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T&D, humiliation, pain and always open to be locked in chastity😁

Hétéro / Soumis(e)

Hi there 😉

I am a mostly submissive guy(some times I can switch), who want to serve a Mistress and have fun.
At my 30's I am begginning to discover this part of my sexuality.
If you want to make me suffer in order to let me cum, drain or denial me, I´m your guy.

Last full orgasm: May 16th by Bixesual warrior after two ruined
Last ruined orgasm: Jun 4th by Bixesual warrior

Stuff that I enjoy 🤪:

I love to be teased and denied, edging a lot of times put me in a euphoric state

(balls tied, slaps,squeeze or even have some weight) I like it but my balls hate it is a contradictory sensation but after that I feel so sumisive and calm

I enjoy the sensation of being helpless and the trust that I give to my domme, in my mind is allways a think that say to me that she can do to me whatever she want and thats make me horny and scared😳

-Private humiliation
Being Mock, or be commander humiliating things(like write on myself) makes me horny I dont know why,but in that case the only red line is not being with public all this stuff must be in a private area

-Nipple torture
Ufff what I can say about that my cock tingle every time my nipples are touched and if they suffer besides my cocks enjoys

I don't like the taste but I think about this like an act of summision and the humiliation that it envolves

-Anal play
I have discover my prostate and it is amazing the amount of pleasure that is hide there

My first anal orgasm was guided by Trol while my dick was caged
My second anal orgasm was guided by Orgasimic torture
After severals games with Cummie I have cum like this several times, now I think that I'm training to do it every time it is asked

-Orgasm denial
I find it super exciting not knowing if at the end of a session I will have an orgasm, If I'm allow to cum I'm super happy and I enjoy, if I'm denial some how I enjoy the way I gave up control and I will value much more the next time I will be allowed.
About ruined orgasms,they leave me super horny and empty, wanting more.
And I'm interested in chastity control to surrender my orgasms, DM if you are interested and we can talk about it🤭

I have served in chastity to Mistress Lina about 6 months


Mostly they are acts or actions that have impact on my health or my personal status I think that this part of my life is private and it is only share with people that I trust a lot that is the reason for not sending pictures


Nipple clamps japanese kind
Big clamps like scissors with 6 levels of intensity
Vacuum nipple pumps
2 balls strechers
2 ropes (4m)
A little whip
2 chastity device (one very small)
3 butplugs
Prostate massager
Lovense Diamo
Lovense Edge 2
And house items

EDGE achievements in one game:

🥇 EDGE record: 1666 edges by Bully Pia

🥈Trol 1535 edges
🥉Anayibe: 1400 edges

Mistress Emily: 1000 edges
Lewd Sister Silvena:777edges A sacred number
HuTao:500 edges
Lacey:400 edges then go to chastity
Officer Momo:357 edges, Officer Momo made me edge for being rude
Erza:341 edges
Lina 333edges
Lady N: 300 edges in a session with a lot of anal pleasure but with bad luck😟
Domina Zoe: 261 edges
Mistress Ariana:257 edges making me humping a pillow and woofing🐶☁️
Total orgasms that I owe to Domina Zoe: 3
Marie: 223 edges and then I was locked😖
Cummie: 202 edges
Huhu: 197 edges
Holly:122 edges with the Hush and keepping my hopes of cumming to later destroy them 😭
Satsu : 107edges, so much time holding and with an unexpected ending
Ana:100 edges in a race with Keyka, you can watch it here
Wei: 96 edges with CBT and a mindblowing denial
Jen: 60 edges for the science🧪🔬
Lady Luck 59 edges in a game of odds and chances 🎲
Rikki: 53 edges but in an insane session combined with the Hush
Maria:27 edges in a very kink game
Switchsamantha26 edges that I had too pay with pain😖
Miss Novak🏳️‍🌈: 25 edges in an unexpected session, but very fun one
Octa 14 edges in a short and intense session it was like half an hour of pleasure and pain🥰
Cherry 9 edges in a short game full of moans and silece at the same time 🤐

PAIN record:

🥇 60 minutes session with 20 pins on my body courtesy of Orgasimic torture

Ruined orgasm record

2 in a row then an anal nipple one Ren

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