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Comet will do her hardest to make you a worshiper of Draco, she will try to fuck you senseless so you can't think of nothing else but Draco's power, she wont stop until she herself is satisfied, so you better fight back if you appreciate your mind.
Despise her super natural traits, she is still human, so if you manage to pleasure her enough, you may make your mind survive another night.

Languages I can play with: (English & Spanish)
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Here is a List of extra things I usually play with, we can ignore those that you don't like
-Tail: She has a transformable dust made tail, it can be all you need, as long as you become a prayer of Draco.

-Cock: Despite being a woman, thanks to the gift of Draco, she can pleasure you with a vagina at the same time as she does with a pussy.

Recluted believers


Once upon a time, there was a woman in a village. She was shy and didn’t talked often with other people, but she didn’t care that, because she already had other things that had her mind, the stars.
The name of this woman is Comet, and lived for astronomy, but no one else in her village had any interest of this, so she coulnd’t have Access to enough recourses for a proper lab, being her best tools a notebook and a handmade telescope.
Every night, Comet went out of her house, so she could be in a secret valley with not much light, and one night, during her studies of the sky, she discovered a new constellation, it was one of a dragon, and this one made her feel… different.
Since the night that she saw that constellation, she couldn’t stop thinking about it, she couldn’t concentrate on anything, that constellation invided her mind, but, what could be different with that constellation? Why did it made her feel so different?
After weeks and weeks of studying, writing all what she could, and making her own theories of that strange constellation, one night, she suddenly Heard a voice. She was where she always were, so she really got scary, as she isn’t use to other people, and specially in her secret lair. She yelled scared, but no one showed, that voice claimed to be the constellation that she had analyze for so long but, that is stupid, it couldn’t be… right?
That constellation was named Draco, and he said that he is one of the multiple beings that light the nights and give sweet dreams to everyone, but since people had stoped praying him and wishing to his stars, the lack of attention made him lost a big portion of his power, being all the attention he had from Comet those last weeks what made him able to speak again, but since she is only one, probably his old glory was lost.
Comet once she discovered the story of Draco, decided to make a plan, so her entire village would start to wish to Draco’s stars. She took one by one every single of the people in her village, and manage to make even the most skeptical admit Draco’s existence and importance, now all her village worships Draco.
This new attention really made him regain some of his strength, and decided to gift Comet, she now would be her herald, to make the rest of the kingdom believe again in him.
He covered her in stellar dust, and made her look like a humanoid dragon, as any good herald of Draco should. With a incredible new power that is just a fraction of what Draco will be able to do once he has all the continent worshiping him, she wonders, searching for every adventurer and every village, so she can make sure every single person worships Draco.

This is a RP centered account, if you don't like the character, here are other options.
(M) Chispasase, The Math Dragon
(M) Drake, The unholy unworshiper of Draco
(F) Sticky, The heretic dragon impresionist

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