Prey)
48% Dominant
42% Primal (Hunter)
42% Rigger
39% Masochist
36% Slave
36% Brat tamer
30% Pet
25% Exhibitionist
20% Degrader
15% Non-monogamist
14% Sadist
13% Voyeur
10% Master/Mistress
6% Owner
5% Daddy/Mommy
0% Ageplayer
0% Boy/Girl


[I need to write it on top because i'm such a dumb dumb...]


After being so cocky, I made Jordan cum using tentacles on her cock and in his ass. She cum so hard from that and while still being ravished, she ask me to claim her as my fucktoy. I accept her demand and let's see how this will become~

As the first person who asked for a game with me, i tried to give Little Sissy a nice ~fucking~ session. Little Sissy puts up a good fight...but looks like my cock is too much to handle, especially after being made to cum in two games in a row. Now she is my little fucktoy that love being pounded hard and fast~. So cute and adorable, maybe i will her holes again later on...


I lost to Penelope's magic charm two times - she has left me with a "P" on my abdomen drawn with lipstick... and a good amount of red kiss marks all over my abs~.

I thought i could beat Sonia for the second time but the pleasure she gave to me is just too much and made me drunk. Because of her, i burst out a load to my crush's face, dirtying her in my imagination and it made my body tremble in ecstasy. Sonia is a slut that will make you cum so hard whether she win or lose. I'm really proud that she called me as her little pet.

Out of two matches, Olivia milked my cock relentlessly with her whole body. My cock couldn't keep up even though i'm talking big. After making me to submit, she become my Goddess and my body is toy for her amusement. She is also the one who kind enough to bestow me with new profile picture
[Update: In the freedom match, Goddess Olivia makes me cum and showing me my place as her toy. For another month, she can have fun with my body as i'm her bitch now]

"I am Deanna's bitch"--that is my title after proposing a bet and losing to Deanna's blowjob.

"Lavvy easily milked me with her feet and made me her cute little cumslut"--after losing to Lavvy's technique and curvy body.

After 2 matches, Katrina makes me cum only by fucking my ass--4 times to be specific--and i submitted to her cock completely. Going to have my revenge sometime.

Even though the first half of the match i'm winning, Caroline keep milking my cock until i cum. But still not enough, she keep milking and milking even though i'm begging for her to stop. Now i'm her pretty sextoy for a month, waiting to be used

Owned by Jenny who milked my cock using her hand until i spurted all of my cum. I like being her boi toy that she can used anytime.

Miss JustAName is...dangerous~ She is being subby at the start and i thought that i can make her cum like a fuckdoll. But after that match, she made me want to cum bucket that it frustated me so bad. But she won after all, so maybe she isn't that subby...? [Out of topic, but her profile picture is spitting fact!]

Goddess Thymerea showed me how skillful a divine being are, making me cum as well as marking me with her spell.

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