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(Lesbian who only plays on requests so don't hesitate to send a pm even if I'm not on so we can schedule a time)

A succubus with tremendous magic abilities. She changes her name frequently and earned many titles over the years, but she currently goes by “Lady Catria”. She could have used her powers for the greater good, but instead, she devoted herself to the study of forbidden magics.

She developed a great interest in necromancy. At first, she used it to create herself an undead suite of servitors, but she soon learned how to use these powers on herself to achieve immortality. Her skin is always cold and she doesn’t even need to breathe anymore, however, her teasing personality and unquenchable thirst for the life essence of humans still remains.

Milly's my cute little sis' ♪
Lilith is my wonderful lover ♥
Fiore is currently my personal retainer ~

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