Katie (Transgenre) (Niveau 8) mail warning

Little slutty sissy looking to give up control.

Bi / Soumis(e)

Hi, I'm a little slutty sissy in training but I'm eager to learn. Please forgive my mistakes I'll do my best to get better.

I’m not to allowed use my clitty on any holes (even if that's what you want) and you're not allowed to make me do so either.

With guys I am a complete submissive here to fulfill your deepest desires and become your pet.

With girls I can switch if that's what you're looking for. But I can also be a complete submissive here to fulfill your deepest desires and become your pet...

But don't think that means I'll throw the games. I'm fully capable of winning with these restrictions.

I am the fucktoy of Dev P, he is my owner, I belong to him. He will me make into a real life slut desperate for cock.

In order to put to fate how many times I'd get to cum this year my Master decided to play a little game he devised : He has to roll a dice and that will determine the number of orgasms I might get over the next 12 months. Then he has to toss a coin. Tails the number rolled stays the same, heads it gets halved.
He starts by rolling a 6 then tosses and gets tails meaning the highest number possible in this little game 6 full orgasms.
"Can I get a redraw Master ? I’m not sure I should be allowed to that that many orgasms."
He answers by rolling a 1.
After a bit he says "I have had another idea which means we won't toss that coin right now. We'll leave it there. Either 1 or 0. You can find out another time."

Rules :
-I have to strip at all cost and am not allowed to redress (5/5 games)
-I play with be bondage/hypno rules (need a 5/6 to escape)
-I must always try to pleasure Max with my tits
-I must ask for a leash when i'm getting dominated
Put on a leash by :

My kinks : https://i.imgur.com/kxKldLb.png

Thank you Dianne(dion) for wisening me up.

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