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Hey! I'm Zoe!!

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I prefer to be gentle and work my way up with you! I like long sessions but I can also do short sessions. I like good boys and good girls! Petite is my preference but if you're big and strong and really subby, I'll swoon for you too! ^_^ If you behave enough, you might make me really wet. Wouldn't you like that? I am most pleased when you're feeling really good. So if you edge a lot for me, I'd be really happy! :)
If not, there are other ways for you and I to feel really good together. ;)

I won't reveal too much about my style! Mystery can be tempting sometimes, after all! ;)


- No photos/videos. They're a hard limit. The idea turns me on a lot so don't ask. I want to stay safe and a big part of that is not letting my arousal get too much the best of me. Outside of that if it's too far, I'll use my safewords: Mango or Red. If I do, we'll stop and talk.
- No bets made in the middle of sessions. All bets should be made before a session when all involved are as level-headed as possible. As for IRL bets, I'll decide before we start if you suggest them if I'm okay with that. I enjoy the appeal and they're definitely sexy a lot of the time, but let's be safe. ^_^
- (This is a soft limit that I'll make exceptions for on rare occasions). No denial. Teasing is wonderful and I love it. Denial is often too much. I can deny you, if that's what you like, but don't deny me. I'm an adaptable girl... flexible to boot... but don't push me. :)

Rules that I've received:

Any time I have an action that includes toys, I must pick it. Whether it’s vibing myself or using on others. If it’s both I must pick the one where I'm using the toy on myself. { 0/5 }

Rules that I've given out:



If I've set one for you, DM it to me. I want to get the ball rolling. ;)

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Most Edges:

{ πŸ₯‡ } Gold place: 300 from Dylan
{ πŸ₯ˆ } Silver place: 261 from Huuli
{ πŸ₯‰ } Bronze place: 120 from Ego

Myself: 40 Edges by Miss Emily

Most Multiple Full Orgasms in a Single Session:

{ πŸ₯‡ } Gold place: n/a
{ πŸ₯ˆ } Silver place: n/a
{ πŸ₯‰ } Bronze place: n/a

Myself: n/a

Most Ruins:

{ πŸ₯‡ } Gold place: n/a
{ πŸ₯ˆ } Silver place: n/a
{ πŸ₯‰ } Bronze place: n/a

Myself: n/a

My wall of cheeky adventures:

You have to be extra good and extra special - if you want a spot on it let me know and we'll see if you deserve it. ;)

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πŸ“Œ I lost to Donna and now I am to be bred by her order in a match. Applications are to take place until May the 27th. Direct message Donna and not me. The surprise will be hot so don't tell me you've done so. I will be marked as 'Bred by [name of breeder] by order of Donna' for a month and be forced to follow a special rule for the entire time. This will be whether I am Domina or Slutty Zoe.

πŸ“Œ I am Miss Ciel's adorable little edge slut. Her sexy, good little gooner girl. I wear a collar around my neck when subbing to her that says 'Good Girl'.


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Currently open to switching. Try and flip me if you dare. ;)

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On Slutty/Subby Zoe:

Slutty Zoe is a game style that can be invoked via a specific bet at the start of a match. It's a reward to some for reading this far ahead and it allows for me to better ensure that entering subspace doesn't interfere with my day to day life. The idea being that if you're good enough and you flip me hard enough, you can provide an ultimate consequence. The catch is that I have to agree to it. It's risky, it's fun, and it's humiliating. Here's how it works: at the end of every month, whatever rules are still in play will be scrubbed from being in regular play and moved down to here. Any win conditions are taken away and they remain permanent fixtures in gameplay when I'm limited to being Slutty Zoe. If anything stacks, I'll do my best to combine rules, take stuff out, and balance things accordingly so that it doesn't become too confusing. So if I go back to Domina Zoe, the rules won't apply and whenever I'm restricted to being Slutty Zoe, they will. If you flip me, and get me to agree to restrict myself to being Slutty Zoe, then the rules are back in effect. The rules are in-game unless specified with an IRL tag. While I am Slutty Zoe, extra rules can be added but they will only apply to this style of play. Naturally limits apply and if you flip me, you must provide a timeframe for me to be limited to this style of play. It cannot exceed one month. The timeframe must be agreed to before the match begins. Rules to follow while Slutty Zoe:

  1. I must wear my choker IRL whenever I feel any kind of submission... just to remind myself.
  2. I've been hypnotised to behave like a mindless, slutty bimbo with so much intensity that there are now permanent side effects. My head is not quite the same as before. Whenever someone tells me to get on my hands and knees, I become an obedient little slut that can't control her urge to please her dominant.
  3. If I lose a match for the next day after the match I am not allowed to wear panties IRL.
  4. Miss Ciel is encouraging me to fulfill a fantasy I have to orgasm, edge, and ruin by my nipples. At the point of every edge or ruin I must only play with my nipples.
  5. Every time there is a cum test, I must edge. If I edge 3 times during a game, I have to double my edges during a cum test. If I get to 10 edges, I have to ruin.

Currently I have written on my body:


( Images used in my bio itself aren't me; just an actress I like. PFP is. Again, don't ask for pictures. I enjoy the thrill of using an old picture but I won't go beyond that. )

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