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My Halloween costume!

Rorschachs Halloween costume... obvious choice I guess

Rorschach alias Walter Josep Kovacs. Weighing 140 pounds (63kg) and standing 5'6"(1.70cm). After the U.S. Govermant decided to outlaw superheros I am the last masked vigilante. You may have noticed my mask... or more my face, which is a Rorschach inkblot test. Not only does it look badass, but it also symbolises my sense of moral. There is only black and white. Good and evil. And evil has to be punished at all cost.

And who doesn't like the grumpy and paranoid Minutemen from the Watchmen franchise?
With a I don't give a shit attitude.
With such a iconic mask.

With such amazing phrases like:
"I am not locked in with you! You are locked in with me!"
"They will ask for help. And I will say: No."

Sadly, this pervert butt naked blue Smurf Dr. Manhatten just popped me like a ripe grape...

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