Tyler (Level 9) mail warning

Lost to Crystal and now if I have the option to suck cock I have to take it

Im not entirely sure what to put on here. I'm relatively new and looking for fun and challenges. I'm more dom( or try to be) but will sub if you can get me in that space (thats why it says switch) but either way I wanna have fun and be challenged, I like trash talk and rp but am still working on the rp part. I'm also open to bets and all that. I'm listing myself as bi but am definitely more attracted to girls and transgirls but can have fun with a guy too.

Alex beat me twice and made me change my picture and now I have to submit to her whenever we play

About me
Im white 30yo 6 foot tall, maybe a hair under 6 foot. 230 pounds but most of that is muscle as I work out and run regularly. I have dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes.

If you have any questions about me or suggestions for the bio or are up for a game feel free to message me.

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