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Hi there, I'm Damn Silly. I'm probably not quite as silly (or as damned!) as the name suggests but who's to say that somebody can't change that. πŸ˜‰

If you need my assistance as a moderator, please feel free to get in touch here.

Former Guardian of the Hill champion.

I found my way here via the story on CHYOA after writing a few chapters myself (after being inspired by some excellent work in the story before me) that, with the help of some excellent editing, seem to have been received well. And I'm now officially on the writing team!

Certainly willing to RP! People seem to enjoy the matches I've had on here so far, but if you're looking for someone particularly adept to tend to specific needs, I can't necessarily promise that.

Kink-wise, I think it's safe to say I'm always learning. I guess you could say, I'm working out the kinks!
I don't necessarily mind being on the losing end -- after all, who really loses on EF -- but that doesn't mean I'm not going to fight!

Hard no's would be CBT and high amounts of pain. The way I'd put it is that I don't mind pain from too much pleasure, but I derive no pleasure from pain.
In addition, no chastity or cuckold.
Finally, no bodily fluids that isn't cum.
No judgment at all for those that are into any of my no's but hey, we like what we like and we don't what we don't.

MATCHES! (posted with the consent of opponent)

I had a match with sapphiresundries!. There was the possibility of a streak starting when I scored the first (ruined) orgasm and got good rolls early on, but alas, the experienced fighter would take the victory with two orgasms for yours truly in quick succession.

Mistress_spain was the following opponent, and she made a statement early on with a quick orgasm by tying me down and riding until I couldn't hold it any more πŸ˜– . Fortunately, I got my revenge pretty quickly too with a rapid-fire response from by controlling and fucking her from behind. What followed was a to-and-fro of tests, each of us increasingly desperate for the other to come...and the victory going when I added some foot-sucking to the fucking. One word to describe the match would be cheeky, not just from the banter between us, but also because of how much we each enjoyed going for the the other's ass πŸ‘

What came next was a match with the wonderful Day!. Whatever I write next probably won't do it justice as what would end up as a four-hour battle with the butt the main target for each of us. To put it simply, there was magic powers involved, a submissive turn for "Buttercup" and even a bathroom sink! Equal parts humourous and hot as hell, the pair of us had so much fun, we opted to share the logs publically, so if you want to have a read for yourself, I would be overjoyed. Special thanks again to Day, who made what was easily the longest RP session I've done also by far and away the best 😘 Note: we've had a few more terrific matches and it continues to be an absolute Day-light to have such a wonderful person to work (and destroy frankly ridiculous amounts of stuff) with, and I can only hope she's had the same amount of fun with me that I've had from her 😍(thanks Goddess for setting up that third one πŸ˜‰)...Γ lainn, the Thistle to a Buttercup, sharp and beautiful. A Flower of Scotland, a little minx.

I am, Damn Silky, the honoured Foot Stool/Blue Ribbon of Goddess Jessica. She was kind enough to bless me with two orgasms, the first with her wonderful mouth and the second with her fabulous feet. I was even lucky enough to give her pleasure in between, orgasming herself as she allowed me to be rough with her, knowing she could handle it otherwise. (ooc: This was another long RP, but yet again so easy, fun and hot as hell, so genuine thanks to Jessica, who was a delight to work with, and again, I would be delighted for you to read the logs here ) As it turns out, those feet of hers - and nobody else's! - may be my weakness as in a rematch, she managed to get both orgasms out of me with those talented toes. IT seems Goddess has quite the hold over me as, while I managed to get closer than before in a third match, she now has a 3-0 record over me.

My next new opponent was Avery!. Still a (relative) newbie to EF, she was no less talented than anyone else I've faced so far, with another match that went the distance yet again! On another day, this match might have went differently, such was how both of us went at it, but luck was on my side, resisting her onslaught for quite some time, drawing out an orgasm from her and building her quite the way up to another before she got me like so many have...via my ass πŸ˜– In the end, I triumphed, making her squirt, enjoying a second climax of my own in the aftermath not long after. (Note: I feel like I'm just repeating myself at this point, but Avery is a terrific RPer, and the various visual aids dropped in the match were a wonderful cherry on top 😁)

The next person I challenged was the quick-witted Diane!. Before the match, there was a lot of back-and-forth, which some...confident smack talk from yours truly, telling her just exactly what I planned to do with her both during and after the match. The chatter continued into the match too, as the pair of us looked to get each other going with words almost as much as our actions. After quite a bit of build up that, I scored the first orgasm, pounding her just how she liked. She immediately returned the favour however, that mouth of hers living up to her reputation. And from there, she took control. Tried as I might, the better mouth reigned supreme as she got me again, unable to stop myself cumming as she looked me in the eyes, sealing my defeat. In the aftermatch, she deepened her hold over me, tying me up and taking a rightful second orgasm of her own before forcing me to cum over myself, taking a photo and leaving me at the whims of housekeeping...😨 (Again, yet another fantastic time, with Diane's terrific teasing both before the match and during being just too damn hot! πŸ”₯πŸ₯΅πŸ”₯) Both the match and the aftermatch are public, so, as ever, I'd be honoured if anyone had a read.

