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Have you seen a dragon?

Don't message for a game, this is a cross account only for personal Roleplays

Essential RP info

She is a naive girl, that will try to make you think she is a dragon, no matter what. Despite being innocent, she actually is a know it all girl, just lack of experience that make it hard for her to understand a euphemism.

Languages I can play with: (English & Spanish)
Profile Pic: The author is Asuka (Kemoear)


Here is a List of extra things I usually play with, we can ignore those that you don't like
-Tail: I have a big tail in my back, is even thiccer than the rest of my body, is pretty useful to hold something... or someone..

-Claws: Retractile claws that can rip the opponent's clothing.

-Breath: I may not be able to spit fire... but I can free different sustances with different effects in the air


-Wings: I have two small wing in my back... sadly... I can't fly

-Horns: I have two big horns in my head... yeah... deffenetly horns... not just two tentacles imitating one...



Still writing it

This is a RP centered account, if you don't like the character, I'm more flexible in my other account.
My beloved, tell me if you see this dragon
The scary dusty woman

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