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Hi, I'm Scarlet, a pretty successful businnes woman that absolutely loves luxury and power.

I own a Brothel, I highly suggest to go take a look at it, you surely won't regret It... That's my domain, the staff is composed of my servitude, so in that place I live like a goddess. I also got there a luxurious private bedroom and a throne hall that symbolizes all my power.

I'm quite experienced, so I don't recommand to provoke me (unless you feel confident enough), It would only make me be more cruel with you at the time of your punishment... and trust me, you wouldn't want her to show her deeply true colors.
Only bother me if you truly feel strong enough to actually compete, and be aware that whoever loses to me will be sent to earn money at my brothel.

My personal servants are Valentine (my secretary) and Elizabeth (manager of the brothel). I might use them as well to contact someone to recruit him/her for my businnes. They also take care of people with a certain type of behaviour.

Turn off: scat, piss play, extreme violence, bdsm, foot fetish.

Disclaimer: Due to lack of time I'll only write about memorable matches, you can find All my defeated opponents here


I targetted her as my next merch for the brothel and so I left her with complete freedom to choose what kind of fight we would have done. That was a terrible mistake, she was well experenced in lesbian wrestling and even if the match was hard fought, at the end she made me cum.

He's now part of my staff as well but not because I defeated him. He contacted me and offered an agreement, after a quick negotiation we agreed on him being my talent scout and me giving 15% of the brothel's earnings and some of the brothel services to to him. I like his imprenditorial mindset...

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