On a mission from Goddess Jessica, up next was Elena!. Each of us had a set plan in mind of what we wanted to do the other, but instead of either trying brute force, soft and sweet seduction made up majority of the match. The luck was definitely with one more than the other, with both orgasms from the loser coming at less than 50% (one as low at 16%!) while the winner held out for quite a while, but by the end, both were happy with everything that happened, and the aftermath provided the perfect opportunity for one to achieve their objective before the match. Feel free to check out the logs here and thanks again to Elena, with whom I very much enjoyed a different, softer style of match. 😊

In the works for a while, it was time to take on Night! In the early stages, I gained the upper hand, Night particularly loving the way I slapped her with my cock, though she would turn the tables when she got her mouth round 'Damn Sexy'. Following a spell where she had me even deep under her control with some hypnosis, I managed to make her cum first by snapping out of it and applying a little pressure on her throat with my thumb, something she used to great effect on me. She'd quickly even the score though as we continued to fuck. After that, she never looked back, taking control and making me cum on her face after she'd managed to get her lips round 'Sexy' again. (It feels like simply typing this up doesn't quite do it justice as the match became a jumping off point for the pair of us to get ourselves going IRL to incredible results. My only problem with the match is that I was absolutely knackered for hours afterwards, which says it all! So thanks again to Night for one hell of a time! πŸ₯΅πŸ˜)

I was honoured to be asked to have a match with fellow CHYOA writer, LWR content creator & game maintainer and all-round terrific person, Alya! The pair of us teased each other beforehand that we were gonna aim for the other's ass, so it shouldn't have been a surprise that we both went after it from the off, Alya's striking first with her finger, before following it up quickly with her strap on, and telling me to beg for more (which part of me definitely wanted to πŸ˜–). To turn the tables, I brought in a female friend, who almost threatened to take control of the pair of us, but definitely helped to get Alya going. It was 1v1 for a while as each of us got the other closer and closer. The female friend returned at a crucial moment, helping cum, licking at her pussy as I fucked her, making her squirt over my cock and into the friend's mouth. Alya's revenge was instantaneous however, relentlessly forcing me to cum inside her ass. We then faced 1v1 until the end, Alya getting me close as she pinned me down and rode me, but it would be I who triumphed in the end, managing to get her hard and fast from behind as she asked for more of my dick. And I was more than happy to give her exactly what she wanted, switching from her pussy to her ass, making sure she knew who won by making her say it before I marked my victory by cumming on the ass that, by her pleasured admission, belonged to me. (This match was a delight, me and Alya having a lot of light-hearted fun taunting and teasing each other while we played as well as the hotter fun that we both told each other we...very much enjoyed)

Ah, what could be said about my next partner, Miss Jenna!. As you can tell by her badges, she's contributed to this wonderful place in a myriad of ways from correcting descriptions, adding actions and adding more images to actions, translating the game into French (l'EF 😌) and making sure this community stays as fun, frisky and friendly as it should be as a moderator. But, selfishly, none of those were reasons I was more than happy to have a match with her when the chance arose. No, that's because she's incredibly fun, funny and sexy as all hell too. 😁 The match started off as a battle of the tongues, not just the talking but in action as hers went to my cock and mine's went to her feet, submitting to and worshipping them for a while...With the help of a rather more adult Sonic Screwdriver, I managed to break free from her feet, though I was soon dancing to her tune again, with the focus on her body, until I ended up tricked into her trap and ended up tied, taunted and teased for my troubles. When I broke free, it was her turn to be tied and teased and once she was free, the race to the first orgasm began. I tried first, catching her in a full nelson hold, pounding away, though it wasn't long before she broke free and had an attempt of her own, doubling the pleasure by stroking and sucking at once. My first wrestling hold didn't quite work, so I tried another, catching her in a camel clutch as I fucked her from behind...which worked spectacularly, Clara climaxing on my cock for the opener. She instantly got her revenge, taking advantage as I began to slow, getting on top and riding me, not stopping until I'd cum inside her. After all that action, it wasn't surprisingly that the pace slowed slightly, the pair of us getting ready for the end. We'd trade places on top, Clara riding cowgirl again after it worked so well before. Close but not quite this time, and I turned the tables, hitting her in just the right spot to make her cum again, this time for the 'win', though I don't think either of us would felt like we lost, no matter who came out on top (and who just came XP) There were opportunities for us to have a match before but they wouldn't have allowed us to have nearly as much fun, so I'm definitely glad we waited for this chance, and it was more than worth the wait. 😘


Out at round two in all three I've participated in.

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