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Hey there! Welcome to Classy & Trashy! ;) ~~~ And sorry for the wall of text. Ctrl+F "~ PROFILE ~" for a summary.

NOTE: Profile under active cleanup, as I discover more things I like in here! Lately took interest in the idea of profile play as well, so if you're into that and we've played together before, make sure to remind me so I can add whatever relevant stuff!


Currently no ongoing bets or tasks. Will be adding them as they come up. Feel free to hit me up if you have any fun ideas about extra rules, I'd be willing to consider and discuss!

[Rule] Bratty Resistance: I roll /dice X where X={2-6} on each bondage or hypnosis attempt on me. X increases by 1 on each new attempt.
I resist the attempt only if I roll the currently highest possible X.
If I fail to escape bondage, I must pass my turn unless I can pick a reasonable action, if it is available.
If I fail to resist hypnosis, I must pick a relevant action, if it is available.
Compatible with the "Submissive Acceptance" rule - used when feeling bratty! Increases of X stack between the two rules.

[Rule] Submissive Acceptance: I roll /dice X where X={2-6} on each bondage or hypnosis attempt on me. X increases by 1 on each new attempt.
If bound, I must pass my next X turns unless I can pick a reasonable action, if it is available.
If hypnotized, I must pick a relevant action, if it is available, for the next X of my turns or until my partner performs a different hypnosis attempt or until no relevant action is available, whichever comes first.
Compatible with the "Bratty Resistance" rule - used when feeling submissive! Increases of X stack between the two rules.


There are a few; will be adding them soon, feeling lazy about it right now :(

~~~ PROFILE ~~~

I am a student in my mid-twenties and I am in a very happy open relationship. Sometimes my boyfriend/dom has a strong say in what I do or do not do in here as well!
I am bisexual, though more interested in men, as a rule! If any of you fellow ladies fancy some fun though, I'm up for it!
I tend to be submissive to men though I can be bratty, depending on the mood - If you are a "proper" (it's a feeling thing... can't really explain it) man, I will melt like a candle <3
When playing with women, I am usually leaning more to a switch and I love sharing our feminine tenderness - feel free to dominate, though, if it is your thing! <3
Currently enjoying the wild side of life a little bit too much, I admit!

I am interested in Classic, Wrestling and Interactive game modes and I am mainly looking for:

  1. Quick games with some dirty chat. Emphasis on quick! Less talking, more playing, as a general rule, unless I am obviously in a talkative mood.
  2. RP games. As before, I'd rather these be quick, though not necessarily as quick as non-RP games. However I have no interest in writing the equivalent of a novel chapter, so to speak.
  3. Interactive. Not often up for it but it happens. When in the mood, I enjoy both proper Interactive mode and just following along the Classic action fun! Make sure to read further if you're interested in turning me into a RL panting slut through your screen! ;)
  4. Not always feeling like it, but exhibitionism is bliss! I am interested in public games, especially with some audience participation, once in a while.
  5. I am also open to the idea of some fun bets! If you have something in mind, let me know and I will see if it can be done.

If you wish to have a rough image in your head: I have fair skin, long hair (naturally a brunette, but I dye it often) and brown eyes.
My C cup girls make a habit of poking through the fabric of whatever I'm wearing (bras are annoying, okay?) and I have been blessed with an ass one would kill for, according to some. :P
I am ~167cm tall, though that is easily fixed with a pair of high heels <3
When I am looking for fun in here, I usually make sure that I am freshened and dolled up! Make up, "appropriate" attire, some jewelry and piercings... all the fun stuff!
Unless I am already a few matches in, in which case I might just be panting and looking like a mess ;)

Deep down, I am nothing but a depraved, submissive fuckdoll always looking to fulfill my one and only purpose: being a sexual object that is used and abused for your pleasure <3
Whether you treat me as a proper lady, as barely (if even) human or as anything in between is up to you... I promise I will not complain ;)

Limits: Off the top of my head, only scat and permanent bodily harm are a 'no' on my side. Have at it and if anything gets uncomfortable I will tell you so explicitly.
I also have another simple rule: No personally identifiable information! This is still the Internet! Do not ask me (for real) for photos, video calls, recordings or whatever of the sort please!

Note: Clarifying since many people mix these up: I do not like scat. However I love piss play once in a while. In fact, judging by how few people are into that, I am (usually) starved for it.

Note: When it comes to RP, I find I need a working balance between speed and eloquence, otherwise it can easily get too long and consequently boring. So as a general rule, please use the chat in moderation (dialogue is usually suggestive enough to render lengthy descriptions obsolete) and leave most of the dirty work to the actions and images ;)
I prefer doing raunchy scenes rather than entire overarching stories. Besides, the game mechanics do not render themselves well for novel writing, nor is this the place to do such, in my opinion.
For the sake of some sort of introductory setting, feel free to establish prior relationship level off the bat. For example, whether we are doing a one night stand scene, or we are lovers, friends with benefits, master/mistress & slave, whore & client or whatever else strikes your fancy.
But in any case let me know of what kind of scene we're doing to get me in the mood first!

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