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Honoured to be owned by Dylan and be part of his harem

In game...

Huge thanks to everyone that took part in the nipple challenge and helped the scoring. There were certainly some pretty memorable games that had me desperate to touch myself. There were others that pushed me so far into subspace I was accepting some crazy rules too!

My Dom said that if anyone has any ideas for other challenges to DM me and he'll look them over. That makes me pretty nervous. Even if he doesn't choose one of these I'm sure he'll have a new one soon. Also, as a thank you to the EF community he is allowing you to control me irl a bit more. For example, I can now touch myself during games, but cumming is still not allowed. Also, if a game is pre arranged you will be able to dress me up for it. Obviously I might not have exactly what you want but I'll get as close as I can. If I don't have anything I'll just dress sexy!

Even though I'm a sub I can be competitive if I need to be, especially if there's a bet or some sort of risk involved. Alternatively get me in the right headspace and I can be your submissive little slut just doing as I'm told. Or if you're just looking for someone to get you off I can help with that too. Feel free to DM xxxxxx.

Recently I've discovered I like being put into predicaments!

Dylan has deemed me worthy to join his harem. I serve him in whatever way he wishes.
I sought him out to find out more about his harem and those in it.
We chatted for a while and he was helpful answering questions about online domination in EF. To repay him for this my irl Dom required that I played a match against Dylan. It was during this game that he offered me a position in his harem which I accepted.

I must bring myself to edge during four work related phone calls each day. I must report to him at the end of each work day stating the number edges I have completed
He has made me talk him through a slutty experience with me for the sole purpose of making him cum.
He also made me play a classic game for the same reason
We played an interactive game in which he made me edge and hold it for as long as I could knowing that I was not permitted to cum. He then had me have JOI session where he "came on my tits and I promised to wear it all day under my bra"

Rules Because of Lost Games
When I am naked in game I must wear my nipple clamps. This rule can only be removed if, having lost a game, the winner gives me permission

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shopping_cart Toys: Vibrator, Dildo, Nipple clamps, Shackles, Collar, Leash


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