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Looking for a mistress\master to dom me for a match or permanently ;)

Hellođź‘‹ my name is Alexis, I'm a fun silly kind of girl who loves to rp. If i intimidate you just know that it's all pretend, I'm a gentle and loving mistress who would never harm any of my sluts, i also love to be a slut, with anyone really but no one's a better master\dom to me than light he's basically the male version of me plus, who wouldn't love to be dommed by their favorite slut? (If you're looking for a female version of me then you should look at my subby side)

My collared subs
all you have to do to be apart of my collection is rp with me and be at least a little submissive


Light(main) is the first slut I found on ef and is without a doubt, my favorite it'll be extremely hard to take that title from him ;). He can be a subby whore at times but sometimes he tries to dom his mistress and he loves to be humiliated by anyone.

Kaito is a very submissive and obsessive slut and tries his best to please his mistress by doing whatever i say whenever i say it.

Puppy is my newest and quietest slut, our match started off with him following commands and me asking him questions but towards the end we started to get silent.

Slavetoy's name speaks for himself, he'll do whatever it takes to please his mistress no matter what, i honestly think he's a mistress's dream.

Sissyslut is a nice little switch. Our first match was like any other, he made me cum multiple times and i didn't mind at first just sitting there knowing i wouldn't lose but once i lost to him i thought about how i hadn't touched his ass so after destroying his ass and milking his cock he finally gave in and came for me.

Alex was definitely the most eager to serve me and is the most submissive slut that i have.

My mistresses\masters
Oh Daddy ;)
Mistress Mia
LightNH20 (dom)

Daddyis the second mistress\trans I've lost to on ef, I started off the match way too cocky and collared her ahead of time and it all came back to bite me in the end

Mistress Mia was the first mistress and trans i met on ef, at the start of the match it went my way but as soon as my mistress hypnotized me I lost all will to resist her and came for her multiple times, now she is my main mistress who i will never fully be taken from.

Light loves to try and dom his mistress and whenever he succeeds in doing so i always think of a way to put him back in his place, unless i feel like being used of course.

Jack is one of the few people who i didn't try to fight, he's also one of the few people that likes to toy with my irl body.

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