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Hi everyone! It's your local anime boyfriend who you can cuddle and tease to your heart's content :heart:

I'm a returning player in Erofights who generally enjoys playing around in either the hentai, classic, or femdom game modes. Usually, I tend to enjoy doing some banter or roleplay with my opponents while the game is ongoing, and often having a bet gets me going even more. As well, when it comes to my kinks, I tend to enjoy gentle domming in general (whether I am the dom or someone is domming me), but I'm always flexible to try new things!

I also appreciate just chatting about random stuff that interests the both of us. Some of the stuff I love chatting about include video games (Mostly osu lol), Anime, game development and random internet oddities that you might find.

Hope to get to know all of you soon!!

Due to a loss, I am now Jenny's cum dispenser as I underestimated her (sex) power.

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