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just got comfortable. fancy a game?

Im pretty much online almost every evening theses days. Got some spare time.

IRL I would myself consider a caring person and gentleman (which should not be mistaken for being submissive actually). So I guess I am here because I like to jump out of that role and live out another side of me - even if this rough side of mine probably still comes gentle in comparison to other peoples fantasies.

In game I like to roleplay a little or at least talk dirty and you can assume that I am playing with myself while playing with you - no matter in which game mode.
I prefer the classic mode, but I would not mind trying interactive, too, even though I´m lacking of any toys. Sometimes I am into a wrestling game as well but you will have difficulties in convincing me to a hentai or femdom game.

I mostly am not into public games - I know that lots of you are into that, but I prefer a little intimacy. As such, if i feel comfortable, I like to mix up the roleplay with some IRL stuff, talking about fantasies, looks or whatever comes up. I feel excited when i know my partner getting aroused and even more, the more I know about her. But I wont force that, if you are not into that.

So well, thats me basically! Of course I would feel flattered if you want to dm me to talk or set up a game - but we know that you probably will not do that, because you get texted by more than enough men and there is always someone waiting for you in matchmaking. Maybe I am just one of them. ;)

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