Hiatus Belle (Transgender) (Level 7) mail warning

Away for a week or two

(I clear messages often, don't take it as a personal attack pls)

(Also am not strictly lesbian, I just have hetero disabled to avoid alot of low effort matchmaking lurkers)

============ NOTABLE EVENTS ==============
__After having Iona as my loyal cumdump and let for the best part of a month, I was overthrown by Iona, being put to work and whored out to anyone she decided, working hard with my body just to have her take the money and use it to fund a better apartment rent...

Whenever I greet Iona, I am forced to edge between 1-10 times depending on her choice... 7/7__

After going to use Sam, she flipped the script, taming me by exploiting all of my triggers and collaring me, turning me into her service Dom Puppy, ready to bark or pound her senseless on command.

============= PETS ========================

My cute doggy. My first cutie and devoted pet. Woofing on sight and always down for whatever kind of fun I have planned.

My Switchy Bitch. Taken without even having a game. This cutie is so triggered and so easily allured by my words alone that she prostrated herself to being branded on my wall of pets. Now you can find her either being fucked senseless, or fucking me till I'm in tears. Either way, she's cute and a great catch~

My lewd pet. My bratty pet, desperately in need of breaking in.

My proud and depraved bootlicker. My obedient and devoted boot polisher. Though her mouth has plenty of other functions.

My cute footpet. A cutie who thought I'd break and worship her... Oh how ironic it was when she fell.

The Inferior Loser Belle. A cocky little brat who quickly realised she bit off more than she can chew.

The Corrupted Officer A cute little officer who but off more than she could chew, losing her anal virginity and being reprogrammed into a anal plaything for the whole department. Rumour has it she even lets some criminals fuck her senseless...

============= RULES =======================

Choose/Agree to these.

1) If Hypnotised, skip a turn

2) If stuck in bondage, skip a turn

============= MAJOR KINKS ================

Note: most of these are RP ONLY

Edging, Teasing and Denial: As it says on the tin. Nothing makes a day better than the insatiable lust that an edging session leaves you with, especially when you're under the orders of denial.

Oral Training: Sucking cocks? Sucking Strapons? Dildos on the wall? The answer is yes. Nothing makes a more depraved evening than practising deepthroating skills.

CNC: Have alot of free time? Found out I do aswell? Great. If I lose games, I may just agree to it. Nothing is more enjoyable than the risk that comes with agreeing to CNC. Edging over and over until the Dom/winner says you can stop. Hours of sucking, with no idea how much longer they'll keep you for. Oh, and if I win, and you enjoy CNC, expect to have your mind melted by lust.

CBT: As much as I enjoy watching sluts struggle to handle my girlcock, sometimes it's a struggle having a girlcock. A tight grip, or a few hits and I'm sure to be much better behaved. Though I'm certainly a gal that can take quite the beating ;)

Gambling: Whether I'm in charge, or if I'm at fates mercy, nothing arouses me more than getting greedy and risking consequences for a change at a reward. The more exciting the game format, the more you can expect me to wager, and the more rigged it is, the more I'll love it.

Blackmail: Whilst I won't ever actually partake in it, the concept of blackmail is extremely hot. Just having such power held over you, to force you into obedience... It's intoxicating.

Feet/Footwear: I am a huge simp for this. A pair of domme boots, classy heels, gym trainers? I'll worship them all... Not to mention feet... I go feral, even if you're all sweaty... Just don't be surprised if I make you return the favour every so often.

================ LIMITS ===================

Please no IRL pics, Scat, Vore, Loud acts or Public (irl) play.

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